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Philadelphia Union add depth at right back, select Aaron Jones 33rd overall in 2017 MLS SuperDraft

Photo: Independentmail.com

Philadelphia Union chose Clemson right back Aaron Jones with the 33rd overall draft pick in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft.

Jones played two years at Clemson after transferring from Georgia State University, and was on the losing end of the 2015 MLS College Cup final. The aggressive right back collected four goals and seven assists in 39 appearances for the Tigers.

Jones will compete with Ray Gaddis to back up locked-in starter Keegan Rosenberry in 2016, and like 25th overall draft pick Marcus Epps he will likely spend copious development time with Bethlehem Steel FC.

Find a nice interview with Jones here.


  1. Old Soccer Coach says:

    He will compete with YSC Academy senior Mark McKenzie if he’s getting his minutes opportunities with the Steel.

  2. Old Soccer Coach says:

    2018 allocation money. (I forget which of the two kinds and Adam does not say, above.)
    Very concretely NOT 2017.
    Reinforces the point that they are up to something, or some things, that is going to take all the 2017 money they’ve got.
    “Controlling midfielder” comes to mind.
    Might the comment that an experienced center back addition would need some things to happen to the roster [forgive my not remembering the quote verbatim, please?]mean they would have to clear salary cap space because they are using what they have for the controlling midfielder?
    Yes, I’m talking about the Union. No, I have not been drinking.
    probably all of you will figure out why this idea that has just popped into my head is nuts. That’s the beauty of this page. Collective wisdom advanced by the pooled wisdom of its individuals.

    • I always appreciate your commentary, OSC. It seems like bringing in even one significant target would require at least one or two outgoing moves. I expect ES is willing to consider quite a few outgoing options for the coveted incoming player(s).

    • i hope your instincts on this are real

  3. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Clearly both of these draft picks are “best talent available who fit with the club” rather than positional needs for 2017.

  4. That goal just before the penalty was absolutely filthy. I love that Jones brings restart danger with him!

  5. Wow, I’m impressed. Looks like he has all the offensive skill of Keegan. Maybe even better. Seems to read the game well. Only thing I couldn’t tell is if he has any real speed. If he is as fast as Keegan then he could be a real threat to start by the end of the season.

  6. The Little Fish says:

    Now THOSE are some sweet highlights. Kid’s got some quality…!!!

  7. I Am Citizen Insane says:

    In parallel soccer universe headline~ Union sign RB Colton Storm…. wait aminute~ rewind.

  8. I know that he played right back at Clemson, but given his attacking prowess, I wonder if the Union are thinking of making him a midfielder or winger.

    Great free kicks, BTW.

    • his offensive video resume is better than his defensive video resume. Watched one of the combine games and wasn’t too impressed defensively. Granted, one game and not very coached at that, but I’d be ok with him as a rm.

      But, yes, free kicks are very impressive.

  9. Looks like a midfielder to me. Great free kick ability, that’s for sure.

  10. English player, so I’m assuming an international spot is needed

    • azogD'filer says:

      He’s English? Where did you get that?

      If so, is that a problem? I think Jay Simpson just took the last one so there must be a trade going on in the background, unless I’m missing something.

  11. This signals to me that Ray Gaddis is liable to become trade bait.

      • I think its safe to say they are trying to move Gaddis. Probably trying to unload Tribbet too.

      • For sure, given they already have cheaper/better options. I hope Gaddis finds somewhere to get playing time and that the Union doesn’t screw up another young player’s development by playing him out of position season-after-season.
        I think Tribbett should stay on. He’s cheap enough and can still develop at Steel FC.

    • Section 114 (former) says:

      Thank you Ray for everything. A total class act!

  12. This is deja vue all over again. the Sixers keep drafting centers ” best available “.the Union is stock piling Rt. backs.

  13. azogD'filer says:

    Speaking of Backs and 1v1 defense, here are some clips of Wijnaldum on D.

  14. That’s a really great highlight reel.

  15. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Might need Jones if Rosenberry earns a spot with USMNT.
    Not sure why it took me so long to think of that. Sorry.

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