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Sebastien Le Toux traded to Colorado Rapids for General Allocation Money

For the second time, Sebastien Le Toux has been traded from Philadelphia Union to the Western Conference.

Just before the transfer window closed, Philadelphia Union sent club appearance leader Le Toux to Colorado Rapids in exchange for General Allocation Money.

“Sebastien has been a wonderful servant to the Philadelphia Union and we cannot thank him enough for his exemplary time and commitment. We want to wish him the best of luck in Colorado and in his future endeavors,” said Earnie Stewart in a press release.

The move comes on the heels of the club’s acquisition of US National Team midfielder Alejandro Bedoya from French club Nantes.

In 2012, Le Toux was traded to Vancouver Whitecaps following the Union’s only playoff season. He returned a year later after a brief stint in New Jersey. The Frenchman, who will be remembered for his endless stamina and connection with the fans, scored two goals and added five assists in 21 appearances (13 starts) this season. He scored 50 goals in his Union career.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    My wife was very upset when she heard this but I think it makes a lot more sense now than when it happened 4.5 years ago.
    Best of luck, Seba, you are a class act.

  2. Wow.
    I guess for this team to move forward, it had to happen at some point. I don’t disagree with it, but it certainly leaves me feeling a little emptier than the others. Terrific guy.
    You’ll always have family in Philly Sebastien.

  3. UnitedPenn13 says:

    Damn. kinda knocks the excitement of the Bedoya acquisition down a peg or two. Damn. My wife and Granddaughter are going to be crushed, for the second time. Damn.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    Good sir. Thank you.
    Good luck.
    Check us out again later.
    Be safe.
    I say we name one of those stadium roads after you.

  5. Just so you know. The main link from the home page says Vancouver, instead of Colorado.
    That being said. I am deeply saddened by this. Le toux was definitely aging but I can’t imagine a union team without him.
    Yet another new age is dawning in Philadelphia.
    In Ernie we trust

  6. I think when he retires he will have a job here.

    Hot take alert: I think both times we traded him it was the right thing to do. The first time he is at his peak and was probably over valued.

    This time he is in the decline. It sucks but that is the way it is.

    • Jim Presti says:

      You are not incorrect. Both times were the right move. Bringing him back from NYRB on a high salary was probably the wrong move.

      • I disagree. The team plays more together when he’s here and although it’s not always pretty the dude has done nothing but produce goals and assists which is all that really matters.

      • Well said, A. Completely agree.

  7. This takes some of the joy out of the Bedoya signing. Met Seba on a few occasions and he couldn’t have been more gracious. Will miss him pumping up the crowd before corners and his boundless energy. There will be a large void felt in Chester. Best of luck Seba! 🙁

  8. I blame Chicago for this.

  9. Years ago when Keith Primeau was honored by the Flyers, he had this to say:
    “I really felt connected with the people in this city…I always felt that if you play the way they lived their life – which is with passion and desire and a real blue-collar attitude – they are going to love you. I learned that early in my stay here. I think that’s why I will forever have a fondness for the people in Philadelphia.”
    Every time Seba took a corner and encouraged the corner to stand, when he was wearing pink cow and fans were thanking him in the warm up area — that is real. Welcome back to this city and club for life.

  10. One thing to maybe keep in mind is that we have expansion drafts (ugh) looming and that this is the last year of Le Toux’s contract. If we resigned him, could we really afford to protect him? We’ve got lots of young talent now that we can’t let disappear for free. He’s the kind of reliable veteran teams love to snag in expansion–it worked out for us! Maybe best to get something for him now rather than just lose him for nothing in a few months.

    • That’s an excellent point. However, there has been talk of acing the expansion draft. So it’s not clear that that would have been an issue.

    • Actually, he’s exactly the kind of guy you expose in those drafts. Aging and expensive, not young and cheap.

      If they do have it, in the past HG/GA players were exempt.

  11. I guess this is a Moneyball move. Otherwise I suppose we’d have had to trade a younger player. Strategically, I can see the logic. But it doesn’t change the fact that I will miss Seba.

  12. Wow, loyalty really means a lot to Earnie & Jim, I guess.

    • Zizouisgod says:

      It’s professional sports. There is no loyalty and all of the participants know that when they get into it. It’s so tough to actually become a professional athlete in any sport so players know that this aspect is part of the bargain that they make to achieve this lofty status.

    • Jim Presti says:

      I spit out my coffee laughing. This is a professional enterprise. It’s part of being an athlete. Keeping players around because of “loyalty” or “fan favorites” is just Mickey Mouse. Stewart and Curtin are here to win and build the sport in Philly, not to placate fans whose feelings might be hurt if we trade their favorite player.

      • pragmatist says:

        Loyalty is why the Phillies are in the tank. Amaro handed out loyalty contracts like candy, instead of making the tough decisions.
        I love Seba and I can’t wait for him to return in some capacity, but $300K is a big salary hit for a sub.

      • Jim Presti says:

        He was great for the brand, but maybe not so much for the on-field product. I’m sure he will have a place here if he chooses at the end of his playing career.

  13. Why couldn’t we trade slow Ilsinho? (My kids actually think his first name is Slow and his last name is Ilsinho.)

    • His first touch doesn’t bounce to the other team and he can take on a player one on one and beat him on the dribble. Le Toux cannot do either of these things. It was a soccer move. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • This. Besides the contract, he doen’t fit to where the club’s going philosophically…… need a first touch with Union 2.0!

  14. Why can’t Curtin just tell us where Bedoya is going to play? Does he really think he’s going to fool the opposing coach? “Oh I’m so scared! Bedoya might play center back. However can we prepare to play the Union??? They’re so tricky.” It’s futbol. It’s not chess. Or brain surgery. Or rocket science.

  15. Good for business, bad for me heart. Best of luck out west, Seba. I look forward to your one day retirement contract and subsequent bronze bust on display.

  16. Zizouisgod says:

    Will be tough to see Seba play again in a different uniform. He’s such a class act and nice person, he also loves Philadelphia. All that said, it was probably the right move from a soccer perspective.

    • Jim Presti says:

      Won’t see him until MLS Cup or next season for 1 match.

      • Zizouisgod says:

        I have MLS package so it won’t be that long for me 😉

      • Jim Presti says:

        HA! Meant more so as against the Union. TBH Colorado may be the least entertaining team in MLS.

      • Zizouisgod says:

        True, they’re not fun to watch, but most of their home matches start a convenient time to watch after the Union play.

        For the same reason, I watch a lot of SKC, Dallas and RSL.

      • Jim Presti says:

        Dallas, for me, is the most exciting team in the league. They play well and they play entertaining soccer. Can’t get enough.

  17. I said some time back that Le2 was the best of the definition of a team player. At that time, he was being played all over the field, including in the back. I joked that he would Park cars for this team, if asked. He has been everything that I said before and more. Godspeed, sir. I hope nothing but the best for you, and pray that your attitude can remain here as your legacy until you return again as a coach to teach it.

    • I agree completely. Seba’s playing days with the Union may be over, but his years of loyal service to the club, and its fans, will not be forgotten.

  18. Gone but will never truly leave. Face #1 on Union Mt Rushmore. Class act as a player and a person. I wish him the best as he finishes his career and hope he comes back to Philly at the end. He will always have a home here. Merci Le Toux!

  19. Section 114(formerly) says:

    Good luck Seba. I hope you wanted one last chance to play and will be back here when you hang up the cleats.

  20. Jim Presti says:

    Get rid of an expensive contract for an aging player that the league is passing by. Smart move. Get value while there is value to be had. Le Toux the prototypical American-style player. All hustle and hardwork and grit. Zero skill, zero awareness, and zero touch. All for a $400K cap hit as a bench player and spot starter.
    Side note: Does this mean that Curtin and Stewart see Bedoya on the wing with Ilsinho relegated to the bench? Or does it mean that they feel Restrepo & Missimo are adequate depth?

    • Zizouisgod says:


      I think that they feel like Restrepo can provide that type energy off the bench while playing as a wide forward/winger. And for a lot less money.

    • Restrepo, Missimo, and Ayuk.

      • Jim Presti says:

        Ayuk has been in Africa for most of the summer and will probably get more reps in Bethlehem, but also a great point.

      • Plus Fernandes and in a pitch Barnetta, Alberg, and one of CJ/Herbers as the other is up top.

    • My view exactly. Love Le Toux as a person, but the heavy touches, turnovers, and corners (previous two seasons) that never got more than 4 feet off the ground were difficult to watch. Made a few things happen with pure hustle pressure.
      It was best for the team that we got SOMETHING in return rather than just let him fizzle out for nothing.

      • Jim Presti says:

        Those terrible corners took about an extra 1.5 years off my life span due to rage fueled blood pressure spikes of anger and frustration.

  21. Totally sucks from an emotional standpoint; Le Toux will indeed be forever on the Union’s “Mt Rushmore” and we’ll all probably say one of his goals or assists got us excited about this team time and time again. I never met him in person, so many have said that he’s a class act and excellent servant to the club. I really hope he comes back to Philly in some capacity in the future.

    That being said, it does make sense considering the Bedoya acquisition. I’m sure most here have listened to the MiB episode with Roger Bennett interviewing Earnie. Earnie spoke about making the tough, rationally driven moves in spite of the emotional connections to push the club forward, and this seems to be a clear example of that. Years down the road, I think we’ll see dividends.

    Til then, Au Revoir, Seba! Mecri!

  22. pragmatist says:

    For those wondering why this was necessary:
    Ives Galarcep
    ‏@SoccerByIves Ives Galarcep Retweeted Kevin Kinkead
    Following up on last night’s report by @Kevin_Kinkead , a source has just confirmed to me Davies to Philly is done
    Seba, you are a wonderful person, and you will be missed. Please come back at the season’s end, or when your playing days are done. There will always be a place for you here (right, Earnie/Jay?)
    But if we look at our transactions in a particular light, I think we may have done well:
    Nogs for Bedoya
    LeToux for Davies
    It will be interesting to see how the dynamic has changed and how the performances/playing time will change.
    Again, thank you, Seba. You are the Union.

    Thnx for the memories we will not soon forget! Class act, best of luck going forward, Hope to see you in blue & gold in our organization soon AGAIN! LETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUX… One question to all, who will be scoring open cup goals for us now?!?!?! Ha!? LETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUX !!!!!!!!!

  24. Glass half full perspective for Seba: Colorado absolutely sucks at scoring goals. Their season goal leader, Kevin Doyle, has 4 so far this season. That’s it. Le Toux might get more playing time in Colorado.

    • der Fussballzuschauer says:

      Bethlehem Steel FC’s leading goal-scorer only has found the back of the net four times this year …

  25. bon courage Seba! vous me manquez déjà

  26. Pretty sad to see Frenchy go. I guess it was necessary for “funny money” reasons but in general it still sucks. He’s a legend here. First goal ever. First hat trick. First goal at PPL (I believe). .
    He was still decent depth wasn’t he? I thought he was.
    Hopefully we do name a street after him and he returns to be part of the organization. I wish him all the best unless we play Colorado in MLS Cup 🙂 He’ll be missed.

  27. I understand the trade, but I don’t have to like it!

  28. I love the guy. Easily one of the best personalities in Philly sports, and really engaged with the fans. At the end of the day, I suspect they needed some salary relief and/or allocation money to offset the other deals, and he was the most tradable asset. Still a bummer, but I get the business end.

  29. A class act and team player with hustle and heart. Always went out of his way to visit with the fans after games – Including the time he left a chunk of his arm in the signage around the playing field and still showed up in the pub to hang out.
    I dont know the rules about visiting team players in the pub, but as far as I’m concerned he’s always welcome to join us whenever he’s in town.

    I’m kind of glad that the next games are not at home, and we can acclimate to the changes from a distance. It’s not going to be the same without Le TOOOOOOO!!

    I understand this business decision but I hate it anyway.

    Best of luck to Seba

  30. Old Soccer Coach says:

    I have scanned every comment. My emotions and those of my wife are in tune with the rest of us.
    Here is the reason Le Toux had to go, betcha a quarter.
    The CBA limits rosters to 28. The Union seem always to have followed the general policy of keeping one slot open, when the total was thirty or now twenty-eight.
    Nogueira’s leaving dropped the current roster to 25, I believe, without checking of course!
    Jones’s signing brings it back to 26.
    Bedoya makes 27.
    Davies makes 28, and ends the possibility of an emergency signing to cover a catastrophe. (The conditions necessary to activate MLS’s emergency provision are Draconian, I remember, without remembering what they are, of course.)
    Seba is one whom Curtin credits with getting Curtin his job.
    If Seba were to have concluded that he would get even fewer minutes post Bedoya, and really wants a chance to keep playing, he asks, And what is Curtin honor bound to do?
    The union honored an approximately similar request from Mondy.
    The union honored a request from Jeff Parke.
    The union honored a request from Vince Nogueira’s.
    The game so depends on self-sacrifice and sacrifice for others that a disgruntled player is worth avoiding. Soccer players seem to be able to get what they want if they want it, not just with the Union or in MLS. Hence my theory.
    I have said before, when they start a Union Wall of Fame, they should call its membership the Legion of Le Toux, complete with Blue and Gold Sash a la Le legion d’ honneur. Seba, Mondy, and Vincent Nogueira would be part of the founding class. Who else? I know Dan Walsh think Danny Califf, from what he wrote.

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