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News roundup: Inter Miami in Eastern Conference, MLS free agency moves, Messi and Rapinoe win Ballon d’Or

Photo: Marjorie Elzey

Philadelphia Union 

The Union will face Inter Miami twice this season as they join the Eastern Conference.

Remember when the Union transformed a suite into a guest room?


The Union will still see Luis Robles twice a year, he joins expansion side Inter Miami.

Brooks Lennon was traded to Atlanta, but what does that mean for Julian Gressel?

A player being too expensive for the LA Galaxy, what a world.

Here’s who is still available in MLS free agency after Monday’s moves.

More Ezequiel Barco to Europe rumors are starting to swirl. 


Mario Balotelli can leave on a free transfer. Let the MLS rumors intensify.

Megan Rapinoe and Lionel Messi are the Ballon d’Or winners this year. Its a record sixth for Messi.

Surprised a Union fan didn’t do this to a Red Bull fan after the playoff game.

What doomed Unai Emery at Arsenal?

La Liga’s president will not be running for re-election. 


  1. This line made me chuckle a bit: “While Cavani, a former teammate of Ibrahimovic at PSG, would seem to be a ready-made replacement for the Swede at the Galaxy, there’s apparently still demand for the Uruguayan striker in Europe…”

    No kidding? I know he’s dropped pretty low down the PSG depth chart, but I could see him easily getting a handsome pay package from a club in Italy or Spain. Maybe Napoli would take him back.

    To be fair to LA, $11 million is essentially what he’s being paid at PSG. I can understand why they don’t think they should be paying that much. He would score some goals in MLS, though. That’s for sure.

  2. Quick heads up: The suite/guest room story link points to the conference realignment URL.

  3. So we are at the point where each team only plays 22 of the other 25 teams.

    • i did see that scenario last night. it’ll be NFL like now, i guess. we’ll see LA(s), Portland, SJ, etc., every other year till this non-relegation stops

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Appears so. Absolutely awful

    • I wish the east didn’t play the west until playoffs so i wouldn’t have to watch philly play a game that starts at 11pm est

    • I’m not sure why they don’t play each team in the conference home and home (12 other teams, 24 games) and play the other 13 teams once for a total of 37. That’s still a match less than a PL season.It’s not perfect, but it at least means every team plays the same opposition. If you crank down the number of teams and length of the playoffs (14 teams is ridiculous), you might get something workable.

      • One problem right off the bat with that format is that some teams would have 18 home games while others would have 19, due to the odd number of games in your proposed schedule.

      • Yeah, I thought about that. It’s just a mess.

    • In Tanner We Trust says:

      I want to see every team. Do we really need to play Cincinnati and Miami twice? If we’re playing Dallas every other year, and half the time it’s on the road, will we have to wait 4 years to say thank you to Fafa????

  4. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Question: can Jordan Harvey play right back? And does anyone have an opinion on if he’d come back?

  5. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    I’d rather keep the playoffs in tact even if they expand to 32 teams. If playing every team during the season happens you’ll need some type of divisions. Of course if they finally reach 32, it probably turns into four divisions of eight with a 38 game schedule. Obviously in they coming years the SS becomes less relevant and the Cup gets greater importance if they don’t play every team during the season. But I would argue to most fans the Cup is the thing already.

    • It’s a shame. I think the SS should mean something, but obviously can’t with an unbalanced schedule. I thought what LAFC did this year deserves recognition even if they couldn’t win the Cup.

  6. Just a thought…and please don’t murder me…Michael Bradley is still a free agent. No one is going to pay him what Toronto did. If he can swallow his pride and take a massive pay cut…he fills the Medujanin void with the same soccer IQ and range of passing, but with a massive upgrade on the defensive side of the ball. Would anyone take him on a short 1-2 year contract?

    • In the backwash of Fennario the black and muddy mire…
      Bradley wouldn’t be a bad choice if the Union can get him for a reasonable price. He could certainly provide some good experience for Aaronson and Fontana.

    • That’s actually not a bad idea.
      Bradley really doesn’t seem like an Ernst Tanner type player though.
      If it were to happen I certainly wouldn’t complain.

      • In Tanner We Trust says:

        I really cannot stand him, but I want to win. If the front office deems it best, I will try my darnedest not to boo him during player intros at the home opener. Ironically, he ruined the last home opener actually lol

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I’d abdicate fandom.

    • Rather have every hair plucked from body … one … by … one

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