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News roundup: Union win, Union II lose, big weekend for USMNT players

Photo: Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

After a bad start, the Union put away 10 man Montreal 4-1 on Sunday night.

National coverage of the match. 

The Union II fell 3-0 to Hartford Athletic earlier in the evening. 

Brenden Aaronson has some rumors linking him to a move to Red Bull Salzburg.


Will 17 year old Griffin Yow be D.C. United’s and Ben Olsen’s savior?

Is youth also the savior for Colorado’s season?

Kei Kamara is completing his tour of MLS as he joins Minnesota.

What is happening to San Jose? 

Can Orlando City win MLS Cup this year? 

All of Saturday’s action around the league.


Without Christian Pulisic, Chelsea fell 2-0 to Liverpool.

The Bundesliga returned, and it was a good weekend for some Americans there.

Weston McKennie made his debut for Juventus on Sunday.

The Women’s World Cup could be held every 2 years. 

Australia’s women’s team got new jerseys, but they’re only available in men’s cut.   

Real Madrid got off to a shaky start in their La Liga campaign.




  1. Russell Rogers says:

    Kei Kamara can feel free to make a stop in Philly if it likes. He is pretty awesome.

  2. Paywalls and Peacocks, go fuck yourself.
    That’s the comment. Nothing else.

    • Agreed but handed them my money as I said FU. The only PL games not behind paywalls are the ones not many want to see.

    • Yes to this. I don’t get the central paradox to streaming services like CBS All Access and now Peacock…. People are leaving cable plans behind because the content isn’t up to snuff with the Netflix and HBO in particular, so you develop programming for exclusive streaming services giving people less reason to keep tuning into regular network and cable TV?

      NBCSports might be the only reason I pay for YouTubeTV, which also jacked its price up after adding a bunch of Viacom networks I never wanted to watch (Why is MTV anymore?)

      What was wrong with The Champions League on ESPN and the Prem on NBC Sports (and CNBC, etc.)? Carving all this up to little streaming services is not going to work. There is just way too much to subscribe to.

      It’s actually nice to be able to watch the U. with a a digital antenna, free of charge.

  3. At the risk of a downer after a good win, anyone know what the #10 plan is if Aaronson goes to Salzburg? Pax10 looks like the real deal and will really good in a couple years, but not ready yet and I am not sure about how good Fontana is connecting passes in small spaces.

    • On paper, Fontana should fit the bill, admittedly though he seems a lot more like a free-shooting #10. It may mean an adjustment is called for to accommodate him, but we should be able to move the ball around well between Monteiro and Bedoya. But, yes, Aaronson will be missed. I’m hoping any deal keeps him with the Union until the season ends. Bayern cut a similar deal with Vancouver Alphonso Davies, I think.

    • I’m of the mindset -any mule (with respect believe it or not) can play the 10 in this scheme.. but a mule the player is none the less.
      Its not like the 10 in Jim’s system or any system- too much any more- is a free ranging find the game trequarista. About the only young person in america I’d put into that fold is Efrain Alvarez. Go press your ass off, go run your 6 miles, go play off the strikers back shoulder, or way out in the flank channel which is what Aaronson does a great deal…then prepare to transition. To Brendan’s credit, maybe he is exceptional at it, but that kid runs non-stop and Anthoy Fontana can do that just as well. Could be Fontana actually is better at the role….Not much guile to see here in Philly…. it’s beat you over the brow footy. fast fast fast fast.
      So in summation, “Go find the game” is not in Jim’s or Ernst’s vernacular…to that end….Montiero would be fine-Fontana would be fine, maybe even DeVries…… Bedoya would have been fine too a few years ago, except they needed him to serve in his best capacity. Sometimes in the attacking end when they actually and rarely set up a possession game, Aaronson seems to be more of a false 9.
      The 10 is a dying player… ded player. DED.

  4. Scott of Nazareth says:

    What sort of price tag can the Union put on Aaronson and McKenzie? I heard Kevin Kinkead say nothing less that $5M for either one.

    Next question is, what can/will they do with that $?

    • Agreed that something good could come, but don’t recall the Union ever making a mid-season acquisition that panned out in the first 6 months. I think the fastest was Dockal, and even he took a couple months to get going. #10 needs to anticipate his teammates and they him. Hard to do that if you don’t know each other.

      • What about he who shall not be named? He must have fit in. After all, he played in a little tournament in Brazil.

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