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News roundup: Phang speaks, SheBelieves Cup coming to Philly and Atlanta is America’s southern soccer capital?

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Union are reportedly set to sign Brazilian striker, Sergio Santos.

Reportedly, FC Cincinnati is interested in Accam and Sapong.

Mark McKenzie discusses his season with the Union and the CONCACAF U20 Championship.

Philly’s favorite mascot, Phang shares his feelings about Philly’s actual favorite mascot, Gritty in this interview.


The MLS Cup match is tomorrow night, here’s the game preview.

Atlanta is already planning their parade and the Timbers are laughing it off.

Here’s how the half-day trade window works as explained by the Union. Tim Jones broke it down on Wednesday as well.

Columbus reveals plan for a bigger, better stadium.

Is Atlanta American soccer’s new capital? Here’s how Atlanta United attendance measures up to the top clubs in the world.

Wondo will be hosting a soccer camp to benefit victims of the Camp Fire.

Reportedly, Orlando City SC are interested in Pikachu (the Brazilian right fullback/midfielder, not the Pokemon).


USWNT to play Japan in opening match of the 2019 SheBelieves Cup at Talen Energy Stadium. Here’s the rest of their schedule before the Women’s World Cup.

The US Soccer Foundation is suing the US Soccer Federation over naming and logo rights.

Players from both Atlanta and Portland are jumping on board with new USMNT coach, Berhalter’s goal to change the way the world views American soccer.


Is Mancester United trying to line up Pochettino to replace Mourinho? Maybe…

10 things to look out for in the Premier League this weekend.

Newcastle United might be the next Premier League team to have American owners in $382 million takeover, reportedly.


  1. Ernst unloading Accam and Sapong right off the bat is fantastic news. Of all the rumors, let’s all cross our fingers this one comes off without a hitch.

    • truly hope for the best for them if they depart. Sapong could flourish again in a better system and Accam could pull a Pontius this upcoming season.

    • I thought the same thing. And to do it so quickly. Nothing at all against Sapong or Accam, but Accam was a huge salary and Sapong will always be played by Curtin. 1.6 mil to use elsewhere.

  2. DOes anyone outside of Atlanta want Atlanta to win the final? I’ll be rooting hard for Portland.

    Not sure why I’m backsliding into optimism, but I like this Santos signing. It’s portends good things to come from Tanner.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    no matter what Ernst Tanner does from here out, he’s a cult hero in my book.
    guy comes in and immediately sets a course to move on from a player like CJ Sapong… who wasn’t very good at KC and wasn’t very good here in truth though he had some stunning support among these pages) let alone to sign to an extension and stick alone at the tip of a professional soccer spear.
    The player was so so limited and embodied exactly the lumbering American skill set Union often came to represent in my humble opinion.
    With respect to the man, who by all accounts is a lovely human, I couldn’t be happier to say good by to him. Wishing you well.

    • Sapong, the Buddhist Monk Striker. I sometime felt he thought his only task week in and week out was to take a beating from defenders. Not score goals. Not provide an assist. Not put a shot on goal. etc. Just take punishment from central defenders and turn the other cheek. Seems to be the nicest guy in the world, but that may be far down the list of attributes you want your striker to demonstrate on the pitch.

  4. John O'Donnell says:

    Interesting everyone is happy with Ernest cleaning house but he’s the guy who kept Curtin. Sapong and Accam going to Cincinnati is a fascinating thought if he can pull it off but what are they getting back besides clearing cap space?

    Santos makes sense as Ernest hinted of a signing possibly before Christmas and he’s left footed. Moving Fafa to his more natural right side and getting rid of the burden of Accam behind him with a large salary number would also leave more cap space to replace Dočkal who is probably gone.

    I must say it’s nice seeing rumors about the Union roster before camp has even started instead of almost over.

    • Was there anyone in the rumored trades or those not tendered offers that you think is a mistake? So then why wouldn’t we be happy?
      The Curtin part is a done deal for next year. There’s nothing that can change till after Ernst sees what Curtin has to offer.
      Hope springs eternal, yes? For me the off-season is/should be one of the most exciting parts of the year. The dreams of strikers, left backs, and a DP #10 floating in one’s head. This joy has been stolen from us by the Union through most of their existence. So, yes, I’m really happy Ernst has brought rumors and intrigue back into my footy life.

    • This is now the 2nd new technical staff that has evaluated and elected to keep Curtin. Maybe he isn’t the problem.

  5. Nice to see Tanner making moves. Good luck to both CJ and Accam! If they go,its a good thing I think. Also love the Santos rumor!

  6. I’m OK with moving on from CJ. Accam surely was a bust this year, but I’d like to have seen how he’d do with no lingering sports hernia issues. And it’ll be particularly galling should they both flourish together elsewhere.

    Are people getting ahead of themselves on this Santos thing? I mean — 9 goals last season. That isn’t exactly lighting the world afire.

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