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News roundup: Union sign Matej Oravec, USWNT Olympic roster, American teens debut abroad

Philadelphia Union

Off-season shopping is still going, the  Union have signed Slovakian midfielder Matej Oravec. 

Artesano will be the brand sponsor on the Union’s secondary jersey for the 2020 season.

Preseason starts today! Here’s who the Union will be playing.

Happening now, the Union U-12s are facing off against Boca Juniors. 


The biggest question for each MLS side as preseason gets underway.

All eyes are on these 5 teams as the season kicks off.

The Chicago Fire have a new star to build around.

Nashville’s home kit has been released…a gold t-shirt with a sponsor.

Here’s which supporters groups took home awards from the previous season.

Here’s MLS’ marketing plan for its 25th season.


With Christian Pulisic injured, another American showed up in the Premier League.

Will Liverpool ever lose in the Premier League? 

Another young American made an appearance in the Bundesliga over the weekend.

After the winter break, the Bundesliga is back and getting tighter at the top. 

The USWNT has named its Olympic qualifying roster.




  1. Did anyone else catch the Dortmond-Augsburg match? What a crazy second-half (7 goals) and a hat-trick for Erling Haaland’s debut.

  2. I guess that should not have been my first post given that it’s Union’s opening day and the Oravec signing announcement.
    Welcome, Matej!

  3. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    And so it begins. I must say this season has a strange feel to it with most players pretty much in place and no one really beating the drum for Curtin to be fired.

    • These are strange days. I think I actually have expectations that this team will do more than muddle through the middle. Should be vying for top 4 spaces in the conference at the least.

    • The Cliff of Union Despair is looking lonely at this particular moment…

    • Yeah I flipped that drum over and am definitely beating the other side of it now (that didn’t come out wrong did it?).
      For once I’m looking forward to seeing our tactics on the field!! We had a few different looks last year, and sounds like we will this year as well.
      Curtain has already mentioned the diamond, a 4222 and playing 3 in the back, so it could get a little crazy. Can’t wait to see it all in action!!!

    • Totally admit I’ve drunk the Kool-aide…Top three finish.
      I think replacing Haris with Matej or El Brujo will have a multiplying effect further up field. More pressing, more turnovers, more goals scored, less goals given up.
      Also is anyone else as happy as I am that the Union are playing more preseason games? I fail to see how this can’t help team cohesion and fitness.

      • John O'Donnell Jr says:

        Playing MLS teams only, instead of USL and college teams. +1

      • Haris was a unique & special player, and I give him credit for both his skills and his leadership during his Union tenure. But I am *so* happy that they’ve moved on from him. Especially with Jamiro back, I agree that having a true destroyer at the back could pay enormous dividends.

        TBH, I wanted them to sign a winger and play Miro at the CDM spot. I think that’s where he really belongs. But Ernst has shown enough good judgment that I am willing to take on faith that at least one of these guys will work out well.

  4. Scott of Nazareth says:

    Will be very interesting to see what the sales #s show on the Artesano jerseys this time next year.

  5. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Tanner still doing work. Love it.

    • Still curious to see what happens with CB depth… Tanner’s comments a week or so ago made it seem like they were still searching for CB depth (to replace Trusty).
      One rumor made me wonder if Union is targeting Stephen Eze, a 6’6″ CB who was with Lokomotiv Plovdiv in Bulgaria’s top flight league last season (3 goals, by the way). Started all game, except for one missed due to a red card. He would be on a free transfer (2-year contract just expired).
      But, he’d take up an international slot unless a green card comes through. Perhaps that’s the hold up?

      • old soccer coach says:

        the detailed explanation on Union Rumors in re Eze made me think that he was more closely associated with Seattle.
        I would be surprised if the CB depth player is an international, but that’s just my opinion. I have no evidence to support my logic.

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