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Player of the week: Ilsinho

Photo: Paul Rudderow

How pretty of a goal was that?

Seriously, You need to watch it again. I need to watch it again. Everyone needs to watch it again.

Just as pretty as that cheeky flick was what the highlight didn’t show. The sequence wouldn’t have been possible without Ilsinho’s mazy run, attacking the Dallas midfield.

Ilsinho is PSP’s player of the week after having his best game in the blue and gold.

The Brazilian midfielder is capable of truly brilliant moments but rarely do they connect enough to equal a truly brilliant game. Against FC Dallas, they did. His movement was deliberate. His passes were incisive. His touches were that of a magician.

Speaking of touches, Ilsinho picked up his fourth goal of the season on another first-time finish. Remarkably, all four have come from similar volleys. He is creating a highlight reel this season, but that has always been the type of player he is.

Ilsinho demonstrated how effective the Union can be with stellar play from the No. 10.

Now, he just needs to demonstrate consistency.

Honorable mention

C.J. Sapong

It’s not often you score twice and are not the player of the week. Forward C.J. Sapong picked up his 11th and 12th goals of the season, tied for the fourth most in the league.

Jack Elliott

After scoring three goals, the offense was rightly praised. In the shadows, but equally deserving of accolades, is defender Jack Elliott. The rookie continued his stellar form highlighted by smart challenges, a calm head, and excellent distribution.

Christian Pulisic

The U.S. international and Hershey, PA. native scored the first “meaningful” goal in Germany this season, netting the opener against Bayern Munich in the DFL-Supercup. His high pressure forced a turnover from center back Javi Martinez, and he went one-on-one with the goalkeeper. With an “as cool as you’d like” finish, Pulisic slotted the ball by Sven Ulreich. Borussia Dortmund, however, would go on to lose in penalties.

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  1. Andy Muenz says:

    John McCarthy. In addition to a bunch of highlight film saves, there is also the video of him getting kicked where it counts being played over and over due to the VAR.

  2. I went with the young defender. Ilsinho was out of his mind no doubt. Elliott was quietly brilliant. And has a a great way of keeping the game simple.

    • I did too..
      But on another note, watch the replay of the goal and watch CJ hold up just at the right moment to stay onsides and receive the pass..
      The man just needs the right tools on the field to do his thing…

      • pragmatist says:

        I had noticed that, too. That was a completely underappreciated aspect of that goal. It was such an intelligent awareness from CJ. If he had been called offsides, it would have changed the entire tenor of the game.
        Beautiful all around, but great control from CJ.

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