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News Roundup: US Open Cup and World Cup action

Photo by Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

The Union beat the New York Red Bulls in US Open Cup play (again), meaning they will face either Orlando City or DC United in the quarterfinals on July 18th.

Behind the scenes at Anthony Fontana’s YSC Academy graduation.

US Soccer

Landon Donovan has released a statement in response to some of the backlash he’s received for supporting Mexico this World Cup.

Will Parchman thinks he knows who the next USMNT coach will be.


Anthony Precourt has made his first public appeal for support in Austin. #SaveTheCrew

Citing a six game losing streak, Orlando City has parted ways with Head Coach Jason Kreis.

Portland advanced past LA Galaxy in the US Open Cup.

A last minute Croizet goal lifts SKC past Dallas, also in the US Open Cup.



In a game without Mo Salah, Egypt lost to Uruguay off a late header.

Morocco’s own goal means Iran suddenly has something to play for in Group B.

Personally I can’t figure out why people were praising Portugal’s play. Ronaldo was Ronaldo of course, but the rest of the team gave up the lead twice and honestly only managed to get a point thanks to a surprising De Gea gaffe. It was, however, the first actually enjoyable game of the World Cup.


In a surprisingly close contest, France and Australia 2-1 only thanks to a late goal from Paul Pogba.

Maradona isn’t blaming Messi for Argentina’s surprise 1-1 draw against Iceland.

Denmark spoiled Peru’s return to the World Cup, winning 1-0.

They beat Nigeria 2-0, but all is not well in Croatia.


Serbia’s 1-0 win over Costa Rica has put Los Ticos in a perilous position going forward, especially in light of the Switzerland-Brazil result.

In a tremendous upset, Mexico beat Germany 1-0. Fans in Mexico City were so excited their celebrations registered as a small earthquake.

In a second upset of the day, if a draw can be called an upset, Switzerland drew Brazil 1-1. Some felt the ref didn’t do enough to protect Neymar, but Switzerland’s Lichtensteiner doesn’t agree.


  1. Brauhaus Schmitz rocked yesterday. People stood in line to get in and at kick off people were turned away. What a great place to watch a game! Was happy just to pay the $10 that included a beer. Even Curtin came in with his family but think they were in the VIP room….

  2. I have done a historically bad job predicting World Cup fixtures so far…. Unreal. The chances my knockout round bracket will be worth the paper it’s printed on are scant. It is fun to have a competition in which anything can happen, though.

    I can’t drum up any feelings about Landon wanting to cheer for Mexico. I get the desire to preserve football rivalries, and what not, but I can’t work up the requisite disdain for Mexico I’m supposed to have. He shouldn’t have questioned Bocanegra, though. That was a cringe-worthy.

  3. I think if any US player could have developed resentment towards US Soccer and US soccer fans it would be Landon.

  4. I watched that commercial with my son, and immediately said to him “just wait to see all the U.S. fans that will be all butthurt about this.”
    Not hard to predict at all, not like the results of these first round matches.
    I think the typical American response to this is so telling. Anybody ask how Mexican supporters feel about this? I have known a few over the years, and they do not hesitate to tell me about their feelings for Landon. He absolutely KILLED them time and time again. If there’s any player who has the right to put on a Mexico shirt, it’s Landon Donovan. He can do whatever he wants. I really don’t give a shit about Twellman or Bocanegra and their hurt feelings. Landon put up for the U.S. against their most important rival, when it counted. If he wants to cash in now that his playing days are over, for a good laugh as well, he should.

    • Good comments, Osager. I agree. I feel like international football doesn’t need to have the same rivalry culture as club football. It swings to precariously close to jingoism, etc. If people want to root against Mexico, I think that’s fine, but there shouldn’t be a rule that you have to.

      • well, to be fair, sometimes international rivalries are bloody awful, but this is América del Norte and we should be better than that

      • Used to Like Donovan says:

        The issue wasn’t his ad — he did it for the money. It’s his horrible response to Carlos Bocanegra.

      • Landycakes is right says:

        Landon FLAMED him, and he was spot on! Viva la Mexico!!!!!!!

    • I can see, “They’re our arch-rival!”, but I can also see, “The better they do, the better it makes CONCACAF look.” And I think there’s some merit in either position, so I have no trouble with anyone rooting for El Tri. I mean, it was pretty cool seeing them take it to Germany yesterday. And obviously Landon has more stature than anyone.

      But where it starts to get murky is the corporate sponsorship for an ad campaign. And now you have to wonder: is Landon doing this because it’s how he feels?? Or because a company — an utterly disgraced bank, in fact — is paying him major bucks to say it?? Landon released a statement today which effectively says the former. And I suppose I should just take him at his word. But it’s not a great look.

  5. Adam’s piece on discecting the Open Cup with is pretty good.


    When will the round of 8 game be?

  6. John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

    July 18th is a joke. How do you sell the drama of a cup competition when there is over a month between rounds? Someone ought to figure out how to shorten the tournament so someone might want to pick up the television rights. If MLS could figure out how to shut down for a week during the all-star game and have the semi-final played on the Tuesday before and the final on Sunday, it could help market this important tournament. Since it will usually involve MLS teams, they could push it as soccer celebration and make it so it’s only competition is baseball if they pick the right date.

  7. Andy Muenz says:

    Just noticed on the Union website that Walter Bahr passed away today (yesterday by the time anyone reads this since I’m currently on the west coast).

  8. Alicat215 says:

    I’m rooting for Mexico just to piss off every backwards redneck in this country!

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