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News roundup: playoff scenarios, more 22 Under 22, and Ronaldo may be a rapist

Photo Credit: Paul Rudderow


Trusty is number ten on the 22 Under 22 list, this is why.

With a win this weekend, the Union can clinch a playoff spot. Here are the playoff scenarios for six teams.

The U-17s are kicking off the GA Cup qualifiers at home today.

A heartwarming video about how the Union are connecting to the community of Chester.


Coach Burke talks about Bethlehem’s match on Saturday.

In the race for the playoffs, the sixth place Steel’s match against fifth place Indy this weekend has a lot at stake.

Penn FC’s “Menjivar the Midfielder” was key to snapping a four-game losing streak.

The 2018 USL Cup is scheduled for November 8 and will be broadcasted on ESPN2.


Alphonso Davies is the youngest player in MLS history to have at least 10 assists in a single season. The 17-year-old is also the top player on the 22 Under 22 list this year.

MLS Disciplinary Committee fines New England’s Andrew Farrell for being a flopper/bad actor during last Saturday’s match against Toronto.

US Soccer

USWNT beat Mexico 6-0 last night as they began World Cup qualifying.


Juventus is supporting Ronaldo amid rape allegations. Now’s the time to cry, Ronaldo, not after a red card…

Here are 10 things to look out for this weekend in the Premier League.

Don’t worry, we finally have an answer to our burning question, which jerseys have the most different animals on them?


  1. Juve giving lessons on how not to compose public statements. I doubt the original Italian is any better. Good grief.

    Union had better beat Minnesota tomorrow. That is all.

  2. Juventini are just saying hey, OK, maybe he raped somebody ten years ago, but he really has scored a lot of goals since then, right?
    You wanna make tajarin, you gotta break some eggs right?
    E vero?
    I mean, Kobe got an Oscar.

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