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News roundup: “Philadelfhia” dominates Dallas

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Philadelphia Union


Ilsinho had easily his best game in a Union shirt, carrying the team to a PSPMLS, philly.com, CSNPhilly, and BrotherlyGame.

Post-game quotes. Highlights.

Ilsinho’s talent is undeniable, he just needs to bring it for the full 90.

The road to the playoffs is narrow but not closed. So is it really time to play the kids? The Union are 9th in the PPG standings in the East, but there is very little separating 6 and 10.

A fantastic story on Medunjanin’s journey to the MLS.


Tomas Romero became the youngest GK in USL history to win a match at just 16 years old, as Bethlehem traveled to Ottawa and PSP.

Reading’s Aaron Molloy was named PDL Young Player of the Year.

The Philadelphia Fury are looking for centerbacks.


Recaps and scores of this weekend’s games.

The review at the Union game was the only official VAR use this weekend, although other incidents merited discussion.

David Villa and Bradley Wright-Phillips had a duel, and Villa’s hat trick outdid BWP’s brace.

D.C. United signed Bolivian international forward Bruno Miranda.

Orlando signed Peru international Yoshimar Yotun as a designated player.

Around the globe

The Netherlands won the Women’s European Championship.

Pulisic! scored, but Dortmund fell to Bayern in the German Supercup.

Highlight of the day

Courtois does his best Andre Blake impression to preserve his team’s lead.


  1. What are we to make of this team? Where did this Ilsinho come from? And can he do this more than once per season? And why does this team wilt so much when away from Talen?

    • 1 game is a smaller sample size than the entire season up to this point.

      • They have a +4 goal differential, 3rd in goals against in the east, and a pretty good home record. The 1-7-3 road record is killing them though. Turn that even into a pretty bad 2-4-5 and we are solidly in a playoff spot.

      • Right. They’re 7-2-3 at home. And amazingly only 3 points below the “red line” playoff position. Look, it’s not like the team has a shot of accomplishing much and their position has as much to do with a lot of other teams being terrible, too. But they are going to likely hang around just north of oblivion til the season ends.

    • He had some friends come over from Brazil and wanted to show them what he can do. Union should fly these friends over every game!

  2. Is that pronounced “Phil-uh-delf-heeya”?

  3. The story about Medunjanin was a great read. The part about escaping Bosnia gave me chills. Thanks for linking.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    Fellow pundits, wordsmiths, fans, adversaries in words and the passers through.
    This has been a fun time. I am moving to a different planet. Angst is not one of the emotions necessary on this planet. They play a brand of footy which closely resembles Phineas and Ferb’s, Football X-7… as clouds pass or trees fall- one if they listen closely, can hear the faint whisper… Beautiful Game Here.
    I’ve lobbied and argued vehemently for a Vision, Philosophy and Plan worthy of this great city. We will see in the Great Levening whether all these ingredients, as currently tossed into the footy-bowl will come to create a tasty, light and flavorful dish which represents international and national excellence.
    I am hopeful but have my doubts which is how I argued: reasoned, almost honorably and with passion….either way, after much deliberation these last months and for various reasons, I am done commenting ‘publicly’ on this Philadelphia Union, the Elephant is going to sleep. The defense rests.
    Thank you to the many people who bring this most excellent place into being.

  5. Lumber on to your new place great beast. We hope to see you return in time. God speed. Be well!

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