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Fans’ View: #LeTouxIsHome

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Last August, I wrote this piece.

Before I start, many pieces have been written about Le Toux, which are all great, and I am in no way trying to be uncreative.

Last August I wrote about the season being a struggling one in 2017, and for the Union to really capture the fans, I felt that the Union should sign him and let him play out the rest of his season.

Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

It wasn’t how I had imagined Le Toux’s return, but I am forever grateful that he will be the first player in the Union’s Ring of Honor. Last August I wrote how I believed Le Toux is the greatest player to ever throw on the Union badge. After watching the slow start to this season, and our “big signings” not really paying off, I firmly stand in that argument. I wrote how I would love for him to be the head coach of this team, which I still believe in.

I still remember vividly the home opener in 2013. I remember Le Toux scoring against Kansas City, running to the corner, and then making a big heart with his hands. I remember Le Toux scoring vs. D.C. and doing his flash mob dance. My friends and I would spend hours replicating that dance and then pull it out when we scored a great goal in the backyard.

Through all of the memories, dances, and goals you brought us, we thank you. I am speaking for all Union fans when I say that we would want no one else to represent this team, and what it embodies.

Thank you for making that extra run, putting in the tackle, and leading us to our first (only) home playoff game. We even got rid of you twice, even when the fans didn’t want to.

Last August I wrote about #ComeHomeLeToux, now Union fans are saying #LeTouxIsHome.

To Sebastian Le Toux,

Welcome home.


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