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News roundup: Union sign midfielder for 4 months, England wins SheBelieves Cup, Houston and Red Bulls lose in CCL

Photo: Rob Simmons

Philadelphia Union

The Union acquired 25-year-old midfielder Jamiro Monteiro from French Ligue 2 side FC Metz on a four-month loan (through June).

New episode is available of It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia. About halfway through, guest Russ Joy mentioned speaking to Santos and Wagner in their native tongues.

Looks like the Union’s website has a new feature with the team in the news.


In the Concacaf Champions League (CCL), the New York Red Bulls and the Houston Dynamo both lost 2-0.

Do the Montreal Impact have a stadium problem?

Around the globe

England won the SheBelieves Cup for the first time after thrashing Japan, 3-0. Meanwhile, the U.S. beat Brazil, 1-0.

A soccer player in Turkey is accused of slashing opponents with a “sharp object”.

In Hungary, a hacker who leaked soccer secrets will be extradited to Portugal.

FIFA reserves soar to $2.7B, revenue at $6.4B.

A couple Champions League matches yesterday:

  • Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax
  • Dortmund 0-1 Tottenham


  1. Kevin1813 says:

    Montreal’s stadium is a 19 min metro ride or a 30 min bike ride from downtown Montreal. They are complaining about having their stadium in their equivalent to the Philly Sports Complex. I’d give almost anything for that stadium problem.

    • so true. anyone else find this part of the article hitting close to home:
      “the Montreal impact currently have a stadium that allows you to watch the Impact play a live match but not much else. The stadium is rarely, if ever, full. There is little to no protection from potentially adverse weather (which is common in Montreal) and the vibe inside the stadium is inconsistent. Let’s just say that going to Stade Saputo doesn’t really get the blood pumping. The Impact have almost everything they need to build a franchise that could have sustained success. The city is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the food is amazing, the fans are crazy and passionate and the one thing that is missing is a place that truly brings all of this together.”

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      …and the stadium is fun. It’s a single open concourse, like Talen, and is LOUD when it gets rocking (the exposed steel at Talen isn’t loud like this, it’s more akin to Beaver Stadium for those who’ve been. Echo-y and crazy).

  2. Excited for the Monteiro signing. A nice addition to a midfield that needs it. I’m not really sure what to make of the reluctance to see more of the “the kids” Jones, Aaronson, et. al…. Clearly there must be some consensus at the club that they’re not good enough if we’re adding internationally….

    How about Ajax? What a smashing. I feel bad for any Spurs fans. I think if there were any doubt about Madrid making a full court press for Pochettino (and probably Kane and Alli), there shouldn’t be anymore. If they make him a good offer, I’ll bet anything he’ll take it.

    • I’m wondering if this is more a commentary on Haris than the kids. I’m not saying he’s going to replace Haris right away (actually highly doubt it), but maybe he’s going to cover him in a 4-2-2-2.

      • It might be, though ultimately, it’s a statement that Jones isn’t good enough to provide that defensive cover. I wrote this in the thread on Monteiro: The Brotherly Game posted a video of Monteiro highlights and it’s all tackles and other defensive maneuvers. Guy looks a lot like a #6. His diminutive size elicits comparisons to Ngolo Kante. He’s definitely a big boost in midfield quality.

      • “Jones isn’t good enough to provide that defensive cover.”

        I have 0 idea why people give Curtin enough credit to make this decision, or think Curtin is right about this. Every single year there is a guy Curtin hangs on for too long at the detriment to the team, all the way back to Wenger.

        TEAM JONES

      • James, I agree that it’s very difficult to trust Curtin’s judgment. But does Tanner go and get Monteiro if he does NOT agree with this assessment? Or is this a low risk call here for Tanner (it is only a 4-month loan on its face) to say, “OK, if Jones isn’t good enough, here’s another player with demonstrated quality…”

        It’s tough to know. I’d like to see more Jones. Still don’t feel like he’s been given a fair shot. And I’ve felt that way about a lot of Union players in the past, too.

      • Well you can have full faith in Jones but still want to improve depth and improve your team with cheap, low risk deals. Ernst is the GM, he should always be looking to improve quality and competition.

        But I agree about Jones, he has not been given a fair shake at all.

      • Tim Jones says:

        In re Jones:When he was not in the 18 for TFC, I assumed he must have gone to Red Bulls 2 earlier in the day with Steel, but he did not.
        It is possible he may have tweeked something.
        He was being used extensively in preseason, repeatedly, so I doubt he has fallen completely out of favor.

  3. I wonder where the Union media team got the idea for the “new feature” on their website? Looks an awful lot like another site I read daily. Wonder if they’ll include links to articles that aren’t flattering to the Union?

    • Oh, are you suggesting that it’s a sort of roundup of the news that happens every day? 😉

      Jokes aside, we’re not going to claim IP rights in the idea of posting a daily summary of links about the Union. And I do observe that the Union have over the last two days linked to multiple PSP pieces that are pretty critical of the club’s performance.

    • They do have a link to PSP’s player ratings.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    imagine having a youth environment to produce the likes of Frankie de Jong… where he was allowed to hone defensive skills all while being encouraged to go walk about on the dribble : unmarking teammate after teammate after teammate for his club.
    i’ve watched him for about 3-5 years and is the closest thing to exhilarating there is. a rollercoaster.
    mind you… i judge a player’s ability tactically to take away what the other team wants to do above all others: hounding the ball carrier. obstructing passing lanes and forcing teams away from their strengths, nevermind, the sublime vision, agility and skill on the ball.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I know the Elephant is a big Ajax guy, and I am familiar with their prolific youth program – but I won’t act like I know much more… regardless… who is Dušan Tadić? That dude was out of his head yesterday. Is he an Ajax youth product? Wow

      • As bizarre as it may seem, he’s the same guy who rode the bench for Southampton last year and was sold to Ajax over the summer for somewhere around 10 million pounds.

      • Tadic bombed at Southampton and left for Ajax last year. I think he was in the Eredivise before he went to the Prem. Looked a new man yesterday!

      • Alicat215 says:

        Or are things not right at St. Mary’s right now? Sold a whole lot over the years and the coveted academy isn’t providing……Tadic was smart to jump ship. He was always good. After the managers they have had the past few years……bringing in Hughes was just stupid!

    • Alicat215 says:

      Reminds of growing up man! Good to see Ajax back! Half of that squad will be elswhere by this time next year! Hope Ajax makes some serious $$$$$$$!

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