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News roundup: Union lose, but gain a striker

Photo credit: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The Union signed Prybylko to a contract this weekend. It’s only through the end of the season, but there’s a team option for 2019, which sounds like exactly what you want for an often-injured striker.

Saturday night wasn’t great.

Local, Quebecois, and national coverage of the 4-1 embarrassment.


Daniel Rios scored in the eleventh minute for North Carolina FC, a lead which Penn FC was never able to overcome.


A goalless draw in Dallas means Columbus only gained a point on the Union this weekend. #SaveTheCrew

Remember when Yura Movsisyan was a big deal? The Chicago Fire picked him up on waivers after RSL released him.

With the Rapids 6-6-15, Anthony Hudson doesn’t feel very popular.

Zlatan scored his 500th career goal. It was appropriately ludicrous.

He also got into an argument with Michael Bradley, which might be exactly what MLS needs.

Houston broke a streak this weekend, too.

Well, at least San Jose achieved something this season.

The Union caught some luck this weekend with DC United drawing against the New York Red Bulls, despite a BWP hat trick.


Sky Blue FC defender Erin Simon has signed with West Ham United.

Tom Sermanni will no longer be head coach of the Orlando Pride.

Calling it now, Australia is going to be a contender next summer in France.

Fan voting is open for season-long awards.

US Soccer

Weston McKennie is fine.

A reminder that the current friendly roster isn’t about today, it’s about the tournaments down the road.

David Moyes is interested in taking the USMNT job.

Pulisic should be back in the BVB lineup for Tuesday’s Champions League game against Brugge.


Tim Howard bought a non-league English club.

Richarlison on going all-in.

N’Golo Kanté on returning to Chelsea after the World Cup.

Ronaldo finally scored for Juventus! As you’d expect it was … a kind of ugly opportunist header off a poor clearance.

In the same game, what was Douglas Costa thinking?

Meanwhile, in the Polish fourth division


  1. It’s very easy to slip into Negadelphia territory after that last match. I’m sure most of us are thinking “I’ve seen this movie before.” The next three MLS fixtures are all more difficult than this past one. It’s not hard to imagine three losses.

    Everything for this club depends on the Open Cup as far as I’m concerned. There is no point pursuing a playoff spot for this team when it’s clearly not ready to go anywhere. It’s open cup or bust.

    Finally, on that loss to Montreal. It’s one thing to fail to crack open a bunker — I’ve watched Liverpool struggle to do the same for a few seasons now — but to also turn around and concede 4 at home…. Yikes. If I’m thinking charitably, it may have something to do with the fact that goal differential is no the tie breaker in MLS. So a loss is a loss no matter if you lose by 1 or 7. But good God. MLS defending is not keeping up with the attacking talent coming in at all.

    • I disagree that we should not be pursuing that playoff spot as hard as possible. I agree the Open Cup should be the priority at this point, but getting to the playoffs is a big deal. Totally different atmosphere that I want our young guys to experience.
      The fact that we gave up 2 goals on corner kick counters is insane. If you watch the last one Herbers doesn’t even attempt to get back even though he’s the second deepest player and was a sub. I’d seriously not play him again this season if I were the coach because that was pathetic.

  2. John O'Donnell Jr says:

    U.S.Open Cup or bust isn’t a strategy i would endorse. The playoffs are a goal that is worthy and a good experience for young players. A winning attitude isn’t created by picking and choosing when to win games. If you want to change the culture of this club, the emphasis should always be on winning. Winning the Cup and missing the playoffs would create no momentum going into next season for me.

    • I would counter that a loss in the Open Cup and a quick exit from the playoffs would do even less for me. A deep playoff run would help me forget another Open Cup loss, but how far do we realistically think this club can get in the playoffs? I’m not saying we should run the Steel out against Seattle and KC, but you need to prioritize the Cup. It’s nice to have platitudes about winning mentalities, but knowing how to manage your squad is how managers win competitions.

      • The Steel face their own challenges, Pete.
        And, remember, there is no option system, unlike baseball. Even if Jim Curtin wanted to borrow Brendan Burke’s team, he cannot.
        Furthermore Rosters in both leagues froze Saturday the 15th.
        You were speaking figuratively, of course, in any case.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    I am trying really hard not to go the “Negadelphia” route… but I think we have all seen this before. We have several difficult league games, they all matter (to a certain degree) and yet another Final sandwiched in the middle.
    Assuming no points at Seattle, which isn’t a guarantee but neither is, at worst, a draw, you then have to modify the lineup against KC at home, so again – any result is possible – to prepare for the Final. You blow it out in the Final and then have to face Columbus at their place 3 days later. Of the next 9 possible league points… I don’t see more than 3 – with 3 draws being possible, but since the Union haven’t drawn much this year – let’s say 1 win and 2 losses. Ideally you want to win vs Columbus and lose against the West. Should all of it shake out this way you will at worst (if my math is right which – who knows) be tied with Montreal but still ahead of DC. So at that point – if you have won the Open Cup – then I’m fine. But to end the month tied for 5th/6th and no Open Cup trophy… really won’t give me much reason to not be negative, going into October.
    But hey… I’ve said it before… prove me wrong Union. Show me 4-1 at home, to a team you should have beat, was just an anomaly. Sigh… It’s never easy with this team 🙂

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