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Philadelphia Union sign striker Cory Burke

Photo: Michael Reeves

After collecting 13 goals in two seasons with Bethlehem Steel, Jamaican striker Cory Burke was signed by Philadelphia Union ahead of the 2018 MLS season. Burke, a regular alongside Andre Blake for the Jamaican national team, will occupy an international roster slot.

At 6’3″ and 180 pounds, Burke notched a goal every 226 minutes for Steel last season. He signed with the Union a week before his 26th birthday and will likely compete with Jay Simpson and CJ Sapong for minutes if the Union continue to use a single striker for most matches in 2018.

“We are pleased to sign Cory to our First Team and reward his excellent performance with Bethlehem Steel FC,” said Union Sporting Director Earnie Stewart. “Cory’s success is a testament to the importance of Bethlehem in developing players within our organization. Under Brendan Burke and his staff, Cory has been playing in our system for two years now. We anticipate a successful transition to the Union, and we are looking forward to see Cory take the next step in his career.”

The Union have available international roster slots after Roland Alberg and Giliano Wijnaldum left the team this offseason and a slot the Union traded to Columbus returns to Philly on December 31, 2017.


  1. Aww, poor kid may never see the field again now.
    But seriously, congrats to him though, I’m glad his hard work is paying off. Hopefully he can make an impact.

  2. Congrats to Corey, awesome day for him personally.
    On the other hand I guess we just used a international slot on a guy who will almost never actually play.

    • The international slot is a concern for me, but if he’s already been on the Steel for 2 seasons, isn’t he close to being eligible for a green card through a special permit or something? Didn’t Ilsinho and Fabinho get green cards after about 2 seasons (likely less if I remember correctly)?

  3. If his signing looks bad it is only because Simpson looks like a sucking chest wound at the second striker slot.
    He earned his chance on the first team and hopefully he can contribute some meaningful minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, San Jose sign a striker who scored 17 goals in just one season… and 16 and 26 goals in previous seasons…,_born_1990)
    I’ll admit I have no idea if any of his teams/leagues are great, but at least he has demonstrated production and yet is only 1 year older than Burke

  5. Congrats to Corey, Looks like he deserves it. Hmm… where will he play ? When will he see the field? I guess he’ll be used as a sub since there is no indication that they will stray away from the one man striker system. Sorry, but I have no faith in Curtin using these players in the right way. For example , Alberg was clearly a full fledged striker and could have used him to support sapong but nope they kept him at the # 10 when he never moved on and off the ball and found himself lost in games many many times. Well see what happens but I’m not too excited.

  6. I feel like this probably should have happened last year. He should have had Charlie Davies’ slot on the squad. Glad he got some minutes in Bethlehem, but I wish his scoring rate were a bit better.

  7. its too bad we are forced to play a 4-5-0 formation

    • Not really sure what this comment means. Are you saying CJ isn’t effective as a CF? Or that Burke/Simpson aren’t? Or something else?

  8. santo bevacqua says:

    jamaica at both ends one scores them and one stops them,,,,,,lol the guy plays in the international team that should mean some

  9. I’ll take “Signings That Don’t Move The Needle” for $300 Alex

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