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News roundup: Simpson returns to training, Creavalle on national duty, and more

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

The coaches go back in the film room to discuss the good and the bad of the Orlando game.

Jay Simpson is back to training with the team.

Warren Creavalle has been called up to the Guyana National Team for their game with Martinique.

Raul “Chino” Gonzalez is trialing with the Union and Steel.

Chuck Booth got a chance to talk to Earnie Stewart and says the best is yet to come.

Matthew DeGeorge points out that the Union’s current 10 game MLS regular season skid is the longest in team history.


Harrisburg City Islanders signed 4 more players to fill out their roster.

Reading United is hosting summer camps for kids 6-14.

The Ocean City Nor’easters are holding open tryouts on April 15.


MLS referees are cracking down on dissent. A good point of emphasis, and easily enforceable.

LAFC signed their first player, former #2 overall pick Carlos Alvarez.

Around the globe

The NASL season kicks off tomorrow night.

The USL season also kicks off tomorrow night.

Jozy Altidore is back to being front and center for the USMNT. Stay healthy, Jozy.

The USWNT roster for their April friendlies with Russia has been announced. Of note, Megan Rapinoe is back after her National Anthem kerfuffle, and Julie Johnston is missing the game due to her wedding and honeymoon with Eagles TE Zach Ertz.

Kevin Kinkead is really upset about El Clasico Miami. This is less “article” and more “rant”. I like it.

The rights dispute between Telemundo and Trinidad & Tobago’s FA is getting stranger and nastier.

UEFA Champions League spots for future editions have been determined, with Italy getting their 4th spot back among other changes.

Highlight of the day

Video of every World Cup Winning Goal. Really cool stuff. Lots more information on it here.


  1. Joel Pterosaur says:

    Awesome highlight video; oh goodness I forgot about that haircut…And I’m still pissed at Italy for 2006. UGH. What a goal from Götze though and at only 22 years old. US has a long way to go…

  2. Matt DeGeorge is apparently unaware we cannot conflate the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

  3. Awesome S-America games last night on BEin. The Uruguay – Brazil one was the best. Brazil looked great and are almost qualified for the WC. Chili may not make it to Russia the way they are playing.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Brazil infused with youth…the likes of which Neymar is a senior member of the team now. The only real areas of intrigue will be an aging Marcelo and aged Danny Alves.
      All I know is this three things. Gabriel Jesus, all of 19 years old didn’t even play yesterday and when you can bring on the likes of Phillip Coutinho in the 67th minute— you’re pretty well better than any other nation in the world and Luis Suarez is just an indomitable indomitable force of the game. A typhoon.
      Well at least Bruce Arena seems to think SOMEDAY Christian Pulisic COULD be as good as Landon Donovan and Chris Wondoloski got called back up. Oh my.
      no really, oh my.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        BTW as further case in point over the new old USMNT manager’s inane comment(s)…kudos to Landon Donovan for stating Pulisic is way better than he was at similar ages.

  4. Hilarious!
    Also, Carli Lloyd scored the match winner yesterday for Man City in the Champions League.

    • That video is fantastic.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Love the video. Too bad such sarcasm could never exist amongst the teams that make up the MLS Club. That just wouldn’t be okay.
      Portland and LAG getting a waffle board to the ass in the dean’s office by its overreactive headmaster to make a point.

    • dear god that was savage. so good.
      thanks for Lloyd update as well.

  5. On that Earnie interview — he caught a lot of hate over on the Union subreddit for insisting on old hackneyed terms like blue collar and grit, etc. I understand the frustration, but I really like the vision. As much as I understand the lack of patience, the prospect of being a team that can produce first team talent rather than buy it is something i think that’s more likely to lead to success. In a perfect world, you do both. But if we can be a bit like Tottenham and grow our own Harry Kanes, Danny Roses, Andros Townsends and Ryan Masons (even our own Harry Winks) I’ll be very happy. This is a long term project. I want the team to be competitive as well, but I definitely want to keep in mind and support what Stewart is trying to build. It’s only been a year so far. Important to remember.

    • pragmatist says:

      Last year, there were a few of us proposing that we had to view the team as if it was in its first year as an expansion team. We were pulling out from such a complete and total mess left behind by Sak and Nowak that there was simply no way to turn things around quickly.
      This premise is why I still have patience with this team. Because of the foundations that they have put in place (academy, training grounds, HQ/offices/training center), they have the ingredients to become a solid franchise. But it’s not an overnight process – by design.
      There will be plenty of people tired of waiting. I am running the clock on Curtin, but aside from that position, the organization will have another year or 2 from me before my patience wears out. (Not that they care about my patience, but they have it nonetheless.)

      • I think I’m right there with you, pragmatist. I too am “running the clock” on Curtin. This is his year to prove he can hack it managing this kind of team at this level. He’s gotta earn some points in April and May or I’ll be in favor of moving on.

    • It’s very hard to keep saying it …The “p” word… But I am pleased to see Jones doing well and giving us hope that the vision is growing roots! I have faith in the plan and philosophy.looking through the binoculars… There is good things coming!

      • I agree, my patience overall stays pretty strong as long as it looks like they are moving in the right direction. This means Jones remains playing and some other young guys start seeing the 18 at some point during the year.

      • Absolutely. I’m ok with the idea that we’re not just going to become the best and most exciting team in the league over night.
        They’ve been heading in the right direction for the past year or so for the first time ever really.

    • Is the Union subreddit capable of criticism of the team, much less hate?

  6. el Pachyderm says:

    in other news… a good read.
    As ever, Adam S, thank you for the energy you provide.

  7. Has anyone heard anything official about Ayuk or Aaron Jones?
    They have been listed as being “on loan” since the MLS website changed its roster page to include more information. Newly signed third keeper Jake McGuire is also listed as being “Loaned to: USL”.
    My guess is that Aaron Jones is the year-long loan to BSFC while McGuire is a short term loan until needed as backup for when Blake is away on international duty? Also I guess Ayuk was loaned overseas?

  8. Where is edu? It seems no one asks the question

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