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News roundup: Deadpool, Le Toux, and the female player banned by the men’s PDL

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

Sebastien Le Toux retired yesterday. His one-day stint with the Union was the final one. He choked back tears during the event.

News from:

  • Delaware County Times. Solid retrospective from Matt DeGeorge.
  • Philly.com. It’s always amusing to think of how excited Jonathan Tannenwald gets when he gets to speak French, and it gets him some really good quotes from Le Toux.
  • MLSsoccer.com. Dave Zeitlin nails this one, with links to videos of Le Toux’s best goals.
  • PhiladelphiaUnion.com. PSP alum Adam Cann’s first piece for the website. How fitting for it to be on Le Toux.
  • ProSoccerUSA.

The Union are in action tonight against Columbus. Check out PSP’s preview later this morning, and read Adam Cann’s tactical preview over at PhiladelphiaUnion.com. (Yep, as of today, Adam is a PSP alum. Sniff. Yay. Sniff.)


U.S. Open Cup play kicks into gear tonight with two local semipro clubs fighting to move on in round 1.

  • Reading United FC faces amateur power Christos FC tonight at 7 p.m. at Alvernia Stadium in Reading.
  • Ocean City visits AFC Ann Arbor, a tough road trip for a team at this level.

Penn FC’s Tommy Heinemann is the USL Player of the Week after scoring twice last week to beat Tampa Bay. Bethlehem Steel’s Santi Moar made the Team of the Week. (Random note buried in that link: Did you realize Didier Drogba was still playing in USL?)

This is a cool feature story from Brotherly Game’s always solid Matt Ralph on a Nebraska club that traveled to the Atlantic City/Philly area to play local clubs Atlantic City FC and Bearfight FC.

Some worthwhile reads on USL sides Bethlehem Steel FC and Penn FC:

  • USL league notes, with a look at Bethlehem’s win last week.
  • A brief preview of the both teams’ matches this week, as part of a league roundup of previews. Penn FC plays at Toronto FC II tonight, while Bethlehem will face Charleston on the road Saturday.

Reading United has its own beer. It will be tapped tomorrow night during a coaching Q&A at the Broken Chair Brewery.


A heavy slate of midweek MLS games tonight beyond Philadelphia’s match with Columbus:

  • Atlanta-Kansas City
  • Toronto-Seattle
  • Chicago-Montreal
  • LAFC-Minnesota

Amazing that the league scheduled Atlanta-KC and Toronto-Seattle as midweek games. That first one could be the game of the year.

Deadpool is a Vancouver Whitecaps fan. At least they have that going for them.

D.C. United is reportedly in talks to acquire a washed-up Wayne Rooney, who was good for Everton earlier this year (10 EPL goals through mid-December) but not so much after that (no goals since then).

Enner Valencia could be on his way to MLS as well.

MLS power rankings. The Union are 20th of 23.

Fernando Torres — to Japan and not Chicago?

Andres Iniesta to Australia?

Dallas loan David Ferreira’s son to USL side Tulsa.

Inside one of the biggest transfers in MLS history, Atlanta’s cash splash for a teenager we’d never heard of.

Around the globe

A Canadian women’s national team player cracked the roster of a PDL club, but the league has reportedly blocked her from playing because she is a woman and the PDL is a men’s league. This is the same league in which Reading United and Ocean City play.

The Guardian gets up close with DeAndre Yedlin.


  1. el Pachyderm says:


  2. You guys do amazing work and I’ll continue daily reading.
    That said, I’m not sure we ever had to wait until game day for a preview before. I know you guys are super busy. But I’m wondering if the PSP motivation for writing about games is fading a little too? If true, I totally get it. Way more fun to write about and read about Le Toux.

    Starters rarely change, formation never changes, strategy rarely changes, results rarely change. Except for the occasional player who goes above his usual, it’s typically SSDD.
    You guys a little burned out too?
    How about a where are they now serial, for guys who’ve left MLS? Maybe start with Nogs or Barnetta or Califf.

    • I think day of for a midweek match preview is just fine. For what that’s worth.

      • I agree. No problem noted.
        I was just wondering, since they typically arrive before game day, if my memory serves me well. The PSP guys are fantastic!!

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      The retrospective on the Alumni who should join Le Toux in the group of officially recognized from the past is a good one, Joe.

      • Thanks. The article about Bugeaters playing BearFight caught my eye. I think Califf was/is associated with BearFight. So got me thinking.

    • Dan Walsh says:

      So yeah, that’s a fair question.

      We’ve done it a few times the day of a midweek game. Not often, but we sometimes do it. I recommended it this week, if I recall correctly, though in retrospect, it was probably the wrong call because we had a lighter day on Tuesday and a heavier day today.

      What do you think? Is there a drawback to doing it the day of a game? Does it leave you less time to read it? (I know plenty of readers will see a post go live one day and read it the next day.)

      Let us know what you think. It will influence how we do it.

      (i.e. There’s no point in running a match preview on the day of a midweek game if only half the number of people read it. And sure, I can look at the analytics/metrics to see how many actually read the post and for how long, but I think getting straight answers back from people is better.)

      As for us getting a little burned out, well … everyone here is a volunteer, and that means it’s always a challenge to find free time for it. And we often need breaks. (My ratio of good-to-bad columns is not what it once was, for example.) Fortunately, we have gotten a really good influx of new volunteers over the last year and a half, and hopefully new ones keep coming.

      • Thanks.
        I agree with what Pete noted. For “no hoopla” weekday games it probably doesn’t matter. Day of is just fine. But for big games or weekend games, I like to read a day or two before game day. But that’s just one opinion

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Dan… you’re good to bad ratio will not keep you from HOF.
        First ballot lock.

  3. No, YOU’RE crying. My eyes are just watering from all the pollen. Geez, it sure is easy to forget just how much fun and excitement was there back in years 1 through … well, probably 6-ish, I’d say. Seeing and hearing Seba, reading about the moments, it all comes rushing back. For me, absolute #1 “will never ever ever forget this” Union moment was sitting with ~30,000 people in Lincoln Financial Field and watching absolute magic in the first-ever Union home game. Hat trick from Seba, crazy improbable victory in the game. Everything was coming up roses that day…little did we know that we had peaked.

    • I was there for that match. We went as a 9th birthday present for my older son. That day was so special.

      But the truth is, I feel like it’s hard for me to enjoy the memory now, seeing the trajectory the club has taken. That’s how demoralized I am. And I am a habitual optimist, so for me to feel this way… well, it takes an impressive feat of negative achievement. #SoUnion

  4. “There could be significant changes to both starting elevens”. I see Adam likes to make jokes in his new position with the Union. All kidding aside, the only even possible changes area Fabinho for Gaddis and Picault for Ilsinho

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      I would love it if Fabi is read to go, but I like the chemistry between Ilsinho and Dockal. The thret of that combination is more likely to keep that Columbus outside back at home.

    • John Ling says:

      Burke should get the start up top, because Sapong A) isn’t producing and B) really doesn’t need to play 3 games in 9 days like he usually does. But, of course, we know it won’t happen…

    • Seriously, tho, how is this still a thing? After all these years we ALL know there will be few, if any, changes despite the team playing 3 games in a week that started with a 0-3 drubbing. I really wish these comments were just a running joke, but there is actual truth backed by hard facts and precedence. It’s utterly disappointing.

  5. el Pachyderm says:

    So interesting occurrences in Chicago.
    Cubs owners getting involved.
    New USL team…. watch and wait for it… wait til we hear the news of Chicago Fire moving into downtown Chicago.

    • el P., do you have a link to share? Is there talk of a stadium location? I lived in Chicago for over 8 years. I cannot imagine where they would put a new stadium in downtown Chicago; the land is just far too dear. Unless they were talking about playing in Soldier Field, which one might argue would be a step backwards.

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