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News roundup: Philly ready for home opener, BSFC sign Nanco, and more

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Philadelphia Union

It’s unclear whose perspective this is, but it appears to be the Union coaching staff discussing what they did well and what they need to improve upon from their game against Vancouver. Highly recommend the read.

Watch Jim Curtin’s weekly press conference here and BrotherlyGame has the transcription. The home site has the biggest takeaways.

Jacob Born examines Giovinco vs. Blake.

Four reasons to watch this weekend’s game. “Because it’s the home opener. Period.” Well said.

If you’re going, check out the official guide.

Derrick Jones could be eligible to play for the United States in U20 World Cup later this year.

Kevin Kinkead with more praise for Derrick Jones and his journey to MLS.


Bethlehem Steel signed Union draft pick Chris Nanco.

Harrisburg City Islanders signed 2015 USL Goalie of the Year Brandon Miller.


All sorts of interesting information in the league’s new roster rules. Maybe of biggest note is that Deshorn Brown did not sign with an MLS team because he only plans to be stateside for a few months.

Do you like power rankings? RSL Soapbox has the ultimate power ranking roundup.

New York Red Bulls signed Norway international Fredrik Gulbrandsen on loan. Looks like it’s just to get some playing time for a player out of favor at another Red Bull club.

Luis Robles is set to break the record for most consecutive MLS games started.

Around the globe

Bruce Arena commented on possible callups to the USMNT.

Stars and Stripes writes the postmortem for the USWNT at the SheBelieves Cup.

CONCACAF and CONMEBOL are in discussions for another dual federation tournament.

Lincoln City FC believe they can take down Arsenal in this weekend’s highly anticipated FA Cup match.

Xabi Alonso announced that he is retiring after this season.

Highlight of the day

Sergi Roberto’s goal to cap off the greatest comeback in Champions League history as called by twelve different announce teams.


  1. The videos and text in that first link are fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Agreed. Great read.
      Also kind of interesting that they are willing divulge that type of information considering how tight-lipped everything has been since ES arrived.
      Could be a bit diversionary to play media games with opponents. Could be straight forward and speak to the idea that they want to play a certain way no matter what and be more of a “here is what we are going to do…try to stop us” type of statement.

    • Was there actually sound for those videos? I was unable to hear anything.

  2. Thanks for picking up the proverbial ball and running with it, Adam. I missed these daily roundups while things were getting sorted out behind the scenes at PSP. It’s been great seeing them return, and I’m enjoying watching you grow in the role as your “voice” shows through more and more.
    Kudos, good sir. Good work!

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    Came across The Film Room yesterday too and thought, alright alright…now we’re getting somewhere.
    Personally between that education and the weekly game Treaties of Adam Cann… you have only yourself to blame when it comes to increasing levels of understanding and digging in the dirt.
    Keep up the emerging excellence…..From a new Sporting Director to young self effacing coach to Richie Graham and Union Youth to the local clubs believing in this process and not being sour (certain clubs excluded I’m sure) to the home opener and the bridge that spans the stadium beautifully, to the campus that is a vision, and the training complex and the Academy products and Steel and the YSC Academy High School and my vision for a similar inner city open free play Futsal warehouse like the Adidas sponsored Base for LAFC, and this goddamn killer PSP home page to write and vent and cover this team and and and…..This is what we are chasing here in UnionLand, yes? Say it with me….
    – Vision. Philosophy. Plan.

  4. So watching the video from Curtin’s press conference, he’s talking about Toronto’s defense and Drew Moore. He drops a little throw away comment about trying to get Moore in free agency. Wait, what? I appreciate that we have soccer writers, but how do none of them follow up on this? Maybe I missed a report somewhere when it happened, but to the best of my recollection, there wasn’t one. If this were the Eagles, we would have had 20 different questions by reporters. Instead we get Jim being asked about the MLS player survey.,..WTF?

    • Tough questions are few and far between. I think it’s part of the fact that the whole operation — club and media covering it — are really small. I think you can ask tough questions without being adversarial. And, to be fair, I’ve heard tough questions from Kinkead and Tannenwald that come to mind (May be others, but I don’t remember). But if I were in that media contgent, I’d be asking about that comment. I’d be asking as well about Alberg. Just always pushing the coach to explain himself. Maybe those questions will come as the season progresses.

      • Is it really a tough question though? Hardly in my opinion. It just speaks to lack of quality reporting. They did ask about Alberg, and Jim looked like he was constipated when answering with the party line of he’s talented and can score goals and is working his way into fitness as if he hasn’t been working his way into fitness for a year.

      • How many reporters covering the Union are full time? And if they’re full time reporters, how many of them are full time Union writers? My guess is 0. I agree with the criticism, but I understand why things are the way they are. Quality reporting rarely if ever comes from press conferences anyway.

      • I’m not a reporter, and that was my first thought. That’s basic. Maybe I expect too much. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Adam Schorr says:

      Moor was a free agent after the 2015 season, not the 2016 season. My guess is that they didn’t follow up because the news is a year old and he was signed during the Earnie transition period, and, I could be wrong and can’t find anything with a quick search, but I do believe it was reported that the Union were interested and articles about the signing indicated he had “multiple suitors”.

    • What follow up were you looking for? Doesn’t seem like there is much to say. They were intereted, Moor choose elsewhere.

      I’m sure we are interested in a dozen signings every year that dont work out.

      • Maybe how far the conversations got. Was there real interest from Moore’s camp? Was the money offered not enough? Had the Union projected him as a starter? You really don’t think there’s much to say? There’s plenty of questions if one uses their brain. Maybe that’s too much to ask for some.

      • Was Moore your first target or was Anderson? Was Anderson a contingency plan? Was Moore offered DP money? All these questions would add extra pieces to the puzzle of Curtin and Co. In a league where there are calls for more transparency, an opportunity was missed here.

      • I guess those are possible questions, but all seem really moot for a year-past FA fling. Honestly none of those are interesting, and if we expected to hear them for every single signing target we’d have I’d stop tuning in.

      • I guess we find different things interesting then. Not surprised.

  5. Union have their 3rd keeper now.

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