News roundup: the Union make a move, Atlanta is for the children, and Pep tampers expectations

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Philadelphia Union

In the first move of Ernst Tanner’s first offseason, the Union have signed Brazilian forward Sergio Santos.

And it sounds like there will be more news coming on the other side of the holidays.

With the USL Championship (the new name for the tier II league Bethlehem will be playing in) announcing all home openers, we now know three of Bethlehem Steel FC’s games for the 2019 season. As we wait for the rest of the schedule to be announced, watch to see how Steel’s schedule integrates with the Union’s, as Bethlehem will be playing at Talen Energy Stadium this season.

The Union also signed their second eSports “athlete”, and he’s from New York. Jeffrey Acevedo lied about his address in order to enter the eSports College Clash (which he eventually won).


Luchi Gonzalez, director of FC Dallas’ well-respected youth academy, has been appointed as the first team’s new head coach.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is using the increased attention of Atlanta United’s MLS Cup victory to highlight the need for greater access to youth soccer.

Given the choice between the resources and the legacy of the LA Galaxy, and living in Ohio, Caleb Porter chose to take the Columbus Crew job.

New York Magazine thinks MLS doesn’t need to play second fiddle to Europe anymore.

Meanwhile, in the house that Mix Diskerud built.

In a move that should surprise noone, FC Cincinnati has named the abomination Skyline Chili as their official chili sponsor.

US Soccer

The USSF has provisionally sanctioned USL League One as a Tier III league. This means for 2019 your pyramid is MLS at Tier I, USL Championship at Tier II, and USL League One at Tier III. And NASL still living in Rocco Commisso’s basement.

Atlético Madrid tried to make an offer for Christian Pulisic, but were told by Dortmund that he’s already got a deal in England.

Johannes Eggestein was out with a cold, so Josh Sargent made the 18 again for Werder Bremen, and came on in the 87th minute for Johnnes’ brother Max Eggestein.


Pep Guardiola wants the press to stop setting high expectations for Man City.

A Napoli fan was attacked by Liverpool fans after Tuesday’s Champions League meeting. [Translation]

Oh how the mighty have fallen.


  1. Delaware Soccer says:

    Love this updates. But important typo on the Christian Pulisic offer – the link says Atletico Madrid, not Real. Still great team pursuing him if true, but not the same.

  2. Just gotta say I’m relieved by Tanner’s transparency. Had grown tired of Stewart’s routine, which at first seemed no-nonsense, but later revealed itself to be nothing but. I could appreciate his reluctance to operate in public, but it was really harmful to building any trust with this fan base…. I’m pretty sure he’s going to repeat these patterns with the USMNT. In some ways, he’s already started.

    The umpteenth MLS has arrived story in New York Mag is interesting…. I think what Atlanta has shown is that if you spend money building a dazzling team, people will respond. There’s nothing special about Atlanta. If Arthur Blank had built the same team in Philadelphia, I think the response would have been similar. It’s a ton of fun to get behind something that successful for a lot of people. Just talk to all the kids running around in Barca and Madrid jerseys. Talk of making MLS a selling league is a good step in the right direction. Let’s also talk about scrapping this single entity and salary cap farce a well.

  3. One correction on knowing Steel’s first 3 games. We know their first 2 (March 9 at Birmingham and the home opener on March 16). However, the third game we know isn’t until May 3 at Loudoun United for their home opener. It’s one of those situations where Loudoun has a bunch of road games while their stadium is being finished. (Loudoun is the county that Leesburg, VA is located in.)

  4. I’m meh on the signing. Just glad there is some wheeling and dealing in December.

    I cannot stress this enough. This goes for the Official and Un-Official Union sites, nobody cares about eSports. eSports should be called what they are…video games. Video games are awesome however I see no connection between soccer articles and video games articles. Might as well put up articles on BIMBOs 4th quarter earning statement, same connection right?

    • Personally I agree 100%. “eSports” isn’t relevant to sports, and attempts to make it so are misguided.

      With that said it’s the offseason, so it’s not like I had to bump better content to include it. Plus the fact that the guy lied in order to qualify for the tournament makes it conversational enough to warrant inclusion.

  5. According to the Union website they have resigned Fabhino, Creavalle, and Przybylko to new contracts.

  6. el Pachyderm says:

    man Creavalle signing does not bode well for Derrick Jones – under previous management strategy.
    Maybe Ernst and Jim will have a different idea in his use and value… but from this spot on the savanah…

    • Hopefully Creavalle remains as the back-up CDM and Jones is bumped up to a starting roll.

    • I don’t think Ernst rates Haris. I foresee Haris not making the 18 a lot this season. With the way Ernst wants to play there’s not really a spot for him. Thoughts?

      • I am not sure. To be honest, I know a bit more about how he hopes to change academy and less about how his vision of first team play looks.

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