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Union drop preseason opener, US tops Canada, more news

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

Rotating through 31 players in three lineup groups, the Union opened the 2016 preseason with a cold and rainy 1-0 loss to Jacksonville Armada. Given the fact that it was the first game of 2016, coming  less than two weeks since the opening of preseason training, the mass substitutions, and the conditions, it was the kind of game that left more questions than answers, first among them being where will the goals come from. Anyway, there were positives and no one got hurt.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice to, you know, defeat one of these lower division Florida teams.

Also, before the game, the Union released a gameday roster that identified trialists as well as Bethlehem players with the team. The release of trialist information is a very welcome development for both fans and media, just as the release of the length of Roland Alberg’s contract was. We’ll see how many are still with the team when the Union face Chicago on Thursday (4 pm, streaming info TBA).

Recaps and more at PSP, Philadelphia Union, CBS Philly, Philly Soccer News, Brotherly Game,  Jacksonville ArmadaFlorida Times-UnionThe St. Augustine Record, and News4Jax.

In case you missed it, Adam Cann has a very informative interview here at PSP with Georgetown head coach Brian Wiese about Joshua Yaro and Keegan Rosenberry that also includes some discussion about Fabian Herbers. Wiese said of the Union selecting Herber after after already selecting Yaro and Rosenberry:

When I saw that pick, I thought, “Goodness gracious, what an amazing trio of kids they got.”

And look, none of them are proven, but I know all three of those guys well and I thought, ‘That could be some core of players if they all get it right.'”

More from Yaro, Rosenberry, and Herbers at CSN Philly.

Brotherly Game evaluates the Alberg Signing. More on the signing at Philadelphia Sports Nation and Last Word on Sports.

Also at Brotherly Game, the series on “silly offseason complaints” continues with “Not enough players on the roster.

The format and schedule of the 2016 US Open Cup was released on Friday. The Union enter the fourth round on June 15, right in the middle of break for the Copa America Centenario.


Six players from the Harrisburg City Islanders Youth Academy have signed collegiate letters of intent.

In an interview conducted in December but just released last week, American Pyramid talks to Rob Oldfield, head coach and technical director of Vereinigung Erzgebirge’s Majors Program.

A statement from US Youth Soccer’s technical working group issued on Friday begins, “The Youth Council Technical Working Group unanimously agreed that there has been generally insufficient dialogue between the U.S. Soccer Federation technical staff and the technical leadership of the various youth membership organizations.”


Player moves:

More preseason games:

  • Philadelphia lost to Jacksonville, 10.
  • Toronto defeated LAG, 3-2.
  • Chicago defeated South Florida, 3-0.
  • Vancouver defeated New England, 32.
  • Houston defeated San Jose, 10.
  • Portland defeated Seattle, 21.

In his introductory press conference with LA Galaxy, Ashley Cole said his now infamous “I’m not ready to relax on a beach yet” remarks about MLS were taken out of context.

I’m not going to come in and try to defend myself. It was said, but it for sure was taken out of context. I was talking to the reporter before and he kind of said it me. “Oh we’re glad to have you here at Roma. We didn’t expect you to be here. We thought you’d go relax on the beach.” So in the interview I said it. Yes, it’s come out of my mouth.

And of course you have to understand I was at a new team. I have to kind of tell the fans at Roma that I was there to fight, there to win things and play in the Champions League. It was said. But for sure it was taken out of context.

Cole said further, “When you see people like Lampard, Stevie G, Keano, and I’ve spoken to them how difficult it is. I’ve spoken to the manager about how difficult it is and the demands placed on you. I’m not fooled because I know how hard it’s going to be. I’m going to change a few views of me being here. I’m a winner. I didn’t come to sit on a beach. I’m not here to rest. I’m here to play football and to work hard. I’m not a diva or this egotistical guy who thinks that he’s better than anyone. I’m going to do everything that I can.”

The Guardian on how the offseason loan is dying, mainly because of the rigors of the regular season.

Minnesota United owner Bill McGuire says architectural renderings of proposed stadium in St. Paul will be revealed by the end of this month.

Four Four Two considers if the gap between MLS and Serie A is narrowing.


So, the US defeated Canada 1-0 on Friday thanks to an 89th minute goal from Jozy Altidore. Which basically means the USMNT owes us back 88 minutes of our lives.

Match reports and analysis from PSPUS Soccer, Los Angeles TimesFox SoccerESPN (recap, analysis), SIASN, Soccer America, MLSsoccer.com (recap, analysis), Goal.com (recap, analysis), SBI, US National Soccer Players, Yahoo SportsReuters, and the AP.

Player ratings at ESPNASN, Soccer AmericaMLSsoccer.com, and Goal.com.

Jurgen Klinsmann says he’s frustrated by the six-game suspension Jermaine Jones got for his altercation with Mark Geiger in New England’s playoff game with DC last fall. He also says the Jones at center back thing is only temporary.

Broadcast information for the USWNT’s games in the CONCACAF Olympic qualification tournament has been announced. Wednesday’s opener against Trinidad and Tobago will be available on NBC SPorts Live Extra beginning at 7:30 pm. Saturday’s game against will be live on NBC Sports Live Extra at 3 pm, with a replay on NBCSN at 8:30 pm. The final group game against Puerto Rico on Monday, Feb. 15 will be live on NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra at 7:30 pm.

At the Washington Post, more on the growing tensions between US Soccer and the USWNT following last week’s lawsuit, the original publicly released copy of which included personal addresses and email accounts of numerous players. More at Fox Soccer.

MLSsoccer.com on how the US U-23s are looking to put the disappointment of not reaching the Olympics in 2012 behind them as they prepare to face Colombia in the home and away qualification series.

The US U-19s ended play in the Copa de Atlantico tournament on Friday with a 1-0 loss to the Canary Islands. Philadelphia Union Academy defender Auston Trusty played 45 second half minutes. In three games, including losses to France and Spain, the US was outscored 7-0.


Reuters reports, “The former head of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has agreed to hand over more than $10 million in stocks and property in a deal to reduce his punishment in the FIFA corruption scandal, a prosecutor in the case said Friday. Eugenio Figueredo, a former FIFA vice president, also agreed to cooperate with police in Uruguay, where the 83-year-old is from. He was extradited to the South American country in December.”

Canover Watson, formerly a member of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance Committee, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after being found guilty of fraud charges related to his time in charge of the Cayman Islands’ Health Service Authority. Reuters notes, “While the charges were not football-related, the verdict against a man who served on a body which monitored FIFA’s finances is another blow to the image of the organization facing an unprecedented corruption crisis.”

More on the Confederation of African Football announcing its support of Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa for the FIFA presidency. CAF represents 54 votes. Wait, what’s that? Prince Ali says Egypt and Liberia are backing him? And South Sudan is backing Gianni Infantino. Ok, then.

The AP reports, “The German football federation opened legal proceedings against Franz Beckenbauer, former members, and FIFA in a bid to limit potential damages arising from the 2006 World Cup corruption affair.”

The Guardian on the enormous amounts of money now floating around soccer in China.


  1. The Armada game’s result means literally absolutely nothing. More important is how some of the new guys look at integrate. Am I the only one , though, who just one time wants to see us beat the crap out of a lower team, just a little casual dominance?
    On the plus side it’s great to see Alberg play so quickly and to hear some of the young guys looked comfortable and not overwhelmed

    • Your second point is the important piece. Yeah, it would be entertaining to whoop up on a team in preseason. But preseason results, in any sport, mean nothing.
      Let’s give them another week to gel and work some stuff out. Then we can start to get concerned if we’re not generating chances.
      But on a cold, rainy night, with a bunch of new pieces, let’s just all be happy no one got hurt.
      Move on and judge later.

  2. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    Klinnsman rant…..

    He makes a point to bring in a slew of U23s into the January Camp. So in the last of two games he gives a ton of run to a 34YO holding mid at CB who is unattached and is facing a 6 game ban. Furthermore, he then allows said player to basicly play as a libero from CB. That may work against the Canada’s of the world, but shouldn’t he be implemeting and playing an actual style so that the aforemethioned U23s can gain some semblance of what will be expected of them if/when they make the team.

    He’s done some positive things as Coach/Technical director, but his game day coaching and ability to implememt a plan/vision are almost literally second to EVERYONE.

    Rant over.

    • So he’s the Andy Reid of the soccer world?

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Please…I beg you to read my well slandered, err balanced criticism of our beloved USMNT from the other evening. You will find it easily in the Canada game recap.
      I was talking with a buddy during the game and I swear to you it took me/us almost 70 min to wrap our heads around your exact commentary… WTF is JJ doing and WhyTF is he playing as a sweeper…. and WTF again is JK doing. It is an absolute unqualified mucking fess.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        He drives me crazy. I understand roster omissions, no one is ever going to agree on every player and the fans aren’t in camp to see how individuals interact with the group, but we are two years away from the WC, getting ready to begin qualifying, and 4 months away from the 2nd biggest tournament ever hosted in the US and his system and expectations for the players (ftom a n execution on the field standpoint)is indecipherable.

      • I think it is from the ASN player ratings, the line reads “It was a tough assignment for Besler, the only defender playing in his natural position”. That’s really all you need to know about this game and JK.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        Read your post, you are dead on. I see that everyone brought up Zardes as well. The guy has the first touch of a pedophile.

      • eeewwwwwww

      • traditionally it was touch of a rapist, slight less eww inducing. you may want to re-think the word choice.

    • I am so tired of seeing JJ on the field. You want him as a veteran presence? Fine. But he should not on be the pitch again. And I am so tired of Altidore and Zardes starting. We are playing poorly anyways play the young/unproven players. I want to see Nagbe in a more central role, I want to see more of Kiesewetter, I want to see more of Acosta/Vincent. And find a backline that works and stick with and let them gel.

      • I’d rather fail with youth as they vet then watch the unmitigated disaster of Yedlin, Zardes, Altidore et al.
        A thousand yesus.
        It is almost as if, and I am dead serious, JK is doing this on purpose to make a point that WE have no clue in this country…. HE IS BEGGING US TO RISE UP and fight HIM and the system. To pit unbearable pressure against widespread voice of dissent. But we don’t. Half the general public doesn’t have the sophistication to even see a problem.
        This is a flyer by me, sure, but it is not out of the realm based on some of his comments regarding the general perception of the American Soccer Fan.
        He’s begging us to find a voice… and mostly we just sit by for the exception of those of us crying out in the wilderness like John the Baptist.
        Think about it… our U19 national team just got embarrassed… our U23 team is likely readying to get embarrassed and miss the olympics again which HAS TO BE TOTALLY UNTHINKABLE, our MNT is a revolving door of dreck EVERY time::: JJ as a libero, ‘just to try it out’… ‘Canada is hard to score on by the manager’.
        but the only worthwhile mainstream media outlet is ESPN.FC who leads today with a walkout at Liverpool, what Arsenal is doing, Ronaldo thinking of ‘staying a few years’…
        IT IS A TRAVESTY. Sunil Gulati totally insulated. and ALL of US Soccer generally a coffee mug as well. JOKE.

      • “I am not an elitist….” as I’ve been called a few times around these parts…..
        ….I am dissident.
        “a dissident is here.
        escape is NEVER the safest path. a dissident a dissident is here.
        what to say, what to say.

      • Like John the Baptist, I think that you have lost your head thinking that Klinsmann is doing these types of things because he wants US Soccer to find its collective voice and challenge him. Mostly because the media and fanbase has already started doing this. Throughout Klinsmann history as a coach, he’s done things that have made so many people scratch their heads (e.g. – bring Joseph Ngwenya, a journeyman striker in MLS, to Bayern Munich for a trial or playing a 34 year old, out of contract central midfielder with a long history of poor discipline as a center back). People who believe in him think that he must be a mad genius. Others (like me) view him as someone who is smart, but clearly not cut out for his current job as USMNT manager.

        You see this happen throughout other aspects of life, especially in the business world. People have a background that makes you think that they know better than you. They also do things with strong convictions so you don’t challenge what they are doing. Plus, when they do stuff that is unconventional or out of the box, it puts others off balance because they think “of course, so & so knows what they are doing.”

      • Everybody is blaming Klinsmen that fact is USA just doesn’t have the talent, how many players do we have playing in the top leagues besides goalie, nobody that shines, maybe one day we will get it right, they have to overhaul the whole youth coaching system and mentality

      • We have more or less the same amount talent that we had under Bradley and Arena so why have regressed under Klinsmann?

      • Everybody is blaming Klinsmann, that fact is USA just doesn’t have the talent, how many players do we have playing in the top leagues in the world besides goalie, nobody that shines, maybe one day we will get it right but we have the overhaul the whole youth coaching system and mentality,

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Oh its for sure a hairbrained idea….. but what if.

      • Haha. I love the ‘Klinsmann is an international football troll’ theory. It’s so crazy that it’s completely plausible.

      • Honestly I hadn’t thought of it, but you might be on to something about JK. There’s really only two possibilities. Either he’s doing this on purpose, or he is completely out of his depth. In which case, why are we paying him millions?

        We desperately need more mainstream media coverage. I would love love love more shows, radio, webcast…ANYTHING to consume that covers the sport I love. There’s an audience in the US for it. Give it to us.

      • Well, the thing is if anyone has looked at JK as manager he has a history of having tactical issues (Bayern Munich). He can put a team together and get fans behind things but when it comes to nuisances of the game that is where as a manager he is lost (then he starts to lose the fans). His role of bringing in players and trying to get them to play as one unit has long been done prob a year or so ago the next step is the tactics which he does not have. Hence back when his contract was up it was time to move on, but the US did not. I blame the renewal of his contract as the downfall in this story of improving the USMNT. I have a lot of the same feelings with Curtin as the players are behind him as a manager, but in game adjustments are not there and setting up the team with a defined style also isn’t there. It is a common problem with soccer in the US. There are few coaches who understand this and that is where as a soccer nation things become stagnant as coaches just don’t know anyways to implement the ideas they may have because they were never properly taught how.

  3. New week. And with it the hope that that DP striker gets signed as we inch closer to the new season.

  4. el Pachyderm says:

    “Still wouldnt it be nice to you know defeat one of these lower division Florida teams.”
    I’m generally an optimist but I can’t let this comment pass without cynical and IMO logical consideration .
    Here it comes… I’m giving you fair warning, Van Halen shout out on purpose… So be ready everyone…
    The Union finished 18th last year and were ‘relegated’ so beating one of these lower Florida teams is actually a bit more challenging the last few seasons. Right… then.
    They ARE a lower division team they just don’t get punished for it. OUCH.
    It’s up to them to prove they actually belong in MLS… which they have been unable to do for over 2 years. In a right world they should be fighting their ass off against these lower division teams they can hardly beat.

  5. Is losing to the Canary Islands as bad as it sounds?

    • At first, it sounds bad. They probably have a population of like 300K total. But it’s still Spain and these little islands have produced some talent over the years…


      By the looks of it, 1-0 wasn’t too bad!

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Please also bare in mind the robust defeat to France and the equally robust defeat at the feet of a U18 Spanish team.. it should not at all come as a surprise a little island named after a bird also beat us … I’m not surprised. All I can do is chuckle to nervously ease the sinking suspicion NOT ONE damn member of our National Team infrastructure has any idea WTF they are doing.
      The Canary Islands 1-0.
      France 5-0.
      Spain playing up a year 1-0.
      Come on dear media keep sitting on your damn hands and pens about all this.

      • Interesting Canary Islands fact – Latin root is Canine, Island of Dogs. The birds are named after the islands, not the other way around. Mind. Blown. 🙂

      • I love it EM and I rescind…a little island named after a dog then.
        thank you for the correction but I beg not to lose sight in the face of sun glare…. as Ani Difranco sings, “squint your eyes and look closer,” there is a major problem here.

      • Haha, didn’t mean to give the impression that your point didn’t register El P. I think I’m just feeling a little indifferent to the USMNT. I’ve gone numb. They aren’t terrible, they aren’t good, there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. They certainly aren’t entertaining, they are “just there”.

        Now that we have established ourselves as a footballing nation (albeit not a great one) over the last 25 years, isn’t it time, much like a growing company, for some changeover in executive leadership to chart the next path forward? Oh yeah, this a FA under FIFA. Silly me.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Indeed…. The team is a Snoozer for anyone who’s read the children’s book by the same name.

    • Though not the Canary Islands, CR7 is also the product of a little tiny island in the Atlantic (Madeira) with a population of less than 300,000.

  6. Old Soccer Coach says:

    thanks for the hint that there might, repeat might, be streaming for the Chicago game on Thursday.

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