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In pictures: Philadelphia Union 3-0 Inter Miami CF

It was supposed to be a big night for Inter Miami with their star player, Gonzalo Higuaín, making his debut.

It was not the dream start to his career in the MLS that he had hoped for.

A over the head kick hitting the post for his first shot on goal, missing a PK, almost fighting with the entire Philadelphia Union team, and losing battles against Jose Martinez all night all while in a downpour was a fitting Philly Welcome for Higuaín.

The Union’s Homegrowns picked up the team’s first and third goals on the night while super-sub Ilsinho scored the middle goal. It was a great match and a lot of fun to photograph. Here is my take on the game.

All photos by Marjorie Elzey


Ilsinho and McCarthy joke before the game. It’s always fun to see past and present Union players greet each other.


Captains and Goalkeepers greet each other at the center of the field.


Lewis Morgan needs to make a choice quickly before Mark McKenzie makes the steal.


Santos is going towards goal but gets stomped on and tripped by Reyes before he can take the shot.


Santos responds to Reyes stomping on his foot as he was coming down the field for a shot on goal.


Anthony Fontana is pressured by Pizarro in his first start on of the season. He took the field in Bedoya’s position after Ale had to sit this game out due to yellow card accumulation.


Mark McKenzie tells his teammates what he wants and where he expects them to be before launching the ball downfield.


Martinez defends Higuaín and wins the ball for the Union. One of many times he defended and won the ball against Higuaín.


Jamiro Monteiro watches the ball as he readies to receive it close to the goal. Miami looks on for opportunities to pressure him.


Matuidi and Mbaizo are stride for stride on the ball.


Sergio Santos is challenged by Luis Robles on his shot on goal.


Sergio Santos is looking for a foul against goalkeeper, Luis Robles after he is taken down just outside the box.


In his MLS debut, Gonzalo Higuaín goes for the bicycle kick but hits the post.


Higuaín either wants a foul called, a do-over or us just upset that his first shot at a goal in the MLS hits the post.


Anthony Fontana points at Kacper after his assist, giving Fontana and the Union the first goal of the night.


Mark McKenzie steals the ball from Lewis Morgan while Martinez applies pressure from the back.


The teams get ready for a corner.


Inter Miami’s reserves keep an eye on Sergio Santos as he saves the ball from going out of play.


Inter Miami coach, Diego Alonso, gives his team instructions from the sidelines.


Andrés Reyes and Sergio Santos have a difference of opinion on the foul committed on Juan Agudelo.


Jose “El Brujo” Martinez stops an attempt at goal by Higuaín while Wagner, Mbaizo and McKenzie prepare to back up Blake if he gets the shot.


Higuaín is down as the entire Union team is calling for a handball. The handball is later called, not in the favor of the Union, and Higuaín is given a PK.


Higuaín and Martinez exchange words after Higuaín’s missed PK.


After the handball penalty kick, Diego Alonso responds to the chaos on the field.


Mbaizo sends the ball down field with determination.


Martinez and Matuidi lock arms defending each other wile pushing to win the ball.


Matuidi steps to Martinez and has some words with him after the defensive play. Martinez does not look intimidated and continues with his gritty, Philly style the rest of the game.


Ben Sweat yells out of frustration as Andre Blake and the defense deny him a goal during the first half of the game,


González Pirez are already letting each other know they are ready for the play as they push and dig into each other.


Gonzalo Higuaín, Jose “El Brujo” Martinez in one of the many battle on the night.


Martinez is ready and waiting for the opportunity to steal the ball from Higuaín.


Jim Curtain surrounded by his trainers and staff during the second half of the game.


Ilsinho takes advantage of the open goal and scores the 2nd goal of the night.


Ilsinho and Santos celebrate while Robles and González Pirez watch the repeat of the goal on the jumbo-tron.


Arms locked, Ilsinho and González Pirez battle to win the ball.


Blake is like superman, defending the goal while flying in the sky.


The Sons of Ben are still present, even though the numbers might be smaller, the support for the team is HUGE!


Brotherly love, Santos and Martinez show the love to a few guests at the stadium.


Martinez and Santos react to a few guests congratulating them after the game.


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  1. Gruncle Bob says:

    Great shot of Higuain’s bicycle attempt.

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