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News roundup: Union win, MLS weekend action, first international games during pandemic

Photo: Paul Rudderow 

Philadelphia Union 

The Union earned a 2-1 win over the Montreal Impact last night.

What they’re saying in Quebec.

National coverage of the match.

The Union’s match against New England has been moved to Monday night. 


All of the Saturday action you may have missed. 

A 17 year old who was scoring against Union II a few weeks ago is now scoring in MLS.

Back on the baseball field, NYCFC didn’t find a win against New England.

The Union couldn’t catch Toronto just yet, they got a 1-0 win over Cincinnati.

It appears it wasn’t just a “Ben Olsen problem” for DC United.

LAFC got a big win over Seattle last night by a 3-1 score line. 


How did some MLSer’s fair on international duty so far?

Brazil cruised to its first win of World Cup qualifying over Bolivia. 

Is there about to be a big change coming to English soccer? 

Catarina Macario became a US citizen and got a USWNT call up all in the same day.

Frank De Boer hasn’t impressed as the Dutch national coach so far. 

England put an end to Belgium’s winning streak.





  1. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    Yet another 17 year old player scores a goal. Without pro/rel youth development was not suppose to be possible. Somehow players are still playing in Europe who never played a game in MLS yet did have time in an MLS academy.
    USL has started an academy system without the chance of advancement to MLS. I was told this could never happen without pro/rel because there is no reward. If you’re paying attention to USL teams are playing youngsters just like MLS.
    Imagine the unimaginable is happening without the structure that isn’t really as important as so many have preached.

    • Smokin’

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      *nods head, ducks*

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I’ve waited patiently. It’s been awhile since this came up.
      Congrats to the US. We made it.
      We have succcessfully raised the bar at the top of the pyramid. .
      Our best players are now ‘better’ relative to the world… course, the bottom of the pyrmamid at the grassroots level and to be brutally honest, the middle of the pyramid— which has become its own sledge hearp of over priced, poorly educated multi billion dollar business…. is a total shit show.
      So let us pat ourselves on our back. The soccer drop out ratein the US is among the worst in the world… but Christian Pulisic, Weston McKinnie, Erik Hurtado and Caden Clark (who incidentally was refined in a Barca model) at a private for profit academy for the princely sum of $70,000 a year… prove it is working.
      TV viewership is amnong the worst in the world for MLS.
      It’s possible to make compelling arguments for both sides. Which in fairness, at least I have at several points along the way the last few years.
      I repeat, congrats to US Soccer for making the top of the pyramid –a rouse— for what is happening beneath it. Kids have no idea how to play, have no relationship with the ball and find the game uninspring and unfun and simply too difficult to continue.
      Also and just so we are clear, it has also been an argument of mine, USL has its own plans and in time –has no intention of playing second fiddle — as its ultimate promotion relegation business model may in fact show us it can indeed work and still be fiscally responsible. We will see.

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        You missed me….I thought I give you one for all time sakes. See you in the funny papers.
        I just wanted to help you with your multiple personalities. Lol

      • Always a good fencing match with you. Respect.

  2. I find the project reboot story, in which FSG and the Glazer’s want to remake the English Football League and the Prem pretty fascinating. Those two are said to have crafted this plan, I’m guessing with input from the other 4 “big six” clubs — City Football Group, Art Kroenke, Roman Abramovich and Spurs owner Joe Lewis. Can’t imagine what English footy fans think with that group deciding the fate of the national sport. Lewis is the only Brit among them and 50% are American.

    There’s a lot of good in the proposal of sending good chunks of money to keep the whole pyramid afloat, and a lot of pretty nakedly self-interested power grabbing. It will be interesting to see just how badly the league thinks it needs the money. Will it cave or not concede the power. I’d bet the rest of the Prem clubs will be against it. Further down the pyramid? Might not look like a bad idea at all.

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