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In pictures: NYC FC 4-2 Philadelphia Union

PSP photographer Marjorie Elzey traveled to Yankee Stadium to capture the game between the Philadelphia Union and NYC FC. It was a game full of yellow cards, bad calls and, unfortunately, a loss for the Union.

The New York Fire and Police First Responders take the field in the opening ceremonies at Yankee Stadium.

Jamiro Monteiro and Ismael Tajouri challenging each other for the ball close the to box.

Jamiro Monteiro and Ismael Tajouri challenging each other for the ball close the to box.

Fafa Picault celebrates his first goal of the season with the rest of the team. This goal was later dedicated to his Dad who trained him minutes away for this stadium.

Ilshinho receives the ball with an acrobatic jump in the air to keep it in play.

Brad Stuver get a hand on a corner kick heading towards the goal. Kacper Przybylko and Jack Elliot are ready to attack if he doesn’t make the save.

Austin Trusty out jumps Valentín Castellanos for the ball.

The first of 7 yellow cards was given to NYC FC’s Maxime Chanot for an illegal play against Fafa Picault.

Ishinho and Chanot collide while challenging each other for the ball. Both players needed to be tended to on the field. Ilshinho was subbed out of the match.

Ray Gaddis waits for the defender to make a mistake so he can easily get past him.

Bedoya goes for the header while Monteiro watches after being knocked down during play.

Santos and Ring keep their eyes on the ball even while they are falling on the pitch.

Valentín Castellanos celebrates his goal with the fans while his teammates join him.

Frustration starts to show for the Union players after another goal scored by NYC FC.

The boys of the Union band together to argue a foul with the referee. Castellanos, Ring, and Moralez of NYC look on.

Santos works to get past Ring, who is on his toes and ready to attack.

Tajouri-Shradi reacts to Wagner’s play by looking towards the referee for a call.

Bedoya is frustrated with not getting the foul from the referee.

Jack Elliott takes the shot but is blocked by Sebastien Ibeagha. Jack caught the bottom of Sebastain’s cleats during the attempt.

Jack Elliott is issued a yellow card caution in the 57th minute followed by a yellow card issued to Ray Gaddis in the 88th minute.

Maxime Chanot reacts to the win after the last whistle is blown.








  1. great pictures!

  2. Zizouisgod says:

    Honestly, who falls the way that Chanot did?

    Wonderful pics.

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