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News roundup: Union, Steel announce 2018 roster moves, Curtin returns, Stewart speaks of consistency

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Philadelphia Union

The Union held their end-of-season press conference yesterday. Link to full-length 50 minute video here. You can also check out the transcript here.

Earnie Stewart made it clear during his opening statement that Head Coach Jim Curtin would be returning in 2018. Stewart noted that he was very pleased to bring Curtin back again. The decision to bring back Curtin reflects the organization’s commitment to continuity for its foundation. More on here and also here.

As expected, filling the no. 10 position is a top priority for the Union.

The younger Academy teams did well this week. The older teams, not so much.


Bethlehem Steel FC announced 2018 roster moves as well.

Two New Jersey Youth Soccer developmental programs have partnered with Philadelphia Union.


After leg 1 resulted in a snooze-fest 0-0 draw, Seattle Sounders beat Vancouver Whitecaps 2-0 with a Clint Dempsey brace. Seattle advances to the next round.

Speaking of which, Seattle’s USL affiliate will move to Tacoma next season, with a Tacoma-focused rebrand expected, in a move that echos what Philadelphia Union have done with their USL affiliate in Bethlehem.

Salt Lake has exercised its purchase option on Jefferson Savarino.

Kyle Beckerman has cut his dreadlocks. If you’re an American soccer fan, you understand why this makes the roundup.

Detroit has nixed the idea of building a soccer-specific stadium for an MLS expansion team.

Around the globe

Joel Lobanzo, a 17-year-old youth player from Royal Antwerp, has died due to cardiac arrest.

Champions League updates: Tottenham and Manchester City Advance.

Europa League updates: Arsenal advance, Everton don’t.

NASL and U.S. Soccer had their court hearing this week on NASL’s revoked Division II status.

Sunil Gulati’s “right hand man” Carlos Cordeiro is running for president of U.S. Soccer. This is how the election works.


  1. Afternoon taking some time to reflect, I still am disappointed. The team takes a good step by cutting some dead weight, but keeps Curtin. I don’t think ES understands that continuity is not the most important thing right now now, the team was a mess,change is needed. Curtin is close minded regarding his lineup, formation and subs and it isn’t not helping this team. We need vision and creativity. This decision cemented my choice to not renew for next year and I officially told my rep to take me off the list and maybe I’ll call get in touch with him next year

    • Also seemed like they were hedging their bets on bringing in a #10, saying that Ilsinho ‘made HUGE progress’ in the position.
      I want to give Ernie a chance this offseason, but he keeps on turning in the wrong direction.
      As for Curtin, it seems like the only way we can get rid of him now is to bring out the coffins again and stage a fan revolt.

    • I’m still not convinced that it is Curtin who is close minded regarding the formation rather than Stewart.

    • The team wasn’t a mess. They were mediocre. Why people expected much more confuses me. The talk on here is like we were the worst team in the league. Do I expect more than last year? Yes. But when we go into the season by replacing Barnetta with an Ilsinho/Alberg combo we should have known we were in trouble.

      • Two more wins than the worst teams in MLS does not get us to mediocre. Mediocre is in the playoffs.
        I agree that we knew we were in trouble in preseason – and ES/JC trying to cover up the fact that we couldn’t get a real #10 does officially make the team a mess.

      • I believe you mean 10 more points not 2 more wins. Only team not in the playoffs with a + goal differential. the team was mediocre compared to MLS this year even if you don’t want to believe it.

      • Ok, 2 wins more than DC, 3 wins more than LA.
        Our home record is probably the only thing that brings us up into the mediocre range. Some of those games at Talen were truly fun to watch this year. It just adds to the frustration….

      • In a league that teams are terrible on the road, the Union took it to 11. Truly awful.

  2. Going to stick to positive (non-Union) topics this morning….

    First, a hand and a tip of the cap to Dempsey. What a guy he is. They don’t make many like him.

    Second, in the Champion’s League, Tottenham’s win at Wembley over Madrid was impressive. But I think the more convincing result on Tuesday was Manchester City’s unravelling of Napoli in Naples. If I’m Unai Emery or Neymar, I’m losing sleep about facing City, of my defenders being overrun by Sterling, Jesus, Aguero, Sane, et. al. City is awesome and resilient in a way this season that they were not last. I can’t wait for their PL match with Arsenal Sunday morning.

    • I’m a Spurs fan, and I agree. Spurs caught Madrid during a bad time with injuries and performance. They deserved the win, but it shouldn’t be overstated.
      Meanwhile, Man City is an absolute steamroller right now. It’s hard to see who will stop them anywhere this year. It could happen, but they look invincible right now.

      • City was clunky last season. never seemed to find the right mix. injuries didn’t help. year 2 with Pep and they’re on fire. loving every minute.

  3. Section 114 (Former) says:

    “Having said that, building to the 2018 roster, obviously one important part of that is the head coach, so I’m very pleased and proud to announce that Jim Curtin will be the head coach in 2018 and we’ll make sure that we keep going in the same direction that we have been going in.”
    Sugarman’s Philadelphia Union — aiming for 11-14-9 for a third consecutive season!

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    I no longer have opinions. Curtin as Curtin does. I will be open minded but not optimistic. I only believe in actions now. Show me or I’m done.

    • It’s a sad day when the technical director and coach stand up at the end of a bad year, and tell everyone that they should expect the next year to be exactly the same.
      “This is who we are. This is who we want to be” can only generate apathy at this point.

  5. OneManWolfpack says:

    Oh… anyone see a report that said Tata Martino was “offered” (I use that loosely cause it’s a rumor) the USMNT job but turned it down? Just throwing some non-Union stuff out there.

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