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News roundup: Late night win for Union, Supporters Shield, playoff clarity, more

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Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia rallied from 1-0 down at the half to snatch a 2-1 win in San Jose. VAR played heavily in the match, including a San Jose goal called off and an overturned Aurelian Collin penalty in the 90th minute. Share your thoughts on the calls below!

Read PSP’s match report for the full breakdown.

Watch the full highlights here:

Wondo, on his first-ever red card suspension, stood with the supporters section and went APE when the Quakes scored. Class dude.


LAFC officially lifted the Supporter’s Shield last night at home with a 3-1 win over Houston.

NYCFC stomped a Josef-less Atlanta United 4-1 in Yankee Stadium, helping the Union solidify their grab for second place (but not first). Right now, the difference between 2nd and 3rd is hosting either New England or Toronto FC.

Regardless, NYCFC looks to be the clear favorites in the East.

Minnesota United did their own comeback dance with a 2-1 win over Sporting Kansas City to secure the club’s first-ever playoff spot.

The Galaxy also clinched with a 2-1 victory at Real Salt Lake.

A stoppage time penalty saw New England claim a draw at Portland.

A recap of all the late drama here.

Canadian Championship

Montreal Impact took back the Voyageurs Cup with a shootout victory in the second leg of the Canadian Championship in Toronto.


  1. Anyone else find it hilarious how after Collin had like one good game spelling Trusty, Curtin goes out of his way to publicly profess his love and propose to the guy, and since then Collin has tried to lose every game he’s played for us? Giving up PKs, giving up FKs that led to goals, letting his mark score on said FKs.

    What a joke.

    • Trusty just hasn’t played well all season for the Union. He’s given up PK’s, gotten Red Carded, given up FK’s and goals this season. It’s the stretch run. McKenzie would have been starting last night if he wasn’t injured. Curtin went with the proven MLS Cup winning veteran in his McKenzie’s place.

    • I thought we were getting the Aurelien Collin that was once a pretty good central defender… upon first inspection this season, it seemed to be the case.
      The last couple of times on the field though, phew- he has slowed- and needs to use his body more to mitigate that loss in speed… which as mentioned on another thread… is a PK or Red Card in the making.
      Tell you this much, if they wind up going to New York’s Yankee Stadium again for a playoff game, I’d take Collin over Trusty though.

      • WHAT!

        I feel like I’ve gone crazy. I understand I Trusty was in a bad run of form and has issues, but to sit here and tell me that you’d rather take mister 1 red card or PK a game over Trusty is crazy coming from someone who is usually dead on.

        It feels like revisionists history, like when this happened to Rosenberry. Yes Trusty needed a rest. Yes he needed to improve. But you people are making it sound like he was giving up a goal a game or something. He wasn’t. He had a few shaky moments here and there and his distribution was bad.

        Trustys biggest, most consistent issue was booting the ball downfield for fucks sake. He wasn’t a red card and PK machine like Collin has shown to be.

        Yeah, I just don’t get it. Trusty needed a rest. He got it. Put him back above Collin. We don’t need to banish him to the underworld.

      • I remember Austin playing terrible at that stadium two times. The smaller dimensions will help Collin.
        I agree otherwise- what ini the world happened to Austin Trutsy and where the hell is the Jewel of the Academy.
        I personally have never been overly high on him, but he is a solid centerback most nights.

      • Was actually thinking that if things work out, Game 6 and 7 of the World Series are scheduled for the same nights as the conference finals in MLS and are at the American League’s stadium. Wonder if they would move the game if the Yankees have games those same nights?

      • Oh how that would be a lovely, ironic twist for them to have move that game to another stadium. All it would take is one NYCFC playoff win and the Yankees playing in a 7 game World Series. It could happen.

    • He’s always been a chaotic defender, even when he was at his peak. Anyone who had watched him play the last couple of years for NYRB could see how much of a liability that he had become with the passage of time (Corey Burke killed him last year in USOC match at Talen).

      The challenge for the left sided centerback for the Union is typically you have to cover more space with Wagner’s bombing forward style vs. the right side where Gaddis is more cautious going forward. Gaddis is also much more diligent in tracking back. It also doesn’t help that you have an immobile player as your #6.

      For my money, Trusty is better at doing that then Collin is and is also more comfortable with the ball at his feet.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        San Jose’s Hoesen is a good and dangerous striker, but does not have elite speed. And he left Collin in the dust at least twice.
        Gyasi Zardes is faster, fast enough up top to be a national teamer.
        It will be interesting to see who plays in Columbus.

    • Agree 100 %. Collin is a poor ball handler, gives up the ball in bad places, can’t place a long pass to save his life, he’s slow, and he prefers to bump attackers rather than move his feet to gain position. I prefer McKenzie, but Trusty isn’t as bad as he is made out and Collin is worse.

      Maybe this is about personal dynamics between Trusty and coach. Certainly Trusty is no worse an option than Collin.

  2. In Tanner We Trust says:

    Collin, Elliott, and Haris cannot be the last lines of defense together, ever. The point above about Yankee Stadium is interesting and I’m inclined to agree, but ANYWHERE else, give me Trusty.

  3. Trusty Is an adequate defender but he hasn’t demonstrated that he can pass effectively. When he does pass forward, it’s usually a turnover. Collin is not the answer but who’s left? Hope for a quick return by McKensie.

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      I disagree with the quick return because it’s a hammier, and they are notorious for being tricky. Leave him be until the home playoff game on October 19-20.

  4. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Apropos of nothing, Caspar was the king of India and brought gold to Jesus of Nazareth according to the synoptic gospel stories of Christmas.
    Incidentally, in Herodotus’s accounts of the Achaemenid Persian Empire — Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Athens and Sparta — India is the other source of gold tribute to the empire besides Egypt.
    So, Kacper is the King of India who has brought gold to the Union many times this season.

  5. If the argument is who looks bad playing at yankee stadium should be benched, then we might as well forfeit the game because every single person on this team has looked like shit playing on that field.

    • Spot on! One would think that a player like Haris would thrive on a small pitch like that, but he’s been awful there too.

      FWIW – I think that people mistakenly blame defenders who was end up being last line of defense when a goal is scored. Most of the time, another player or two made an earlier mistake which put the team’s defense in a compromised position.

      • Not every fire gets put out so don’t automatically blame the fireman, blame the person who caused the fire.

  6. I don’t want to see Collin in a Union jersey again. Whatever shortcomings Trusty may have, he’s better at passing than Collin, he’s faster than Collin, and he is sane.

  7. So, a player gets a red card, (his first ever red card), and he decides that instead of sitting in the owners box, instead of watching the game in the locker room, instead of staying home…He’ll make the best of it and have some fun with the fans that support him; supporting THEM a bit (especially as the team is suffering a mediocre season). He even celebrated like a nutty supporter when his weakened team scored and took an unlikely lead against a much better side.
    If that happens here, that guy is a legendary hero and showered in goodwill for a very long time.
    Can the petty Wondo hate and grow up already. He was harmlessly nice to his team’s fans, applaud it instead of panning it.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I think its fantastic he chose to do that. I believe this was not the first time, either.
      I’m still tickled to death he had to take the slow walk to the car minus the euphoria afterward though.
      to be honest, aftete the first half and after seeing him in the stands, I didn’t think there was any way at all the Union were coming out even, let alone ahead in that matach.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you on both counts there el P, I almost went to bed at halftime because it was too frustrating to watch. Glad I hung though! (And quite satisfied that the SJ crowd has a long drive home)
    Kind of a microcosm of my 7 years as an STH. Hang in there through the tough times, it’s gotta get better 😉

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