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News roundup: Hot messes, hot ‘Lando, takeaways, power rankings, more

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Philadelphia Union

The good, bad, and ugly: Kevin Kinkead’s player ratings and analysis.

Maybe it’s time for a shakeup in Chester.

Or maybe, like the Galaxy (who happen to be the Union’s upcoming opponent), the problems run deeper than a coaching change.

Is Richie Marquez receiving interest from Mexico?

C.J. Sapong continues to receive a beating every week without much help from the gents in yellow.


8 takeaways from Week 8.

5 things we learned.

Soccer America’s Power Rankings. Somehow, the Union are not last.

Your league Team of the Week.

Cyle Larin: Pigeon killer. And the defense behind Orlando City’s hot start.

Kellyn Acosta and Carlos Gruezo are bossing the midfield for undefeated FC Dallas.

San Diego is selling soccer to the people.


The Morning Call has a recap of Bethlehem Steel’s 2-0 loss to Orlando City B.

Didier Drogba arrived to Phoenix… and then, much like a Phoenix, Frank Yallop left. The Phoenix Rising manager’s resignation came as a surprise to players and ownership, as well as to those who are both.

We have some drama, folks! FC Cincinnati and Louisville City are up in arms over an alleged bite, of course.

US Soccer

The USMNT ‘keeper pool is currently a hot mess.

The U-17 squad whooped Jamaica 5-0 in a World Cup Qualifier.

Around the globe

DeAndre Yedlin and Newcastle United secured promotion back up to the Premier League.

A lovely, humanizing piece on the soccer refugees threatened by the nation’s potential travel ban.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    For me, Zinedine Zidane is the best player ever even though I never liked Real Madrid- I always enjoyed watching him play in Spain when able. I have to say, the marvel of modern technology allowed me to see an extended feed of the celebration after the Messi goal from along the sideline panned in on Real’s sideline at the end of the game and the expression on Zidane’s face, behind Ronaldo, who is having an absolute fit is one of the most priceless things I’ve ever seen.
    Zidane with his hands in pockets, totally totally bewildered by what just happened.
    In other news, after just 3 games Curt Onalfo was under duress in Los Angeles. THREE games. I’ve been following the hiring of him as a buddy knows him and while I could give a jack-a-lope’s ass about LAG in general I hope for my friend’s friend to succeed. THREE GAMES.
    Our manager is into his THIRD year. Food for thought friends.
    Between this knowledge and John Thorington’s statement in the si.com article regarding LAFC setting the standard for MLS’ unfolding future, Atlanta United obvious resources— what the hell are we supposed to do when Union are still rubbing sticks together for a Fire (pun also intended there)
    – and “just can’t seem to get out of their own way.”

    • Zizouisgod says:

      I’m totally bewildered by the first part of your post.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Someone with a really good phone camera filmed it and posted online- somehow filtered through Twitter. Kinda like TV Mike I think from Willy Wonka…
        …breaks up into a million billion gazillion little pieces then puts itself back together.

  2. el Pachyderm says:

    Boy if the sign of a bad team isn’t the innumerable ways Philadelphia Union have lost games over the years I don’t know what the sign of a bad team would be…
    ….spend 15 seconds on a Hot Take Visual Remembrance Tour over the past seasons: from a botched goalie clearance by the Worst Signing in MLS History, to equalizing late in so many multiple games- only to give up a goal literally within 90 seconds, to missed PKS, then turn down Talen Drive and remember Fabinho’s panicked bicycle kick three weeks ago to David Villa’s bomb two weeks ago to the ever so recent past of scoring 3 goals then somehow.someway. fucking even that up.
    Quite literally still a laughingstock.
    I’m thinking, yet again it is time to convince Jay Sugarman to find new sponsorship.
    Okay…I’m done. thank you.
    Just Play Well.

  3. Adam Schorr says:

    Man, watching the clip of that second goal in Kinkead’s article…it’s really hard to count the number of things they could have done differently, and yet everybody simultaneously chose the wrong option.
    “Ex-Rapids Sam Cronin and Marc Burch led a resolute defensive effort that dealt with 25 crosses and blocked three shots to earn the Loons their first MLS shutout.” Strange – identify a weakness, do something to change it, see change happen. Didn’t require money. Didn’t require anything other than a swap of parts. Et tu, Earnie?

  4. Thanks for posting the refugee story. Very impactful. Someone should actually interview Derrick Jones since he came form Liberia not too long ago.
    Great story about New Castle. Was some game yesterday. Yedlin did not play but seems to have had a lot of impact during the season.

  5. pragmatist says:

    I know that people are skeptical of us buying players, but there are names out there that may be of interest in the summer.
    #1 – Terrance Boyd. Darmstadt are being relegated and he’s coming off an injury. We have had about as much success as the Sixers in getting guys back healthy from injuries…but it could help keep the cost down.
    500K transfer, according to Transfermarket.
    #2 – Aron Johannsson can’t get minutes at Bremen, even when healthy. His 2M transfer fee seems pretty high. But he’d be useful.
    With Americans coming back home when they lose minutes overseas, and with Bruce Arena emphasizing MLS players, this might be the time to strike.
    I might also win the lottery. About the same odds. But I can still dream about both.

    • Keep in mind the “allocation order” and “discovery lists” and all those fun MLS player rules.
      Never as easy as just buying a player.

      • Pragmatist says:

        After years of this, I think we can all agree those things are all just annoyances and not actual blockages to a player.

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