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Readers poll: Should Jim Curtin return as Union manager?

Photo: Earl Gardner

Should Jim Curtin return as Philadelphia Union manager?

In two and a half seasons, Curtin has led the Union to two U.S. Open Cup finals and one playoff appearance, the team’s second ever, and had the team in first place at the Copa America break about midway through this year. He is the all-time leader in wins by a Union head coach.

Some defend the local product and believe he should be given another year to see what he can do with a front office that, led by sporting director Earnie Stewart, finally seems stable.

However, a vocal segment of Union fans has been outspoken that Curtin should be fired. The Union’s team’s 2016 playoff appearance also came with a sub-.500 record, an eight-game winless streak to close the year, and criticism that his team collapsed in part due to failed managerial leadership.

What do you think?

Vote in the poll below, and share your comments in the space below. The poll will stay open for a week and will be the first of a series of polls PSP runs this offseason.

Jim Curtin: Career coaching record

2014: 7-5-6 (6th place, East; runner-up, U.S. Open Cup)

2015: 10-17-7 (9th place, East; runner-up, U.S. Open Cup)

2016: 11-14-9 (6th place, East; knocked out of MLS playoffs first round)

Total: 28-36-22

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  1. My heart says NO my head says YES.

    As much as I saw a manger this season who did not improve, who did not learn, who did not adjust. As much as I hated the fact he had no plan b and TROTTED OUT THE SAME CRAP FOR TEN STRAIGHT GAMES. As much as it felt like he was helpless to do ANYTHING to change our fortunes.

    I still feel there is value in a young team, still freshly implementing a long term philosophy from the ground up, to maintain consistency and keep a well liked coach for another year at least. Let Earnie wheel and deal and let the organization continue to refine the pipeline while we have stability at the top. Atleast for one more year.

    • Nailed it. Agree 100%.

    • +1. The issue isn’t whether Curtin has flaws; he certainly does. But so do the large majority of coaches. The question is whether we are likely to get someone better, and if so, how much better, and if so, is it really worth the discontinuity of the firing. The majority of managerial firings are just scapegoating.

      • Phil in Wilmington says:

        True, and if we didn’t have a competent and dedicated AD, I would agree with the notion of keeping JC around for not being able to find anyone better. I think that now that we have someone in the front office who can find that better manager, we should demand as much. The investment in that will only make our younger players better.

        The amount of youth on this team is EXACTLY why we need a different man at the helm in training and on match day. While I’m not seeing training sessions, I’ve seen the end product of what JC is teaching, both before and after VN left, and it’s damning. I’m willing to side with those that say the Union was good when VN was here, and even though you lose your engine room, a decent manager should be able to stop the free-fall somehow at least a little bit. JC was unable to do that. TB and VN and to an extent AB are all players that are gonna do what they do–the quality they bring to the side is mainly a product of their past development. The ceiling for our current back 4 and GK is quite high, but only if they continue to grow as players. Reps of the current approach will not cut it in this league–other teams have them figured out now and unless they evolve they will be decimated next season. I do not believe JC has the vision or ability to implement a vision that will evolve these guys forward.

        I appreciate all he’s done to transition these guys our of the Sak ages, but it’s time we thank him for his service and move on to the next step.

    • Thank you for stating the rational argument clearly when, conflicted like you, I was about to drop the ‘very definition of insanity’ quote.

  2. Before answering this, my question is if you fire him for whatever reason, who do you have lined up to replace him?

    • Question 1a: Would you be ok with a young Dutch coach from Earnies past, or do you solely want to stick with an American?

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Under this circumstance of young hungry foreign coaching — we move on IMO without question.

      • Why does the Dutch coach need to be young? I don’t want to bring someone who has never been a manager at the professional level trying to learn while in a new country in a league with bizarre rules. Sure, Albright and Stewart would help the transition, but foreign managers in MLS have not done well historically.

      • Young is relative… Likely unsettled with family and school aged kids… youngish.
        … a stipulation that really doesn’t matter just threw it in the comment.

      • I should clarify that I would want someone with managerial experience. His (or her) country of origin is secondary to me.

    • http://www.transfermarkt.com/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik

      Pages and pages of available managers. If someone can recover Sak’s iPhone which was blowing up during the last worldwide search I’m quite positive a suitable list of candidates could be cobbled together.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    I’ve seen enough. But do not want an MLS retread coach either.
    The guy lost the engine to his car this season…. pretty hard to drive without four stroke top dead center.
    And only because of this caveat am I willing to concede the possible necessity to give the guy another chance. .
    When Noguiera was in the wheel house the team resembled an aesthetic I can appreciate which makes me think there is an outside chance this manager can bring aesthetic over wins… and build a team that plays well and maybe ultimately a team that can win.

  4. So you have a team that has made the playoffs twice in their history. The first time you had to fire the coach midway through the next season because he went berserk and had as much desire to have another winning season as Bloom and Bialystock wanted Springtime for Hitler to succeed.
    What kind of stability would it show if you fired the manager the second time too?

    • James Lockerbie says:

      Here’s another angle. Can we stop the cycle ? Philadelphia organizations seem to have a habit of prematurely departing from potential talent. The future star player, manager, or GM leaves only to lead their new club to a championship title !


      Let’s give Jim Curtin a chance to learn his craft and grow into his role as an MLS manager. Terry Francona maybe headed to Cooperstown, wouldn’t we want Jim Curtin to enter Frisco Texas U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame under the Union Flag !

    • Yes yes, both to you and to James Lockerbie’s comment above. Plus, you get 1000 bonus points for the awesome Mel Brooks analogy.

    • Do you think soccer managers think there’s stability? That’s a thing? Most managers overseas would be surprised to be retained for this level of mediocrity. It means there are NO expectations for success. There is NO accountability. There are NO consequences for failure. Stability?
      We’re way too stable.

      • Just because Europe does it a certain way doesn’t mean their way is better. I’m not saying either way with this particular item, but I wish that that argument would go away. European soccer has lots of issues itself.

      • Where was Europe mentioned? This is a world view, except in Chester, for some unknown reason. Where stability in mediocrity is more important than change and upheaval in an attempt to get better.

      • Major league should not be place for learning period.

      • Um…….Europe does do it better…..they have been perfecting this for a 100 years….we started taking it seriously about 20-25 years ago. They are ahead of us…..that argument will never go away! Every sport in every country is going to have its pros and cons….it’s good things….and bad things. Only in MLS to we play patty cakes with personnel…….inept managers get passes, 24 year old “rookies” are given time to develop…….anywhere else they would be in the 5th tier by now….or unemployed. The way we coddle and give time to players and gaffers is a complete joke!

      • Eh, how many players are missed because of this. Stability can be a great thing in sports. It can also get stale. Obviously every situation is different, but acting like everything we do is wrong is silly. So is comparing us with “Europe” when we really mean the top few teams in the world which our league is no where near. It really all just come down to money and MLS has nothing compared to everywhere else.

      • You say stability, I say competition. Is not competition, in sport…let’s not get political, a good thing? I never said we do everything wrong…..a lot, yes…..everything, no. But my 100 year head start also includes capital. I find it ironic that Europe uses survival of the fittest in sports more than we do…….

      • an enormous manifesto could be written on free market republics with socialized professional sports while socialized markets allow for free enterprise professional sport.
        If having a real league meant sharing health care with everybody then…. I’m all in.
        and yes, now I also accept someone’s retort of…’just move away then.’

      • When I wrote my comment I was actually thinking of Toronto who had 8 managers (6 non interim) in 8 seasons but didn’t get good until they stopped changing managers every year and started investing in players.

      • Yeah. When I was arguing above I was definitely going with a little devil’s advocate on the stability side. But I guess it boils down to stability works in some situations and changing quickly works in some situations. I guess it comes down to what Earnie thinks is best as he has the most info and knowledge on it. I guess I lean towards Curtin to stay but I’m not going to be heartbroken if he leaves.

  5. I’m not sure if Curtin is the right manager or not, but I don’t think that we should just change managers for the sake of change (I voted “yes” in the poll). He has shown a willingness to play younger players which carries a lot of risk and if his job was truly in jeopardy with Stewart, I don’t think that he would have been so willing to do so.

    All that said, I’m fine with whatever Stewart decides to do with him.

  6. If I can upgrade the manager spot, then I upgrade it. But I don’t fire Curtin unless I have someone special (aka too good to pass up) lined up to replace him.

    • +1
      I wrote an article last year on this exact topic, and am happy to see this poll still in his favor a year later. Just like anything, if there’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up, you can pull the trigger, but I don’t see coaching as an issue here. Fix the roster and give him some better depth options to work with.

    • I’d love to see Sigi come in and take things over. I think between him and Stewart we could really get some things done behind the scenes to set us up on the field. Sigi was able to bring in both Martins and Dempsey among others, that’s something we could use right now.

  7. I said yes but if it went the other way I’d be okay with it. I like Jim Curtin. I hope he succeeds. I trust Earnie’s judgment, whatever choice he makes I’m in for 2017

  8. The ONLY person I would consider replacing Jim with would be Robin Fraser. Foreign coaches rarely work in MLS. Fraser is probably the most talented and tested available coach.
    Regardless, I think Jim should be given another offseason. 2016 exceeded our expectations and, despite some questionable decisions, I think he should be given more time. Anything less than a strong start in 2017 should be grounds for firing him.

    • Mike Petke? (I voted to keep Curtin for another season, BTW. But I would certainly consider Petke as good of an option as Fraser, if not better.)

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Isn’t Pete with Rd Bulls in some other capacity?

      • Petke is now New Jersey Youth Soccer’s Director of Coaching for the Olympic Development Program (ODP) and Player Development.

      • ODP? They get the what’s left after the academies take the best…….ODP is nothing what it used to be………he’s wasting his time………that’s a shocker to me that he’d take that far a step back………

  9. I’ve seen enough to know, I’ve seen enough. All I can honestly say about Curtain is that his players seem to like him. Ok. And he plays young players. Well ok. So 2 +’s. He can’t match up tactically with other coaches. He does not make tactical changes at half time or almost any time for that matter. He doesn’t make swift substitutions, sometimes not using all of them. He does not recognize when he needs to sit a player. Two seasons in a row he has chosen to let player play through their funks. 0 for 2 Jimmy boy is. He doesn’t rest players. This is a big one for me. Multiple players this season needed a break or to play less. They didn’t. The team had a two month slide. Continually doing something that doesn’t work and expecting it too, is insanity. Or at the very least negligence.
    The idea of continuity…so you want to continuously have a defensive minded coach with one of the worst defenses in the league with virtually the same problems (man-making set pieces, inability to hold an off-side line, failing to close out games) as the year before. HUH? Continuity what?
    So what DOES Curtain really bring? Being buddies with his players? Yeah, that’s not worth his paycheck. Sorry, it’s not.

    • I agree with most of what you say here, but can we please spell the man’s name correctly. I am not sure why this bothers me so much, but it does.

      • I swear sometimes I’m dyslexic(yeah checked the spelling twice). So sorry! It’d probably bother the hell out of me too. Thank you for pointing out my blindness. No excuse.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Spell checkers sometimes insist they know better what you mean to say than you do. And at times they are too stupid to recognize proper English grammar.
        But no one is screaming from the top of Mt. Everest – much! 😉

  10. Hey there Dan..
    I’ve been in pretty heavy discussion with a non PSP poster about some issues (Union, MLS, US Soccer) and one that keeps popping up is the number of people who post here and how many games they attend a season.
    Wondering if you would ever consider posting an article or poll that addresses this.
    season ticket holder.
    more than 8 games
    5-8 games
    once or twice a season.
    not at all.
    not sure it really matters but thought it would be fun to see.

    • James Lockerbie says:

      Don’t forget Television! Several factors go into why someone may or may not attend games. If the reader can not attend a game does he/she tune into the broadcast ?

    • I would add the question……are you an ex season ticket holder who was tired of paying for a BS product on the pitch……..

      • Hey, this is me! Except I was also tired of paying for a game day experience that I found to be very poor that went beyond just the product on the field.

      • el Pachyderm says:


      • Me too

      • I have more fun watching the academy!

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        You should write up your observations, please. More info about who plays, where, and how well is always welcome.

      • I will consider it OSC………

      • same here. i do miss getting down to Chester for every game. but i couldn’t justify it and casual fans and family i’d bring grew disinterested with it.

        i did 6 this season. 3 steel and 1 NWSL so that’s not bad.

        i really wanted to close out these last two matches at home and attend a home playoff but it was obvious where the train was going. having to renew season tickets would’ve killed me.

        i like where i am at the moment. still want to attend. still watch every match, regardless on TV or in person. i lost TCN on my cable package so i’ll be forced out of the house a few more times.

        next season i’ll go to at least 2 ATL United matches. hoping they host Union 2x, once in GT’s home and again in mercedes benz. regardless i’ll be going to union away.

      • Section 114(formerly) says:

        That’s me. Seasons 1-3.

        Have been to 2-3 games/year since.

      • Me too……3 seasons in 114 actually, row G to be precise….right along the isle. Still watch every one of them and try to get down to 1 or 2 matches. There were some funny people in 114…….that’s what I miss, the banter in that section would make you spit out your beer…….

    • We could potentially run a poll like that. What’s the rationale behind it, insofar as it relates to this? Or is it just general interest, unrelated to this poll?

      We’re planning a few polls for the off-season.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Well it’s complicated.
        One part is curiosity.
        Another part though…. is Ive been told I’m not a supporter cause I do not attend games and am therefore part of the problem instead of part of the solution… have explained that I do occasionally attend games and that I support locally, the Union all the while fighting against the MLS nationally and its policy of exclusion… and that in no way am I part of the problem. MLS and it’s attendance issues… which do exist despite the narrative they are improving — are of their own making. “If people like me just started supporting the league things would be better” while I rebut that we are not required to support a league only the club/franchise.
        Which has led to discussions about the usual suspects who post here and how many of them actually attend games and how often if at all.

      • I may attend a game a year if I’m lucky. And if your discussion partner thinks I’m not a supporter, then you can tell them, from me, to go F**k themselves. Thanks!

      • James Lockerbie says:

        Bingo !

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I understand and do not want this turn into a food fight.
        There are always mitigating circumstances and context to everything…. the question to Dan really proves nothing other than exploring facets of the diamond.

      • I agree it sounds like an interesting poll. I’d like to see the diverse nature of the Union supporters. But the premise of your talking partner is ludicrous and I give you credit if you actually kept talking to said person after said comment.

      • How I read this exchange

        Dan – “Why do you want this poll?”

        Pachy – “Well, it’s complicated…well, not really, I just want to settle an argument that I’ve been having with others.”

        Too funny.

      • there in lies the nuance.

      • A busy summer schedule kept out of Talen this season. I only missed about 3 or 4 games on the tube. I’ve taken my kids to two autograph events, bought a Union T shirt, etc. I think my supporters credentials make me more than a “casual fan.”

      • I’m a three year, four seat, full season ticket holder.
        This idea that you have to meet some sort of financial or behavioral “qualification” in order to be a “supporter” is a PATHETIC artificial credibility crutch some use to boost their supposed “status” around other fans.
        EP’s little tidbit is the tip of an iceberg topic for me.

      • John P O'Donnell says:

        I was a season ticket holder for the first four years until my work situation changed and Saturday was no longer an option. I still find a way to Sunday & some midweek games if possible. I also still find a way to watch every game and have MLS live. I also in no way think anybody is aloud to define what a fan is. Do what you want and hopefully enjoy it.

      • What might be more interesting is the correlation between games attended and frequency of posting here.
        I’d have to go back and check through all the seasons but I’ve missed somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 total home games over 7 seasons including open cup and friendlies. I’ve also attended the last 2 open cup road games (New England and New York) so I have a pretty good attendance record. I’ve also only missed one or two TV broadcasts since I tape the home games and watch them to see some of what I missed at the park. (Last Friday I finally got to watch the last home game on TV…it wasn’t any better on TV than it was live).

    • Atomic Spartan says:

      Founding STH, habitual redooper, and have streamed Open Cup games when I’m on the road. Call me OCD and this is my obsession. Pachy, your status and that of those like you may be a distinction without a difference. You are obviously a fan and a great contributor to the dialogue that needs to happen, if only to allow you to vent your righteous anger after another shit show. It’s healthier than taking up arms.
      IMO no true fan should be measured by their constancy or their ability to attend; In my section there are some real a-holes who should really give it a rest until they grow up or learn the game. If we must be measured at all, let it be by the quality of our commentary and our passion for the beautiful game.
      Supporter? Cynic? Skeptic? Fanatic? Who really gives a rat’s ass?

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      Perhaps a distinction between season ticket holder and season ticket attendee [I am sure the. Liam is my row is sold out, but it was Rare this season that that we had neighbors in the seats right next to us.
      In fact, perhaps that category should be re-phrased because you are assuming that if you hold the tickets you attend the games. I know two seasons ago our immediate neighbors to my right still held their tickets but were in the seats only once, for the EPL exhibition game. What arrangements they may have had to watch from elsewhere in the stadium I have no idea.

  11. Hell No! I’ve seen more tactical nuance from freaking high school coaches!

  12. If they do replace Curtin, they need to it sooner than later so whoever they bring in has the full off-season to work with the team.

  13. Normally I would be all for stability and improving what we have and I tend to lean that way with our players as well. But right now with what I saw out of the season. The improvement on the team did not have to do with Curtin at all and as a manager he did not improve thus I think he should be fired. Although I don’t want to flat out fire him I want to move him to an assistant role and see if he is willing to stay on and learn to take over in the future.

  14. Short answer: no
    Long answer: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Old Soccer Coach says:

    No further insights have come beyond what I have already said ad nauseam.
    One more year.

    • I think we should retain him, but I agree that one more year should be enough to determine if he’s the right guy to lead the team. I don’t even mean that we have to get a trophy, or some other arbitrary standard — I mean we have to see growth as a coach, along with good results in some capacity.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        We have to play well.
        I watched chunks of the Seattle Dallas game last night and aside from the times head scratchingly I saw players dribbling out of bounds… the quality of play and aesthetic was appealing
        The Union resorted to playing a god awful brand of route 1 game that is simply and totally 100% completely unacceptable when the stadards among some teams are far far higher. This is it solely attributed to player talent.
        What needs to evaluated further is whether he is capable of managing such a team… in a style/philosophy the SD has said is being guided by JC.

  16. The “who will replace him” and “we made 13th! Rejoice and celebrate the accomplishment” is such a tired defense of mediocrity.
    RBNY won the SHIELD and fired their coach. They had an SD with a plan. They seem to be doing ok.
    When players are let go, we say “oh its a business that happens”, even for club faves like Seba. So why all this BS hand wringing for the coach cause he’s a nice guy? Hackworth seemed perfectly nice. If he was my neighbor I’d let him borrow the mower. What I don’t want is him to coach my club. Same with Jim, who has an identical points per game record. Take the mower, leave the team.

    • This. Too much defending the indefensible here. The Union were basically the worst team in the MLS in the second half and took an unfathomable 2 points from their last 8 games. I don’t care what injuries or talent deficiencies you have, that’s a coach who is simply unable to make the moves, adjustments, or changes necessary to be an MLS-level coach. Put one of us in charge, we actually can’t do worse than that.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Erudite. Spot on scottymac.

      • Stayed at a Holida…never mind

      • Wow,I laughed out loud at that one. Love all the banter! Coach can go. I agree he has had some tough things happen that contributed to the late slide. If Big Earn has faith in the guy, I’m ok with that to.. I’m. 6 year STH. I miss 2 or 3 a season. Family stuff. DVR the missed ones. I was at a Motel 6 so if this post makes no sense…

      • Yeah, that got coffee spew. LOL!

    • I mostly agree with this. But I think Curtis fired Petke because they had already IDed Marsch as a better coach and moved on it. If Stewart has an opportunity to bring in a better coach, it’s the same as IDing a better center back. If you can improve the team, you go for it. I don’t think — by MLS standards in particular (which are admittedly fairly low) — that Curtin deserves to be fired based on his record. But no one is above replacement.

      In general, I like Jim a lot. I’d hate to see him leave, but I wouldn’t consider it an outrage if the club replaced him. Assuming, of course, his replacement is a step up.

    • My stance on Curtin is cracking.
      I have used the very same sound, unemotional stance on several players here. (Casey, Cruz….MCCARTHY!!!)
      I need to apply it to the coach as well.
      I just can’t get far off the point that I don’t think JC really had a lot of viable options in the second half…But he had a few more than last year to be sure. .
      IMO none of us are really privvy to what happens in training during the week and how that affects the decisions we see leading into and during the games on the weekends. It’s almost a silly exercise for us to assume we know what SHOULD have happened based only on what little we see as fans. (But, that’s IS part of the fun of being a fan, I understand.)
      I know I would have liked to have seen almost anything happen with the striker spot after June just to shake things up. I think I would have liked to see some Trusty and Jones.

    • If you can find the audio of the “town hall meeting” RBNY had after they fired Petke, its priceless. They had an open mic with the supporters chiming in their thoughts. MLS website had the link up when it happened. Seemed like the academies and youth development played a huge part in that dismissal.

  17. Gone. Replace him with Ian McIntyre up at Syracuse.
    He knows how to build a program. He knows how to win. He knows how to bring the best out of young players. And he knows our academy based on the number of local kids he has recruited over the past several seasons. Oh and his team’s play exciting, up tempo football.

  18. Yes, and it should not even be in question. He made the playoffs without Edu and Nogiuera and got to 2 cup finals in 3 years. Steady improvement means stay the course, which the readers of the poll seem to agree with.

    • Well, it is obviously a question if half the PSP readers want him out….isn’t it? PSP readers are generally some of the most ardent Union supporters……and if half of those polled want him out…..that doesn’t bode well for any club…..or gaffer!

      • When did 33% become half? I guess that’s the new math.

      • Well smart guy, if you looked at the time of my post….roughly 2 pm……..it was in the mid 40’s. So, while you tried to be funny……now you just come off like a tool. And if you have actually done any survey analysis in your life……you could easily put don’t know and fire him together……that’s roughly 91 people out of 217…….now we are n the 40’s again. I could also make the smart ass comment that most of the 217 people polled don’t know what the hell they are talking about!

      • I’d say the guy who made the post at 2:00 and 40 something responses looks a bit more like a tool.
        And now that the results didn’t come out in a way that supported your opinion, it’s not only flawed (Where was that at 40 something responses?), but most of the “ardent supporters” answering must not know what they’re talking about.
        “Ass”? Yes. “Smart”? Let’s have another poll!
        This is gold.

      • Not at all boy, 33% and the 11% undecided doesn’t bode well for any club…….and you are exactly the type of poster I’m talking about! I read your posts……you don’t know $hit! The shed called me a tool……love it! I’ll bet money I played at a higher level than you!

      • Wait, you are saying the other guy is the tool? Huh? And what’s up with all the ….?

      • Maybe let’s wait until the voting is actually closed to see what this rather unscientific poll (not a criticism, I understand it’s just what we’ve got in the system) has to say.

      • I agree, and like you said….it’s kind of a BS poll, any poll with a sample size of 217 would considered too low and insignificant…..besides the whole unscientific thing…….

  19. Can I vote twice? This poll is heading in the wrong direction.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      You can vote twice if you are a Trump supporter HA! 🙂

      • I thought that was supposed to be the other way around…you know the voter fraud that’s everywhere, with no actual evidence to back it up. I wish I could say anything and have people believe it was true.
        Oh well, I’m not, so I guess I can’t.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Back in 1960, Kennedy won Illinois because 15,000 dead Polish voted for him, wand Nixon won California because 5,000 dead Mexicans voted.

      • Actually the 1960 case is a fallacy, or nowhere near the numbers you claim.
        “Completed Dec. 9, the recount of 863 precincts showed that the original tally had undercounted Nixon’s (and Adamowski’s) votes, but only by 943, far from the 4,500 needed to alter the results. In fact, in 40 percent of the rechecked precincts, Nixon’s vote was overcounted. Displeased, the Republicans took the case to federal court, only to have a judge dismiss the suits. Still undeterred, they turned to the State Board of Elections, which was composed of four Republicans, including the governor, and one Democrat. Yet the state board, too, unanimously rejected the petition, citing the GOP’s failure to provide even a single affidavit on its behalf.”

      • *OR IF YOU”RE A DEAD DEMOCRAT… sorry OMW had to throw one back at you… 🙂

    • Sure. Make it as meaningful and legit as “Save of the Week”.

  20. OneManWolfpack says:

    Ultimately, I voted no. For me, it was between that, and “I Don’t Know” I feel like Curtin is limited, and predictable, and does not know how to influence a game. I feel like for the first time in this club’s history, we need a manager from outside the club, who has experience, and can manage the team through a tough time. The playoff loss means nothing to me. For me, it’s getting 2 points since the end of August, and trotting out the same lineup over and over, that showed me, he is still out of his league.
    If he stays, I would fine with it. But, I don’t want another mid-season coaching change if we start slow next year. So, to me, you are married to Curtin for another full season, and while I think ES will upgrade the roster, the manager still has to manage. I would rather have a fresh voice in here to help grow this team and it’s young players.
    And the argument of “well, you better get someone better”… is moot. Of course you want someone better. It is for ES to decide who that is. For me, a change after the season is not a reactionary move, but rather a progressive one. There are always better coaches / managers. Curtin is decent. I think we need someone better.

    • Soooooo predictable……

      • Like comically predictable. His inability to try things or knowledge of how to change it up – contributed immensely to the continued skid in Sept-Oct. Losing games happens. Losing late happens. Continued losing, continued giving away of points late, poor set piece marking week after week when your manager is a former CB, is unacceptable. A change is needed for this club to take another step.

      • Every week dude, you knew when certain players were coming on……win, lose, or draw……the same dudes, same time of the match…….crazy.

  21. We all know how this will play out – Curtin stays. Union start slow and he’s canned in June. Sorber is appointed interim head coach. Union miss playoffs (due to slow start and late season defensive lapse), but team rallies behind him and makes a deep run in USOC before eventually falling to whatever Western Conference team.


    Sorber is named permanent head coach in the offseason.

    • That’s totally Union, but Montreal cut him loose in 2011 when Jesse Marsh left…..makes you go hmmmmmm.

    • It’s just so Union Fan to keep re-treading old regime pattern complaints and assuming the FO staff that have been in place for just under a year will just continue those patterns.

      • Well, this club has given no other reason to think otherwise……….and the new regime, while talking big….pretty much put up the same results! But hey,you bought it hook line and sinker didn’t you bruh?

      • I’m certainly willing to wait and see what happens over the next couple seasons. This thing wasn’t going to develop over the course of a single year.
        I saw a total house cleaning that wouldn’t have happened under the old regime. We got 3 rookies that weren’t goalies and every one of them was a big upgrade over who we had last season. A couple of good quality players from overseas. A long time veteran who could actually play.
        No reason not to buy it so far. I’ll have another worm or two.

      • Foreign imports who stay for a year and then leave? That’s improvement? A gaping hole at the double pivot that hasn’t been filled……still no left back, a striker who doesn’t score goals, no quality back up keeper……shall I go on? The only upside I’ll concede is a direct pipeline from academy to first team…….that’s it. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss……….

      • And the results were better than ANYONE here was willing to realistically hope for back on March 1. Go back and have a look.

      • the first half of the season, yes…….the second half, reminded everyone of the old Union………

      • I voted that they’d finish 4th and obviously make the playoff’s. That was the poll before the season started or got anywhere near 1st place. IMO the team underachieved in the second half because of the coach’s inability to change/adapt/recognize his players needed a break.

      • Same ownership. Same coach, with his same lineups. Same tactics. Same results.


        He’s a nice guy though. And from Philadelphia.

  22. Old Soccer Coach says:

    The thread above focuses on game management, not quite exclusively but certainly preponderantly. The focus is understandable because it is what we fans pay our money to see.
    There is more to it than game management, of course. If we are to be fair, we include those aspects. For example, in player development there is Wenger. There is also BC this year as an offensive player. Fabinho is not unanimously supported on PSP, but few would argue he has not improved as a left back while with the Union. The complaints about CJ Sapong, as valid and shared as they are, need to remember that expectations were changed radically by his start to the season. He played a role, but so did his coaches in enabling that change.
    He had a strong role in bringing Pontius to the team last winter.
    Evaluate the total picture. Game management is important. It is not all.

    • When you have a technical director OSC, yes game management is JCs primary job………and is quite telling if he resorts to the same subs no matter the situation……….it speaks volumes!

      • About him or the roster? Or somewhere in between as usual.

      • I’d say it says more about Curtin. Had he tried different players down the stretch and still went without a win for the last two months, I would have been a lot happier than I am now. Running your starting striker into the ground while he’s in a funk isn’t a good idea. A coach needs to recognize when his players need a break. Curtin doesn’t. Not good enough.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        I have attended several open practices. I have not noticed Albright on the field.
        Earnie’s Q&A at the end of June indicated all of three scouts, unclear but possible that ES was one of them, the computer algorithm beveloper was another, and I presumed Albright was the third. Albright was home for that event, as in the picture with Trusty at Trusty’s signing, so he’s around at times. But he has not been as present at practices as the sporting director.
        My finapoint in response to your good thought, and it is a good one Alicat, is that everybody always wants the boss’s view, not the sidekick’s. That is a great thing if you are the sidekick because you can focus without distractions. [I have done both in both of my sports over the years.]. But the head is influential in all dimensions.

  23. Getting in late here- sorry. Who wants to bet Carroll is on the coaching staff next year? Maybe not as head coach (too soon) but he’ll be the guy someday. They’ll use BC to help break in the new guy if someone comes from Europe.

    The next poll question:

    Do you sell Andre Blake?

  24. In a perfect world Jim would stick around as an assistant. He’s a great guy with a decent coaching IQ but his inability to adapt hurt us in the long run. I selected the third option b/c I think I’m indifferent to whatever decision is made by the F/O.

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