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News roundup: Aaronson to get USMNT call-up, NYCFC may trade one baseball field for another, Klinsmann calls CONCACAF “a waste”

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The USMNT will call up Brenden Aaronson next week for the CONCACAF Nations League matches against Cuba and Canada, according to the MLS website. Sounds legit, since the Union tweeted about it prematurely.

Pretty cool article over at Delco Times on Jamiro Monteiro.

ICYMI yesterday, PSP’s Jim O’Leary wrote, “Why the Union can’t get past page D6“.

Over at the Philly Sports Network: “Are the Union faltering to end the season? ‘They’ll respond well,’ says Curtin following 2-0 road loss”


Meet the Temple freshman who collects cleats and sneakers for aspiring soccer players in Ghana.

Absegami High School girls team retired Erica Skroski‘s jersey number last night.

Archbishop Wood High School posted almost 300 photos from the boys recent game against Hatboro-Horsham, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Yankees-owned NYCFC could play MLS Cup playoff games at the Mets’ Citi Field.

A Sounders’ supporter site spoke with ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle about the Iron Front flag controversy.


Sky Blue FC will miss the playoffs again, but 2019 proved a better, brighter future is possible.

A Chicago Red Stars chant to Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough”? Awesome!

Around the globe

Tottenham Hotspur suffered their worst home defeat in Europe as Serge Gnabry scored four times in Bayern Munich’s 7-2 romp to seize control of Champions League Group B.

Political humor that’s soccer-related, if you lean left.

Jurgen Klinsmann called CONCACAF “a waste of time.” He’s not wrong.

Speaking of CONCACAF, FIFA has banned a former CONCACAF official for life over bribery.

Highlight of the day


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    a buddy and I were trying our best to figure– using the Known Rubric Emailed Mailer and the Advanced Analystics Metrics Bio Metrics Screening Assessment Wichita Tool also known as the AAMBMSAWT….or Eye Test…how it is—a kid who didn’t get called up for a U-20 World Cup, was last spotted in US colors as a 16 year old is now getting a full national team call up— less then 10 weeks later.
    anyone? anyone? anyone? Bueller?
    ayahuasca ceremony.. or was it the 5 MEO DMT tribal elders hallucinogen?
    Congrats to the young man nonetheless.

  2. If it’s not embarrassing enough that the league plays at Yankee stadium, they never thought to think there would be a scheduling conflict if they both made the playoffs?? Solution…let’s play at another baseball stadium??? What, they don’t want to lose that mini-pitch advantage. Crazy.

    • John O'Donnell Jr says:

      Shouldn’t have a problem with making the pitch regulation size as removing the mound is the problem at Yankee stadium while the stadium is being used during the baseball season.

  3. Scott of Nazareth says:

    Klinsmann does have a pretty valid point with this CONCACAF Nations League.
    I’m sure the politics and logistics with FIFA would be massive, but wonder if they could modify things and put the top 2, 3 or 4 teams into South America or combine the entire lot with Asia Pacific (just for Nations League purposes)?

    • CONCACAF would never permit it. The whole point of the Nations League is to get more competitive games for USA & Mexico for which CONCACAF can sell the TV rights for the US market. Those rights would worth a whole lot less if the tournament didn’t feature the US & Mexico.

      • Scott of Nazareth says:

        But Klinsmann’s point is that there really isn’t much steady competition in this region beyond US, Mexico, & Costa Rica.
        Fully recognize that we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves in this discussion, particularly coming off the last WC Qualifying mattress soiling.
        I think the most telling part of the article is USSF placing priority of revenue/home games over going abroad to play more difficult games.

    • 1. It seems premature to worry about this when we cannot even beat Mexico with any regularity.

      2. I do not give a f*ck about anything Jurgen Klinsmann has to say about the USMNT. And said lack of f*cks is permanent.

  4. E-V-E-R-Y friggin’ supporters club in North America, at every level of the game, does the “Just can’t get enough” chant.
    I’ve personally had WAY more than enough of hearing it. It’s he least original thing anyone will hear at a soccer game.
    What exactly made that ever remotely noteworthy…?

  5. E-V-E-R-Y friggin’ supporters club in North America, at every level of the game, does the “Just can’t get enough” chant.
    I’ve personally had WAY more than enough of hearing it. It’s the least original thing anyone will hear at a soccer game.
    What exactly made that ever remotely noteworthy…?

  6. “Concacaf is trash” says coach that could not qualify a team from Concacaf to a World Cup

  7. The year is 2022. The US has failed to qualify for the WC. Trump, still in the White House, uses this as a reason to ban the sport (because of its minority appeal) and crush the USSF. The sport does not go away, of course, but becomes overwhelming popular in an underground form. The “resistance” now has soccer as a symbol. There are no more conversations of chartered flights or the pay-to-play model. Bedoya, now no longer playing, is a proto politician, vowing to enact congressional term limits. He travels exclusively by train – for the legroom. Aaronson is the captain of the underground co-ed national team. They travel by boat to Central and South America to compete in the still-existing Concacaf. The Trump administration has tried to end these purely symbolic ventures southward but their efforts are in vain. Rapinoe has taken on the role of team bodyguard – no one questions her firearms aptitude.
    The underground NYC team fair the best in these times. Given their history of playing in the outfield of a baseball stadium, their transition to non-regulation play was easier than most.

    I highly recommend Nathan W. Pyle’s strange planet series those two comics are from

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