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News roundup: Union vs DC tomorrow, MLS responds to RSL owner’s comments and more

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Philly takes on DC United tomorrow night at 7:30pm in Chester once again. Read our match preview later today.

How Tanner and Curtin can turn the Union into a selling club in the MLS.

Brighten up your Friday be reading about the Dogs of Ben, four of which were adopted after Tuesday’s match.

Union II

Rumor has it that the Union II have been practicing and are expected to play their next scheduled match on Wednesday, September 2nd against Atlanta United 2 at home. There is still no update on new dates for the three matches that were postponed.


Dan Garber has finally spoken about Real Salt Lake’s owner, Dell Loy Hansen’s comments about feeling disrespected by his players after they chose to not play against LAFC on Wednesday night as a stand against racial injustice following the murder of Jacob Blake. Hansen has previously made racial comments as RSL’s owner and will now be subject to an investigation by the MLS.

Players and coaches across the league are explaining their decisions to not play on Wednesday night and supporting the decisions that were made by 10 clubs. #JusticeforJacob

If all games go as scheduled, here’s what is on this weekend:

The updated 2020 transfer window is available here.


Thiago Silva signed a one-year contract with Chelsea earlier today.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said he would resign to keep Lionel Messi at the club, but it looks like Messi’s moving to Manchester City.

Transfer tracker updated just for you for the men’s European leagues, and the women’s European leagues.


  1. ESPN+ is going to carry the Scottish Premiere League this season and locked in for the next 5 years. You can follow your favorite sold Union player in the SPFL (assuming that sale will happen) for years to come.

  2. I agree with the players not playing Wednesday and hope the league gives Hansen a HUGE fine (like several million dollars) so maybe his type will leave the game rather than continue to pollute it.
    It’s sad that in response to an unarmed black man being shot at point blank range by police, the police offer bottles of water to white supremists when they start shooting protesters. And then to hear about victims being blamed by the police chief for being shot by saying that if they obeyed the curfew they wouldn’t have been killed. Of course, the shooters who were out after curfew were the ones getting the water rather than citations.

  3. Tonight will be the bell-weather for whether or not the wknd’s games get played. I would be very surprised if Toronto take the field. My guess is that the Union won’t either. I’m good with that.
    DLH is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MLS owners. Brooke Tunstell(@YesThatBrooke)has a breakdown on them.

  4. As a City fan, Messi rejoining Pep, getting regular minutes with Aguero, pairing with de Bruyne — these are the things dreams are made of.

  5. As a clarification, Jacob Blake was not murdered. He was shot in the back multiple times and is now paralyzed, and ridiculously/savagely restrained to the hospital bed.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      True that he wasn’t murdered, but unless he’s Raputin, 7 shots in the back is a bit more than necessary.

  6. I think Messi at his age is going to have rough go in the Prem…….he should have went to Inter. I can’t wait for some lumberjack English back to plant the hell out Messi….and it’s going to be hilarious. The pace of the Prem doesn’t suit the atomic flea……especially a geriatric atomic flea……

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