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News Roundup: Happy Holidays from the Union, Kaká retires, Morgan wins CONCACAF award, and Premier League records


Mike Sorber is going to LAFC.

There could be a slight change in the Union’s colors this season. Or it could be a coincidence. Or it could be a leftover prototype from 2010. Only time will tell.

Soccer America named Fafà Picault one of the top left wingers in MLS.

Andre Blake is apparently fairly talented on the xylophone.


Most MLS teams could benefit from more public outreach, but this is more important than just getting a few more fans in the seats. #SaveTheCrew

Even players with extraordinary longevity eventually retire.

Maybe being “Man City B” isn’t as bad a deal as we all thought.

Miami’s expansion bid still doesn’t have a clear path forward.

US Soccer

Fed up with BVB’s performance this season, Pulisic takes it on himself to carry the team.

What seemed to be a homerun-bid for a 2026 US/Mexico/Canada World Cup is now being challenged … by Morocco.

Alex Morgan wins CONCACAF Female Player of the Year.


Philipp Lahm thinks the Ballon d’Or is “just a competition of popularity“.

Man City have won 15 Premier League games in a row, a new record.

Meanwhile Hearts of Midlothian have ended Celtic’s 69 game unbeaten streak in the Premiership. Quite convincingly, too.

Ronaldinho for (Brazilian) Senate.

Lazio fans get revenge on a ref by leaving unfavorable reviews for is cafe on TripAdvisor.


  1. So should we start leaving bad reviews of Mark Geiger on RateMyTeacher.com?

  2. I like the new lighter yellow/gold color. Isn’t it time for a new home kit?

    The Man City B pipeline was part of City Football Group’s original plan with these satellite teams. I thought it was funny when NYCFC fans first got so upset by City holding onto Frank Lampard for longer than they originally promised. I thought to myself, “you guys are going to get some unbelievable talent out of this deal.” I mean, even their manager. You think Patrick Vieira comes anywhere near MLS if not for CFG?

    The question is why can’t we partner up with some first division European powerhouse? Doesn’t have to be a Champion’s League side, either. How about Nantes? I’d be happy to affiliate with a big club and be their little league development team.

    • “The question is why can’t we partner up with some first division European powerhouse?”
      Why would this powerhouse want to partner with the Union? Have they shown anything promising? Has the Union owner shown he’s a marketing genius? Has he even shown he’s competent? Are the Union a powerhouse, good at developing talent, have a good coach? Would you want Jay Sugarman managing your cash/assets/investments?
      Can you answer yes to any of those questions? I certainly can’t. So why would a powerhouse, team up with the Union, when they also have the rest of the league to choose from?

      • I’m thinking bigger picture, All4U. No. Not right now, but if CFG sees the league as good enough to trial $4 million talent and a future manager, the potential is there. I say that in full recognition of the fact that at its core, what frustrates most of us Union fans, is the squandering of potential.

      • Pete, I agree that I’d love the Union to be teamed with another club. I just can’t see why another club would choose the Union. This idea, for me, is in the category of “Why don’t the Union move into the city of Philadelphia?”. That is years if not decades away, if it’s even the Union and Sugarman.

      • All4U, Your calculus of the situation is pretty spot on in my opinion. However, the great unknown variable that you didn’t mention is this: how much is it worth it to a team from Europe to make Sugarman an offer he can’t refuse to purchase the Union outright?
        Maybe gaining a foothold in the 5th largest market would be worth such an investment. Using Pete’s example, what could Nantes potentially gain in jersey and other merchandise sales with a well-executed project? What about driving up TV ratings for their league, which translates into more money long-term?
        Granted, it would be a metric shit-ton of work to foster that sort of loyal fan base. But, if the cost of purchasing the Union is less than the cost of an expansion team – and we already have a stadium and training ground, so no serious capital outlay beyond the purchase price – I can see a case to be made for teams in Europe to start looking at MLS teams.

      • Damnit, All4U, I was trying to be positive. (Oh look? We have a new yellow in the crest!) A little delusion for the holidays. Some alternative facts. You just have to go and throw perspective at me. Now I’m right back to the Cliff of Union Despair. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

        On a serious now, John’s point is a good one and one I had overlooked. Name recognition is a big part of what CFG is looking for with NYCFC, too. There are a lot of US $$$ to be had for clubs with global ambition these days. Nantes is not a great example of a club with global ambition. Was just one I pulled out of a hat (and one we did some business with in the past). Union are in dreadful shape at the moment, but some money and help with players could be pretty beneficial — imagine Sugarman does sell to the Sixers/Palace people and we start a relationship with that club. I for one would throw a parade if Benteke decides to “retire” in Philly. …. Just saying.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        metric shit ton?

      • John Ling, having someone come in and outright buy the Union would be great. I just think the situation is closer to Chivas USA and MLS stepping in to run the team than any other possibility. As entrance fees to MLS keep going up, so does Sugarman’s investment. I don’t think he’d sell for as cheap as you may think. All he really has to do is limp this team along till he gets the right number. He’ll also point to the “however many miles” of Chester waterfront he owns, and the new training facility, and BSFC. These things may not be worth a lot on their own at this point, but there’s a lot of potential for growth (whether or not Jay Sugarman has the capital to make it happen). Sugarman may just overvalue these things more than potential suitors do.
        Sorry Pete! I guess I ended up being the Grinch this year.

      • How many European teams have the money to buy in, and would not invest it directly in better players for themselves?
        And won’t the single entity structure really complicate and slow any such deal’s process?
        The attractions are a foothold in the North American market, and the financial discipline of the operation. You would not hemorrhage money.
        But do any of the clubs yet make a profit? If the answer is not yet, such an investor would be playing a very long game.

  3. John P. O'Donnell Jr says:

    Manchester City is running away with the league. Arsenal sitting fifth is closer to being relegated than it is to top of the table with more than half the season left.

    • United could catch them on paper, but City have been pure magic. A real testament to Pep. He’s not the only guy who gets to spend pretty much anything he wants on a squad, but no one gets his players to play like this. He won’t be happy with just the PL, either. He’ll want to win CL, FA cup and the EFL.

  4. Puulllliisiiiiiicccc!!!

  5. Hey , it is time to offer Pep the USMNT job. Just give him the money. HE likes the USA, particularly NYC where he spent months relaxing between jobs. Saw him watching local soccer in Central Park, Very relaxed and chatty. The worst that could happen is he says no thanks. He is the teacher/organizer we need. The ultimate legacy!

  6. He actually stayed for a year and said he was fascinated by the style and culture of kids in the US. His contract is up in a year and a half.

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