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News roundup: Union lose, Steel win, and USWNT asks for their fair share (again)

Photo credit: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Once again the Union lost, though overall the performance wasn’t as bad as the scoreline. There’s still plenty of problems, but it shouldn’t be this dire.

PSP’s Peter Andrews was at the match in Kansas City. In case you missed it, here are clips of the post-match reaction from Jim Curtin and Marco Fabian.

As Tannenwald points out some players, like newcomer Kai Wagner, played well. Others did not.

Local, Kansas City, and national coverage.

Not that it caused the Union to lose, but for the second week in a row officiating will be a big part of the discussion around this game.

Meanwhile, Bethlehem Steel FC went down to Birmingham, AL for a steel mongers showdown. And Bethlehem came out on top, beating the Legion 2-0.

Captain James Chambers is the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow (pass).

Steel also announced the acquisition of twenty one year old forward Yomi Scintu, pending a physical and visa application.


It’s not clear if the scoreline means the Timbers are bad, or LAFC is good. But one things certain: Diego Chara made a weird choice to earn that second yellow.

The champs continued their shaky start to the season, with Atlanta United drawing FC Cincinnati after allowing a late goal from Roland Lamah.

Matt Pentz got snarky about away supporters 1,300 miles from home.

A stoppable force meet a movable object and the Loons beat the Quakes 3-0.

And C.J. Sapong scored in stoppage time to give ten-man Chicago a draw against Orlando.

Don Garber responded to criticism that his response to NYCFC’s ongoing hate group problem left a lot to be desired.

US Soccer

The entire US roster for the 2019 SheBelieves Cup is suing the US Soccer Federation, demanding equal compensation for female athletes. If that sounds familiar it’s because the USSF still  hasn’t fixed the problem from 2016.

In case people were worried that Christian Pulisic was regressing this season.

Weston McKennie got the start for FC Schalke 04 in their 4-2 loss to Werder Bremen.


Ochocinco is still trying to be a thing in soccer, signing with UPSL’s Boca Raton FC.

Tottenham’s Korean sensation Son Heung-min on staying single.

In a league almost defined by audacious financial flexibility, Manchester City has attracted the ire of other teams by stretching the rules a touch too far.

“Secret” might be too strong of a word.

Meanwhile, in Paris…


  1. NYCFC is such a joke organization. Not sure why MLS lets them get away with so much. They go against everything MLS says it stand for/strives for.

  2. “It’s the second time in team history that the Union have started a season with two losses, and the first time that they’ve failed to score a goal from open play in that span.” – from Tannenwald’s Philly.com article.
    If you think about all the crap and down years this team has been through, that statement is especially damning. I feel like this year will be biding time till Curtin is fired. I really sincerely hope not.

    • I just said this in the gameday thread…. A lot of the poor officiating and defensive blunders have maybe distracted from the key question for this squad: Where are the goals going to come from? The fullbacks have not provided the width we were promised. I’m not sure Gaddis ever entered the attacking third. Picault has made good runs but hasn’t offered much of a threat that he might actually score. Burke’s header yesterday was decent, but that was the only half chance worth something and it was straight at the keeper. I hope Santos has more to offer than he’s shown so far, or this is really going to be same-old, same-old for the Union in recent years. Decent possession and movement but too few goals.

      • xG doesn’t win games. But the Union are leading the league in expected goals. So there still is some hope.

      • I actually remember the one time Gaddis put in a cross near the end line, because it was only that one time. I agree that there’s just no real threat. Wagner may be okay but Gaddis is a huge deficit offensively. I’m not sure why Santos isn’t starting, has the question been asked yet? If we can play Crevalle or Jones at the 6 then a more offensive minded player can be at the other mid spot too.

      • LB has provided width. RB none. It’s killing us more than anything other than maybe can’t finish. It’s always our problem. We create decent chances and have horrendous shots. Fafa has never been good at scoring. Burke was last year but not yet this year. Hopefully Santos can score because I’m tired of watching forwards who can’t.

  3. Old Soccer Coach says:

    A., Forgive me, I cannot resist.
    The textual descriptor of the assets of ownership begins with MLS’s most desired magic letter, “B.”

  4. Watch the James Chambers clip. That sequence is amazing.

  5. BSFC getting some Matt Doyle love as well


    I know Jim has it posted above but it’s an awesome clip!!

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