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CASA Soccer League: Spring Matchweek 3

Photo courtesy CASA Soccer League

Another wild week of CASA Soccer League action is in the books as Philly Soccer Page brings you all of CASA’s 11v11 Spring season results. A big thank you is always in order to CASA’s chief executive, Nolan Bair, the CASA writing team, and all the captains for their continued communication and camaraderie throughout the season!

Primera Division:

Reporting by: Charlie Shea


Icarus FC 1 – 0 SMK


Steve Butenewicz scored the lone goal in a 1-0 Icarus FC win against SMK over the weekend; bringing them to 7pts on the season. A missed penalty didn’t help SMK’s chances, and Icarus was more than glad to take the result. “Another tough one,” said SMK’s Matt Muench. “Results aren’t going our way right now but we’re not too disappointed with our play so hopefully the final results start to turn around for us soon.” SMK will play Stoney United next week, while Icarus will try to keep their strong early season rolling against FC Tigre.


IFC: Butenewicz


Vidas United 2 – 2 FC Tigre


Vidas United and FC Tigre played to a draw, with Tigre snatching a late equalizer via Jake Mulinge. “It felt great to get a point”, said Tigre’s Connor Widerman. Jake Mulinge, the crucial goalscorer, was MOTM, holding the ball up well and bringing energy, chances, and ultimately the late tying goal. The result saw FC Tigre get their first point of the season, and snap a losing streak that went back to last year. “It wasn’t our best game,” said Vidas’ Nolan Bair. “We were coming in in good form but the opponents stifled us.” Both teams have had slow starts to the season, and a share of points felt equitable. FC Tigre will try to keep it rolling into a next week fixture vs Icarus FC, while Vidas United will get a bye week.


VU: Glaudemans, Godbole

FCT: Nwaezeapu, Mulinge


Real Vidas 2 – 3 FC Misconduct


In a game of league powerhouse versus plucky upstart, defending Primera champions FC Misconduct flexed their muscles to beat Real Vidas 3-2. Blake Fink, Misconduct’s leading scorer from last season, scored a brace for Misconduct to ensure all 3 points. Misconduct led the game from end-to-end, but Real Vidas consistently fought their way back throughout. “We were missing some key guys and knew that it was a game where we just needed a win and didn’t care how we got it. We’ll gladly take a gritty victory over a very solid Real Vidas and move on to next week,” said Fink.

The MOTM, designated by the referees in their match reports, was actually Brandon Esker for the losing side Real Vidas. A big-body CDM who was nominated to the CASA All Star Game last season, Esker “has been a crucial piece to our team”, said captain Evan Gibbs. CJ Smolyn assisted both of Vidas’ goals and was crucial to the teams efforts going forward. “End result didn’t fall our way but a great lesson on what to expect out of the top teams in CASA,” Gibbs added. Real Vidas will try to get back on track next week vs. Philadelphia Legends FC, while MIsconduct will have their biggest test of the season vs rival top-team FC SouthHouse. There should be fireworks.


RV: Anderson, Baker

FCM: Fink (2), McCoughlin


Philadelphia Legends FC 1 – 2 YTP FC


A brace from Jeremy Ortiz saw YTP take home a closely contested 2-1 victory over Philadelphia Legends FC over the weekend, bringing YTP to 1-1-1 while PLFC take their first loss of the season and drop to 0-1-1. YTP were the better side in the first half, scoring both goals and leaving other chances begging. The 2nd half was much more even, and Legends scored to make the game interesting, but it ended up being too little too late. “The last 15 minutes of the game were tough,” said YTP captain Giancarlo Granese. “We were able to hold down the fort and secure the win.”

From the Legends side, captain Mitchell Torh described it as a “tough, physical game.” “Could’ve went either way with both teams having chances, especially Legends in the second half. They are a tough and talented side nonetheless.” Philadelphia Legends will play Real Vidas next week, “we need to improve on our slow starts to games,” said Torh, while YTP will play the strong Philadelphia Corinthians.


PLFC: Mitchell

YTP: Ortiz (2)


Philadelphia Corinthians FC 3 – 2 Stoney United


Philadelphia Corinthians built up a 3-0 lead that was simply too much for Stoney United to overcome; despite Stoney scoring 2 late goals in the ailing minutes of play. John Underwood scored a brace for Corinthians and was MOTM; feeding off of excellent interplay with AJ Bishop. “He has a nose for goal,” said Corinthians captain Sam Vale. “When AJ is involved in the game, it frees John up to score more.”

Stoney, who beat YTP 2-0 last week, were never really in this game, and only began to create chances late. “The big difference between us this year versus in the fall is that we are winning games even when we don’t play up to our full potential,” said Vale. Corinthians will try to keep it going against YTP next week, while Stoney United will play SMK.


PCFC: Underwood (2), Bishop

SU: Ward, Tobey


Segunda Division:

Reporting by: Pete Taylor


Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen FC 3-0 Loose Cannons FC


Smitty Werben continued their strong start to the season with a 3-0 victory over middle of the pack Loose Cannons. The three points earned on Saturday took Smitty to the top of the Segunda table through three games, with title rivals Santos drawing and Rose Tree Gunners inactive. Smitty persevered even with a limited roster due to injuries and their controlled possession allowed them to open the scoring early on through Matt Skinner. Loose Cannons played solid defense throughout the rest of the 1st half, but eventually Smitty would find a couple of insurance goals late in the second half.

Smitty Werben captain Carson McBain was thrilled with how his side reacted to only featuring 11 players. “We were a little scared because of our small roster at kickoff. But we slowed down, possessed the ball, and worked it around their half.” Credit to their back line was given as well. “The opposing team didn’t have a ton of chances and the ones they had we were able to mop up.” Smitty Werben will look to extend their lead at the top in the fight for automatic promotion next week against Cracovia, while Cannons will search for the second win of the season against fellow mid tier side Hunting Park. McBain is optimistic about his team’s chances of remaining at the top of the table. “The best part is we haven’t had our best lineup out on the pitch at the same time which is super exciting.”


Goals- Smitty FC: #18 Skinner (15′); #24 Crout (72′); #12 Young (84′)

Yellow Cards- Smitty FC: #22 Dressner (24′)- dangerous tackle, #7 Montera (33′)- foul to stop a counter attack Loose Cannons: #27 Constanza(41′), Dangerous tackle; #7 Ritter(77′), Dissent


FC Bobert Munich 1-2 Bluestars F.C.


In a closely contested match, Bluestars fought back from a one goal deficit to gain their first win of the season against a solid FC Bobert Munich team. The huge result sees Bluestars rise from the bottom of the table out of the relegation zone. Bobert Munich opened the scoring in the 30th minute through Pattison, who earned the Man of the Match in a losing effort. Just before half time, Alan Bekima equalized with a cool chip on a breakaway, restoring the deadlock in what was an even half. The second half remained close, with both teams managing to create solid chances. An early second half goal from Giorge Dalaperas would prove to be the winner for Bluestars.

Captain Aaron Bartels-Swindells loved his team’s winning goal. “It was a sweet long range shot to get past them. Giorge’s shot was hit so hard and still rising and it made a great dink sound off the crossbar as it went in,” Bartels-Swindells enthusiastically raved about the winner. “You just knew we would win after that!” Bobert Munich captain Chris Galvin was still satisfied with his team after their first loss of the season. “We struggled today because our two goalkeepers were hurt, and we had other injuries as well including our new star center back.” Galvin says his team can do better as long as they let their technical skills shine. “Our game is build up and we need to stick to it.” Bobert Munich will hope to show their possession style next game against Cunningham Squires, while Bluestars will search for their second win in a row against Statesmen.


Bluestars FC: #14 Bekima (45’); #20 Dalaperas (53’)

Bobert Munich: #20 Pattinson (30’)

Yellow Cards: Bobert Munich (#25)


Philadelphia Heritage SC 4-2 Cracovia


A high scoring affair gave Philadelphia Heritage their second straight win, shooting them into fourth in the table; while Cracovia’s second straight loss sent them to the bottom of the table. Cracovia opened the scoring with a 12th minute penalty from Thomas Di Giulio. Cracovia’s lead would not last long, as T-Ben Donnie found the net with a sweet strike in the 19th minute. Nick Testa scored his first goal in the 30th minute, while Christian Bik was back on the scoresheet for Heritage in the second half, ultimately providing his team with the winner. Man of the Match Testa scored his second goal of the game and third of the season in the 69th minute, while Cracovia’s comeback sparked by a 78th minute response from Max Spangenthal would prove fruitless.

Heritage captain Ryan Pereus was pleased with how his team used the ball, but was still wary of his opponent’s attacks. “We were technically a little better and a little faster, but Cracovia were aggressive and went forward very often.” Perseus noted the performance of his goalscorers and also Tenzin Choedak, who registered two assists, as the standouts of his side. Cracovia captain Eryk Tylek is hopeful that Cracovia can turn around their poor start to the season. “We are getting better, we just need a result to go our way. We are still building chemistry as a lot of us hadn’t played together until this year.” Tylek noted his team’s defense as an area to emphasize. “We need to work on team defense. At times we miss assignments and leave opponents unmarked.” Cracovia will strive to improve their defense next week against top of the table Smitty Werben FC, while Heritage continue their push for 1st place and automatic promotion against Philadelphia Deportivo.


Heritage: #13 Donnie (19′); #1 Testa (30′, 69′); #28 Bik (50′)

Cracovia: #13 Di Giulio (12′); #27 Spangenthal (78′)

Yellow Cards- Cracovia: #7 Stevenson (49′), slide tackle in the box


Cunningham Squires 1-1 Santos FC


A 1-1 draw between Cunningham and Santos was the first time all season Santos have not won, which allowed Smitty Werben FC to leap them in the table. A red card late in the second half hurt Santos’ chances to find a winner when they had the upper hand in the play. Cunningham were able to contain a powerful Santos attack which managed 11 goals in their first two games this season. There were some signs early on that the game would get contentious though, as Santos’ #12 got their first yellow card for dissent. Santos’ inevitable offense came through in the second half, when captain Marcelo Osorio-Soto scored his first goal of the season.

Quickly after this goal, the game became considerably more heated. Eventual goal scorer Alex Robey received the first in a series of yellow cards for unsporting behavior, while Santos’ #12 got their marching orders in the 75th minute for delaying a restart after kicking the ball out of play. This hurt Santos for the last quarter hour of proceedings, who boasted the upper hand throughout the second half, and allowed Robey to find a late equalizer to give Cunningham a hard fought point. This point is the first earned by Cunningham this season, which is a very impressive point considering Santos’ quality. Santos will need to improve their discipline next game in order to give them a chance against the talented Rose Tree Gunners, while Cunningham will look to build on this solid result against Bobert Munich.


Santos FC: #8 Osorio-Soto (56)

Cunningham Squires: #23 Robey (84)

Yellow Cards- Santos FC: #12 (27’), dissent, 2nd yellow (75’), delay; #14 (87’), dissent

Cunningham Squires: #23 Robey (59), unsporting behavior

Red Cards- Santos FC: #12, second yellow card offense in 75’ minute


Tercera Division:

Reporting by: Romeo Julmiste


Lost FC 0-5 Liberty City FC


The first game of the day was an absolute eye opener for spectators that perhaps needed one for this 8:15am kickoff. Both squads had near identical fates last Saturday that led into this matchup. Lost FC as well as Liberty City FC had come off a loss the previous weekend where they were unable to muster any goals. Both teams were certainly hoping they packed their shooting boots this week but only one squad had them in this game. Liberty City FC opened the scoring in the 19th minute, and thus began the barrage that Lost FC were going to have to deal with for the following seventy minutes. Liberty City struck their second goal six minutes after their first, hitting Lost with both barrels. Elijah Butler made it 3-0 a few minutes before halftime, making it two goals in three games for him.

The second half was basically a mirror to the first as it continued to be one way traffic for Liberty City. Unfortunately living up to their name, Lost FC once again failed to score and find themselves in an early hole trying to combat a large negative goal difference. Hoping they find their shooting boots, Lost FC will square off against KRL Trading at the coming weekend. Liberty City FC will take their comprehensive win into their game against Oaklyn United FC in what should be a truly enticing match up.


LCFC: Goals- O. Barrie (19′, 70′), E. Butler (42′), D. Tenney (26′), R. Valencia-Cook (73′)


Berber United 2-2 Hees FC


The second morning matchup in the division brought about the closest game on the day. Coming into this game, Hees FC had themselves a win and an early game in hand. Defense was the name of the game for them in their opener, as they were able to maintain a shut out. Defense would still need to be a feature in this one for the South Jersey outfit as they were squaring off against Berber United, a squad that already had double digit goals scored in their first two games. True to form, Berber United started the scoring with a goal in the 15th minute. Hees were able to regroup and find their composure and were able to equalize ten minutes later.

Berber started the second half very quickly as they were able to take the lead two minutes after the kickoff. The game throughout this point was heavily mired by gamesmanship and sly tactics. There were yellow cards and ultimately a red card made an appearance as well. Holding a slight lead in the game throughout the second half, Berber did everything they could to come out with the three points. However, Hees FC, maintaining the necessary calmness in the dying embers of the game, were able to find the all important equalizer. Hees FC will take their hard fought point into their next game against FC Burlington, a showcase of the two New Jersey squads in the division. Berber United will go on to face Dolphinbros.


BU: Goals- #20 (15′), #19 (47′) / Yellow: AA. Rougi, S. Daif, #10, #17 / Red: #10 (2nd yellow)

HFC: Goals- Z. Goldberg (25′), D. Conigliaro (88′) / Yellow: D. Lim, D. Conigliaro, D. Moore


SC Corinthians 1-3 Dolphinbros


At the pristine James Ramp Turf Field in Northeast Philadelphia, the stage was set for two squads coming off bye weeks. SC Corinthians’ last game, two weeks ago at the same venue, saw them drop the opener in a close affair. A week off from games may not have done the team a service but they were taking on Dolphinbros, who also did not play the previous week. Dolphinbros got off to the hot start, scoring the opener in the first ten minutes of the game. SC Corinthinans would not let their opponents get away early and they were able to hit back nine minutes later through center back Dean Smith.

The second half saw an unending fight for control, with both teams exchanging clear cut chances to go ahead. The game was coming to a close with Corinthians and Dolphinbros still all square. Dolphinbros’ Jaime Barrenchea was not satisfied with the idea of a draw and stepped up to score the game winner in the 85th minute, and came back again with the insurance goal in the 90th. With the loss, SC Corinthians still have not secured three points and will try again for their first win at the coming weekend against Drexel Shaft. Dolphinbros will take their three points and try to double it when they square off against high scoring Berber United.


SCC: Goals- D. Smith (18′) / Yellow: T. Lage (23′), J. Altland (30′), D. Smith (51′)

DPB: Goals- W. Socas (9′), J. Barrenchea (85′, 90′)


Barenjager SC 1-2 Alamo FC


The final game of the day brought together two teams coming off opposite results. Alamo FC tried to rebound from the previous week in which they could only score one goal, while Barenjager SC had themselves a phenomenal victory complete with a clean sheet. It was Alamo that opened the scoring in the first half in the 33rd minute and Barenjager did what they could to regroup in the second half, but Alamo once again got a goal to go up 2-0 at the hour mark.

The Bear Hunters were able to cut the lead in half nine minutes later to make the rest of the game an absolute fight to the finish. Alamo FC were able to see out the final twenty minutes despite an attacking onslaught and walked away with three big points in the infancy of the season. Alamo FC will take the win into their next match when they square off against Brothers of the Gourd FC. Certainly not the result the Bear Hunters were looking for, but they will turn around and look towards the coming Saturday, when they will try to live up to their name when they face off against newly promoted Sunbears FC in the Derby of the Ultimate Predator.


BSC: Goals- C. Shaffer (69′)

AFC: Goals- unknown (33′), unknown (58′)


Cuarto Division:

Reporting by: Romeo Julmiste


Maccabi Philly 3-1 Devon SC


The early morning matchup in week 3 brought together the Thoroughbreds of Devon SC against Maccabi Philly, both squads picking up points from the previous week. Maccabi Philly started the game off on the front foot, grabbing a goal early in the 13th minute. Devon SC were not to be outdone as they equalized in the 25th minute through #33 Rodri. The first half was not to end without another goal as Maccabi Philly took the lead again six minutes before the whistle, making the score 2-1.

The second half was nothing short of a battle to gain the crucial next goal: Devon SC to equalize or Maccabi Philly to make it a two-goal lead. In the 71st minute, Maccabi Philly were the side with the answer and secured the final goal of the game to take home all three points. Maccabi Philly will take their win into the coming weekend to square off against Philly Skyliners FC. Devon SC will try to bounce back from the loss when they take on Philly Falcons.


MP: Goals- Y. Koudinov (13’), Shannon (38’), Johnson (71’)

DSC: Goals- Rodri (25’) / Yellow: A. Wagner


Rebels 1-3 Nations United FC


Across the bridge in Bordentown, New Jersey, the stage was set for Nations United FC to take on the Rebels. Rebels came off a comprehensive victory the previous weekend and were looking to make it three straight wins to start the season. Nations United intended to right the ship in this game after they lost a close one the weekend prior. The action started early for Nations United as Mohamed Alarnab bagged a goal in the 15th minute. Both teams had their fair share of chances throughout the game, but the goals were elusive.

Nations United found themselves leaving it late as they were able to score two goals to pull away; one in the 80th and the other in the 90th. Rebels were able to get one back, but it was too little too late as the final whistle rang seconds later. Nations United captain Danilo Garcia was pleased with his team’s performance saying “It was a great game overall, but I’m glad we scored on the chances we had. We didn’t have any subs so we had to put that extra effort in the final minutes. This victory was very important to stay in the top of the division.” Nations United FC will take the three points from this game into the weekend to face off against Dead Ball SC. Rebels suffer their first loss of the season but still find themselves in good shape. They will look to avenge the loss on Saturday when they take on Fishtown FC.


Rebels: Goals- D. Adjei (93’) / Yellow: R. Bonilla / Red: R. Bonilla (2nd yellow)

NUFC: Goals- M. Alarnab (15’), F. Isa (80’), Rathsam (89’)


Dead Ball SC 1-1 Philly Skyliners FC


Right off the Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia, Dead Ball SC kicked off against Philly Skyliners FC. Skyliners were looking to right the ship after suffering a close loss the previous weekend. The Skulls were coming into this game off the back of goalless draw. The three points were there for the taking for both squads in this one, with each team exchanging a bevy of chances. The game certainly showcased the desire from both the Skulls and the Skyliners to grab the win but the goals remained out of reach.

The game ultimately ended in a draw on the day with goals eventually scored by Tim Keith of Philly Skyliners and Berlenz Lumarque for the Skulls. Philly Skyliners walk away with their first point of the season after dropping their first two games, while Dead Ball SC secured their second straight draw. The Skulls will look towards the weekend to try to finally grab three points when they square off against Nations United FC. Philly Skyliners FC will also once again try to grab their first win when they take on Maccabi Philly.


DBSC: Goals- B. Lumarque

PSFC: Goals- T. Keith


Vidas FC 3-3 Philly Falcons


The last game of the day in the division brought about a barnstormer of a match that was truly a thrill for anyone that was in attendance. The previous week, both squads received vastly different fortunes. Vidas FC came into this game with three points after a close win last Saturday. That same day, Philly Falcons suffered a heavy defeat. Vidas were the squad that struck first blood; grabbing a goal in the 23rd minute, able to maintain control and eventually double their lead again right before the halftime whistle. Nine minutes into the second half, the Rainbow Battalion were able to cut the lead in half, breathing new life into the game.

The next six minutes began the goal salvo as Vidas made it 3-1, only for the Falcons to make it 3-2 moments later. Philly Falcons kept the pressure on late while the Vidas defenders repeatedly repelled the attacks on their goal. The three points were there for Vidas until the Rainbow Battalion struck a glorious free kick top corner to snatch the draw out of the jaws of defeat. The game had a goals, sportsmanship and a little gamesmanship, but at the final whistle both squads came together under the banner of inclusion; recognizing trans visibility in the Kicking Out Transphobia game of the week. With their first points of the season, the Rainbow Battalion will head into the coming weekend to try to get their first win when they square off against Devon SC. Vidas FC will take on SJ Gentlemen.


VFC: Goals- T. Elwood (45′), V. Escobar (23′, 58′) / Yellow: N. Barnes (88′)

PF: Goals- B. Moulton (54′), P. McElroy (60′), Rajavi (89′) / Yellow: I. Johnson (88′)


Quinto Division:

Reporting by: Michael McKinney

New Wave FC 1 – 0 Washington Square SC


After having their week 2 match up postponed, New Wave FC (2-0-0) and their fresh legs took on Washington Square SC (1-2-0) in week 3 with hopes of catching up in the standings. The first half saw very little action from both sides with exception of Washington’s #10 McCaffery, who hit the post in what looked like to be the games opening goal. The second half would see much of the same including a another well struck ball finding the post for #10 McCaffery. New Wave FC would be granted a free kick just outside the box in the 68th minute but the shot would be pushed away by Washington’s goalie as he made a diving save. Unfortunately, the rebound landed at the feet of New Wave FC’s #28 Okun who doesn’t miss from that distance and put away the game winner. New Wave FC will see how they fare against the physical play of Inter Phila (2-1-0) in week 4 and Washington Square SC look to put this tough loss behind them and focus on their week 4 match against the winless Telle Bouche (0-3-0).


Goals: New Wave #28 – Okun (68)

Yellow cards: New Wave: # 10-Careless tackle (40), #4-Emma- Unsporting behavior (78) Washington Square: #7 Stilwell-Unsporting behavior(78)

Man of the Match: New Wave: #28 Okun


Grapes FC 3 – 0 Telle Bouche


Finding out one of his players suffers from siderodromophobia (fear of locomotives and railways), captain Brain Mangan made the decision to officially drop the word “train” from their team name and will now live on as Grapes FC (2-0-1). Same name, same players and same outcome for Telle Bouche (0-3-0) who have had a difficult time since making the move up to the 5th division. Lacking a true midfield general, Telle Bouche found themselves chasing the game more than they would like as Grapes FC would get a well earned team victory with goals coming from all the usual suspects. #12 Pokrykwa continues to dominate in the air and #30 Dalavai and # 13 Grimes are contributing at a high level. Telle Bouche had a few chances early on but never were able to find that last touch and going down a man due to a 2nd yellow didn’t help matters at all. Grapes FC will take on the winless Mark Wahlbergs Cousin (0-2-0) in week 4 and Telle Bouche will have to turn things around soon if they want to avoid relegation back to Sexto and look to do so against Washington Square SC in week 4.


Goals: Telle Bouche Grape Train #12 – Chad Pokrykwa 9th minute, #30 – Max Dalavai 31st minute, #13 – Drew Grimes 67th minute

Yellow Cards: Telle Bouche #26 – Nick Felice – persistent infringement (two reckless challenges)in the 12th minute. #5 – Joseph Pocchio – Slide tackle in the reckless manner.

Red Cards: Telle; #26 Felice, second yellow for reckless tackle, resulting in a red card

Man of the Match: Grape: # 21 Ashley McCorry


Sporting Philadelphia FC 8 – 5 FC Delta


Coming off their mid week League Cup win, FC Delta (1-1-0) had a rough start to their week 3 match against Sporting Philadelphia FC (2-0-1) who were coming off a big week 2 win against Telle Bouche to the tune of 6-1. Sporting came out fast and before FC Delta could blink it was 4-0. Tired legs and mental exhaustion from their League Cup game that went into extra time, Delta would push themselves and somehow find a way to make it 4-4 by half time.

Sporting did not let Delta carry that momentum into the 2nd half as they quickly put 2 more goals past FC Delta’s keeper as they continued to press and control possession. FC Delta fought its way back to a one goal deficit when they found their 5th goal, only to have their wind knocked out of their sails completely as Sporting is gifted an own goal of a poor taken defensive header that found its way into the back of the net. Sporting would add yet another poachers goal to round out the score line to 8-5, taking all 3 points from a clearly physically and mentally exhausted FC Delta. Sporting Philadelphia FC will look to continue scoring goals in bunches as they take on Rapid Daybreak FC (2-1-0) and FC Delta will rest up those tired legs so they can be ready for their week 4 match against the winless Still Processing FC (0-2-0)


Goals : Sporting #8- Jesus #17- Namier X2 #20- Taylone X3 #11- Hussan #19- from Delta own goal

FC Delta #97- Latipov #21- Trace #4- Chayee #2- Bennett X2

Yellow cards – Sporting #17 Namier unsporting conduct simulation

Red cards Sporting #15 Ulysses D. Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity

Man of the Match – Sporting #20 Taylone


Inter Phila 4 – 0 UCFC


Inter Phila (2-1-0) found a way to fend of the constant attack by UCFC (0-3-0) that at times seemed to come in waves of non-stop pressure for the back line of Inter. Each time Inter would move the ball into defensive half of UCFC they would be met by 2-3 players converging on the ball that would result in quick counter attacks. While UCFC found ways to make several deep runs into the Inter’s 18 yard area, they failed to create any significant chances in front of goal. Inter would be awarded a corner kick in the 20th minute and would find their first goal as they would win a loose ball in the box and put it away for the 1-0 lead. Inter would pad their lead just before the end of the half when they found themselves gifted with a 1v1 with UCFC’s goalie.

Coming out in the 2nd half up 2-0, Inter would sit back and absorb the attack of UCFC, clearly tired and running out of ideas, both teams would resort to playing long balls towards the end of the match. Already up 3-0 with less than 5 minutes to go, Inter would see one of those long balls land right behind the backline and at the feet of Inters Bagramyan, who managed to stay onside and go 1v1 with the goalie. Bagramyan would slot home their 4th goal of the game in the 86th and finish off a great team effort that saw Inter get their first clean sheet of the season. Up next for Inter Phila is New Wave FC (2-0-0) in their week 4 match up. UCFC, still winless this season will try to get the backline sorted before their week 4 game against the undefeated Oaklyn Academy (3-0-0)


Goals- Inter- Bagramyan- 20′ 86′- Kalenik 43′- Belazor 53′

Man Of the Match- Bagramyan of Inter


Oaklyn Academy 2 – 0 Rapid Daybreak FC


Rapid Daybreak FC (2-1-0) lost a tight match against division leaders Oaklyn Academy (3-0-0). Rapid Daybreak FC and their physical style found it difficult to rattle the seemingly calm and confident Oaklyn Academy players. Good play making, easy transitions and 1 touch passing seemed to be what caused the biggest issue for Rapid who found themselves chasing the game and committing a number of fouls. Oaklyn’s #22 White put in a Man of the Match performance with his midfield domination and passing lanes that would result in the 2-0 victory. Rapid Daybreak FC will face off against the high scoring Sporting Philadelphia SC (2-0-1) in week 4 while Oaklyn Academy will face the winless but bound for a break out game, UCFC (0-3-0) in week 4.



Yellow Cards: RAPID DAYBREAK FC: #8 POLINO-Dissent Man of Match



Sexto Division:

Reporting by: Michael McKinney

Dyslexia Untied 3 – 2 Kensington


Dyslexia Untied (2-1-0) and their backline led by Yero Bueso did everything they were expected to do against the fast moving attack of Kensington (1-2-0). With Kensington’s captain looking across the pitch to 6 of his former players, the game was tight on both ends with equal chances being created and nullified. After both teams traded early goals, the game settled down and looked to favor Kensington who was more elusive in the midfield and controlled most of the possession. However, they failed to stop the counter-attack of Dyslexia’s two best attackers in #16 Meenan and #8 Castillo. Dyslexia Untied were saved from what would have been a heart breaking tying goal for Kensington late in the game when #5 Arroyo cleared one off the line following a well struck set piece securing the win Dyslexia Untied. Kensington falls to 1-2-0 as they head into the game next week against Boys Do Cry (1-2-0) while Dyslexia Untied who are now 2-1-0 face off against the winless Philadelphia Strikers in week 4.


Goals – Dyslexia goal scorer was #8 Castillo (2) #16 Meenan

Kensington #10 Breslin # 7 Maldonado

Man of the Match Dyslexia Untied #8 Castilo


S.O.B Athletic 2 – 2 Philadelphia Strikers


It only took 4 minutes for the S.O.B’s (0-2-1) to get their first goal of the season as #13 Rudolph DOOP’d the ole’ onion bag to put them up 1-0 against the Philadelphia Strikers (0-2-1) right out of the gate. The Strikers would send the S.O.B’s a gut punch as #35 Pham would work his way through the 18 yard box to find the the equalizer in the 44th minute. Continuing to ride the momentum for their late first half goal, the Strikers would strike again as S.O.B are called for a foul in the box and #36 McKenna easily converted and put the Strikers ahead 2-1 in the 66th minute. Looking more and more like another loss for S.O.B, they rallied back and got the tying goal in the 75th minute as #18 Mirfy got to shatter the dreams of the Strikers and their first win of the season as they drop 2 points in a well fought match by both teams. Up next for S.O.B Athletic are the ever dangerous Rapid Nightfall FC (2-1-0) and Philadelphia Strikers will see Dyslexia Untied (2-1-0) in week 4.


Goals – Philly Strikers:#35 pham 44 min #36 mckenna 66 min (pk)

Sob athletic :#13 rudolph 4 min # 18 mirfy 75 min.

Yellow cards : sob athletic #30 morgan misconduct 70 min.

Man of the Match: #36 mckenna (Philly strikers).


Honey Badgers FC 3 – 1 Boys Do Cry


Honey Badgers FC (3-0-0) took on Boys Do Cry (1-2-0) in a tight match that saw a lot of box to box action from both teams. With #7 J. McCullough pulling the strings for the Honey Badgers it didn’t take long before they were on the score sheet as the Badgers worked the midfield and set up #10 F. Roman with a look just outside the 18-yard box netting the games first goal in the 17th minute. The game play slowed down until the around the 60th minute when BDC would lose possession allowing the Badgers to move forward with numbers.

Man of the Match #7 J McCullough would rifle off a shot that beat the keeper from distance in the 63rd minute. Things got scary for the Honey Badgers as the Boys were awarded and converted a PK late in the 2nd half only to have their minds put to ease by their captain #9 B. Johnson who would head home a beautiful from #17 H. Martinez to put them ahead 3-1 in the 87th minute. The win keeps Honey Badgers FC in the 1st place in the division as they prepare for their week 4 match up against Hamilton FC (2-1-0) Boys Do Cry will take on a very motivated Kensington (1-2-0) in week 4.


Goals: Honey badger: #10 F. Roman 17′ #7 J. McCullough 63′ #9 B. Johnson 87′.

Boys Do Cry: #12 J. Roche PK 85′.


Mighty Ducks 6 – 3 FC BTC


Coming off another strong performance, the Mighty Ducks (3-0-0) could not have been able to prep for what happened in their week 3 match up against FC BTC (1-2-0) Dominating their opponent in the first half, the Ducks pushed ahead to a 3-0 lead in just under 30 minutes of play when Ducks captain, #6 Nick Green, went down with an injury. Never the type to throw in the towel, he talked with his team at halftime and the Ducks put their captain in net and move their normal shot stopper out to the midfield.

Normally this situation is far from ideal, but that wasn’t the case for the jack of all trades #44 E. Colligon who after pitching a shut out in the first half came out to field and bagged himself a hat trick. Green did however lose the shut out for his team; allowing 3 goals in a span of 15 minutes. Credit where it’s due though: FC BTC didn’t take advantage of a keeper switch, they just made good plays and finished their chances and he praised his back line for keeping the press of FC BTC at bay for the majority of the 2nd half. The Mighty Ducks and their flyin’ V fly right into week 4 against Coyotes FC (1-2-0) FC BTC look to turn things around in their week 4 game against Birdeaux FC (1-2-0)


Goals: Mighty Ducks: #15 J. Pristash 13′, #1 J. Witcher 17′, #3 C. Gallagher 27′ and (3) Goals by #44 E. Colligon 51′, 62′ and 90′.

BTC; #3 D. Schultz 70′ 73′ (2). #12 G. Kravitz 83′

Man of the Match was #44 E. Colligon of the Mighty Ducks.


Birdeaux FC 3 – 0 Hamilton FC


Hamilton FC (2-1-0) came in unbeaten and playing well as opposed to their opponent Birdeaux FC (1-2-0) who were winless heading into the match and were out played in both week 1 and week 2. After feeling the game out for the first 20 minutes, Birdeaux FC looked out at a timid midfield and backline that appeared out of sorts for Hamilton FC and pressed more than they normally would. Finding they could beat Hamilton to a number of the 50/50 balls, they found the weak areas and exploited them to the tune of a 3-0 lead by the 65th minute. Getting his first brace of the season, #9 Tracey of Birdeaux FC put in the work that got his team the win and him Man of the Match recognition for his performance. Birdeaux FC hope to keep the wins coming when they take on FC BTC (1-2-0) in week 4. Hamilton FC will try to regroup and move forward when they face off against the undefeated Honey Badgers FC (3-0-0) in week 4.


Goals : Bordeaux: #9 Tracey 22min # 1 bado 27 min # Tracey 65 min Mom: # 9 Tracey Bordeaux fc.


Rapid Nightfall FC 5 – 2 Coyotes FC


Rapid Nightfall FC (2-1-0) took full advantage of a Coyotes FC (1-2-0) team that didn’t seem to have the same drive and passion that was seen in their week 1 victory over Dyslexia Untied. Having a 4-0 advantage heading into the 60th minute, Coyotes FC pulls one back only to have Rapid counter and pull ahead by a 4 goal margin just moments later when Man of the Match, #20 Castillo scored his second of the match in the 65th minute. The game was very much one sided as Coyotes FC were unable to find an answer to the sometimes unconventional attack (switching to a 2-1-3-4 formation) that saw Rapid Nightfall FC run away with the victory and all 3 points. Rapid will look to continue their winning streak when they take on S.O.B Athletic in week 4 and Coyotes FC will have a tall task at hand when they face off against the undefeated Mighty Ducks (3-0-0) in their week 4 match up.


Rapid Nightfall #29-Bedu (5′), #27-Sbatella (20′), #20-Castillo (30′, 65′), #98-Nwaoba (55′)

Coyotes #10- Baldez -(63′), #19-De La Cruz- (70′)

Yellow Card: Coyotes: #17-Morales (80′) – MOTM- #20-Castillo Rapid Nightfall

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