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Make it stop: Recaps and reaction to Vancouver loss, the GK situation, more news

Photo: Courtesy of Vancouver Whitecaps

Philadelphia Union

Yeah, another loss. Yeah, another absurd red card. And for a moment there, it looked like the Union’s new goalkeeper might need to be subbed off.

Please, just make it stop.

Jim Curtin praised newly arrived goalkeeper Brian Sylvestre after Saturday’s 3-0 loss to Vancouver, damning the Union defense while he did so: “He actually had a very good game, all things considered. We hung him out to dry on the first two goals, the third one as well. Point-blank shots on all of them. He made some good saves for us, he did everything we could’ve asked for. It was a good day overall for him.”

The Wenger jinx continues, his 26th minute effort stopped by an athletic David Ousted save. Curtin said, “David Ousted made a great save. I think Andrew could’ve received it a little bit better but I think it deflected off his shin. If you don’t take your chances against a very good team, you’re going to get punished.” He added the obvious: “It’s confidence with Andrew. If we’re going to be a good team, Andrew is going to have to get going, and we’re going to have to find a way to get him going.”

Recaps from PSP, Philadelphia Union (recap, postgame video), Inquirer, Delco TimesPhilly Soccer News, Brotherly Game (recap, analysisVavel, MLSsoccer.com, Vancouver Whitecaps, Vancouver Sun (recap, blog), The Province, Brampton GuardianCKNWRed Nation, Voice OnlineEighty Six Forever,  Whitecaps FanThe Canadian Press, SBIGoal.comSports Mole, The Sports Network, and the AP.  Photo galleries at Prost Amerika and USA Today.

Of course, the Union had a new starting goalkeeper — and backup on the bench — after a series of news items on Friday capped four days of bizarro world goalkeeper news. On Tuesday came the surprising news that Rais Mbolhi was back training with the team. Then, in Wednesday’s weekly press conference came the news that Andre Blake had suffered another knee injury and would be out 4-6 weeks AND John McCarthy was unavailable after suffering a concussion, with both injuries coming within moments of each other in training. Despite the injury news, Curtin wasn’t exactly ringing in endorsing Mbolhi’s return and mentioned the possibility of bringing in Sylvestre on loan.

So, when the news broke that Sylvestre had been acquired on short-term loan, along with league pool goalkeeper Trey Mitchell, and would start in Vancouver, Union fans weren’t exactly caught off guard. What was eye catching were comments when he was unveiled — was remarkable.

But the day’s news wasn’t done.

On Friday evening, Jonathan Tannenwald filed a report at Philly.com in which Curtin said Mbolhi would never play with the Union again. Curtin said,

He and I have a difference of philosophy right now. He’s not going to play any more games with us. He has a contract, so he’ll be training by himself, separate from the team. We’ll arrange for that at our facility, but it will be at a different time from when our team is training [and] he won’t have any interaction with the group…

There’s no one incident to point to, it’s just a combination of performance on the field, interactions in the locker room with the rest of the group, the whole package. I made a decision. I still think he is a talented goalkeeper — there’s no denying that. He has proven that on the World Cup stage. But on the club level with the Union right now, we’ve decided to move on.

It’s too early to say the story of Mbolhi’s time with the Union is over, given the unending series of head shaking surprises that has been the Union’s 2015 season. I won’t believe his time with the club is over until he’s on a plane to wherever to play with whoever, signed contract in hand. But the Union’s goalkeeper saga will still have legs until this cursed season finally concludes. At the risk of putting yet another jinx on the situation, consider this quote from Sylvestre from after Saturday’s loss: “It was a blessing to get back in MLS. I’ve been through a tough road for the last three years — three meniscus surgeries. It’s a blessing to come back to [face] my first club.” Stay safe, Brian, stay safe.

Soccer Gods notes tweets from Antoine Hoppenot calling out fans for not supporting the team when times are tough. Hoppenot, who was back in Philly recovering from a hamstring pull, tweeted after Saturday’s game:

1.) “If you can’t support us in our time of need, don’t bother coming back when we start winning again”

2.) “We all care just as much if not more than you do, we’re all affected by it, we all need to get through it together”

Of course, because Soccer Gods tries to navigate the territory between edginess and snark — it can’t be journalism when the article lede gets the scoreline wrong, right? — it neglected to include Hoppenot’s last tweet on the subject:

3.) “Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the passion, I’m a Philly fan thru and thru, I get the frustration, but let’s turn it around together”

Hell, I’m just happy to see a Union player engage with fans on social media, it’s been far too long (just ask Mike Servedio — that’s the primary reason why there haven’t been any Week in Tweets posts lately). Props to the article’s author, Kevin Brown, for this: “Since their inception in 2008, the Union have — at their best — only occasionally flirted with mediocrity. Eventually, that takes a toll. What you’re witnessing isn’t Union fans expressing the pain of being in some fresh hell; this is (as far as they’re concerned) long-term misery. Supporters are losing what little pre-season faith they had in the franchise ever turning around. Many of them know that as long as CEO Nick Sakiewicz hovers around the team, there is no hope.” Props to Hoppenot, too, for not deleting the tweets.

At Union Tally, Matthew De George looks at the Union’s dire history of poor starts to the season.

Returning to the goalkeeping front, a look at the state of goalkeeping at American Soccer Analysis includes a list of the five worst goalkeeping performances of the year. One features Rais Mbolhi, another John McCarthy. A game from former Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz is also on the list.

In ESPN’s power rankings, the Union remain at No. 18: “The Union’s season continues to unravel, with a 3-0 capitulation to Vancouver just the latest of what looks to be 1,000 cuts. Oh, and now the team has a keeper shortage due to injuries and Rais Mbolhi’s exile, something not believed to be possible in preseason.”

Thanks, Dane!

Union Academy

The Academy U-14s thumped Soccer Association of Columbia 5-0 on Saturday with goals from Iverson Brisma, Christian Contreras, Seth Kuhn, and a brace from Rayshaun McGann, who recently returned from time with US U-15s. McCann’s tally included this rip from distance:

The U-16s (2nd in the East Conference, 19-2-1) and U-18s (4th in the East Conference, 10-6-6) had the weekend off from Development Academy play, although the U-18s scrimmaged Reading United.


A stoppage time goal own goal saw Harrisburg City Islanders (4th in the Eastern Conference, 3-2-1) defeat New York Red Bulls II (9th place in the Eastern Conference, 2-4-2) 2-1 at Red Bull Arena on Saturday. NYRB II took the lead in the ninth minute before Jose Barrill equalized in the 23rd minute. The Union’s Jimmy McLaughlin went the full 90, recording 3 shots on goal. The only other Union player with the team, Dzenan Catic, came on in the 68th minute but recorded no shots. Recaps from USL, Empire of Soccer, Once a Metro, and Philly Soccer News.

National Soccer Hall of Fame in the Poconos?


In the Eastern Conference, first place New England (18 points) drew 2-2 on the road with seventh place Orlando (9 points) after conceding a 90th minute equalizer. Second place DC (18 points) drew 1-1 at home with Kansas City. Third place — and ten-men — NYRB (16 points) defeated eighth place NYCFC (6 points), 2-1. Fourth place Columbus (14 points) defeated visiting Seattle Sounders, 3-2. Fifth place Toronto (9 points) lost 2-1 in their home opener at newly renovated BMO Field to Houston. Sixth place Chicago (9 points) lost 2-1 at home to Real Salt Lake. Ninth place — and ten-men — Philadelphia (6 points) lost 3-0 on the road to Vancouver. Tenth place Montreal (2 points) lost 2-1 at home to Portland.

In the Western Conference, first place Vancouver (2 points) defeated Philadelphia, 3-0. Second place Dallas (20 points) defeated sixth place LA (14 points) 2-1 at home. Third place Seattle (16 points) lost 3-2 on the road to Columbus. Fourth place San Jose (14 points) drew 1-1 on the road with tenth place Colorado (10 points). Fifth place Kansas City (14 points) drew 1-1 at DC. Seventh place Salt Lake (14 points) defeated Chicago 2-1 on the road. Eighth place Portland (13 points) defeated Montreal 2-1 on the road. Ninth place Houston (13 points) defeated Toronto 2-1 on the road.

A look at the New York derby from an international perspective, namely, the BBC.

Dwayne De Rosario has announced his retirement.

LA have signed US youth international midfielder Sebastian Lletget.

Interesting report from Think Progress says:

[T]he message that D.C. residents deserve full representation and voting rights may be coming to MLS fields across the country. Last week, one of the team’s Twitter accounts dropped a hint of unexpected news: the team and DC Vote, an organization that advocates for full Congressional representation and budget autonomy for the District, had met to discuss a collaboration on a design for the team’s 2016 primary jersey.

“Stay tuned” is the word from DC United on how the collaboration might be manifested in jersey form.

With all of the attention on the first MLS New York derby, New York Cosmos’ chief operating officer Erik Stover says his team has no intention to join MLS. “We expect our league to play alongside MLS. We chose the North American Soccer League for a reason. We don’t view our league as second division or minor league in any way. We are trying to build a league that competes with global soccer, global football.”

MLS to Calgary? That’s the long-term plan.


First place Chicago (10 points) defeated ninth place Boston (3 points), 3-0. Second place Kansas City (9 points) defeated eighth place Western New York (3 points) 1-0 on the road. Third place Portland (8 points) drew 2-2 with fifth place Washington (7 points). Fourth place Seattle (7 points) drew 1-1 on the road with sixth place Sky Blue (5 points). Seventh place Houston (4 points) had the weekend off.


The USWNT easily defeated Ireland in the first of their pre World Cup warmup games on Sunday, 3-0. The Washington Post’s Steven Goff put it well:

These U.S. national team friendlies ahead of the Women’s World Cup next month are not designed to show the Americans at their finest. Rather, they are final honing exercises before the squad lands in Canada.

That said, the U.S. squad fell well short of expectations Sunday against woefully outmatched Ireland.

Ireland head coach Sue Ronan said, “The U.S. has become quite direct under Jill Ellis. They have powerful players who can get the ball into the box.”

At ESPNW, Jeff Carlisle on why the US still has a lot of work to do before the World Cup.

Recaps from US Soccer, San Jose Mercury News,  LA Times, Washington PostFox SportsESPNW, SICBS Sports, Soccer AmericaIrish Examiner, ProSoccerTalk, and the AP.

Next up for the USWNT is Mexico (May 17 at 9 pm: Fox Sports 1, Univision Deportes) followed by South Korea (May 30 at 4:30 pm: ESPN, WatchESPN, Univision Deportes) before the team begins group play in the World Cup on June 8 against Australia.

Jurgen Klinsmann talks to FIFA.com about the “more eye-to-eye, proactive style” he’s trying to introduce into the USMNT.

A new study focusing on amateur athletics finds that, among English speaking countries, the US sports culture is the most homophobic. Robbie Rogers tells Reuters, “I think when you hear homophobic chants or slurs in stadiums, the people behind that aren’t always homophobic but just part of a culture that is all about the ‘pack.'”


The Guardian reports, “Peter Mangs, a Swedish gunman behind a string of shootings between 2003 and 2010 in Malmo, has claimed he once came close to shooting the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic for parking illegally.”

Vice Sports on why the Spanish Football Federation has decided to suspend play at every level of the game — from youth soccer up through La Liga, on May 16.


  1. “He added the obvious: “It’s confidence with Andrew. If we’re going to be a good team, Andrew is going to have to get going, and we’re going to have to find a way to get him going.””

    Why is it obvious? Maybe Wenger just sucks?

    • He sucks in relation to who? In all honestly he is not playing that much worse than anyone else on the team. He was vastly improved last year and we hoped he would be a great contributor to the team. As horrible as he has been playing I think it is fair to be open to more than just “Wenger Sucks” but why does this team suck so bad.

      • OK, then about this – Wenger has a limited skill set which has been figured out by opposing teams and he lacks the ability to adapt. So the frustration is watching the player do the same thing over and over with the same poor result. Finally, there have been multiple cases this season where his frustration had caused him to mentally check out.

      • I know. But the problems are far more deep than Wenger.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        I would argue that he sucks in relation to the person he was traded for and also sucks in relation to beint the #1 overall pick. I know alot of people didn’t like Jack for his perceived negative body language, just like they didn’t like Ruiz for his perceived negative body language, but they scored goals, this kid does not.

      • That is a different discussion altogether.

      • Later last year, it sure seemed like we may have gotten the better of the deal. Wenger only sucks in relation to the expectations we had for him this year after looking like a really dangerous threat during the back half of last season.

      • Wenger has as many goals (6) as he had in Montreal, and has played 15 less games for the Union (36 to 51). So 12 goals in 87 apps. For comparison’s sake, Jack had 25 goals in 95 apps for the Union, and has 8 in 30 for the Impact, or 33 goals in 125 apps. So Jack has 21 more goals in 38 more apps. Wenger needs .6 goals per game over those 38 games to catch him. They’re actually pretty close statistically, especially because Wenger was rarely deployed as a true striker in Montreal, but nonetheless I think Montreal came out better in the deal for now.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        The more accurate stat would be per 90 minutes playes. Jack came on as a late sub in alot of games for both the U and Montreal.

      • John Ling says:

        Fair, Dan.
        Mac has 33 goals in 7,264 minutes. So if my math is right, that’s 0.41 per 90 minutes (rounding up).
        Wenger has 12 goals in 4,583 minutes. So again, if I’m mathing right that’s 0.24 per 90 (again, rounding up).

      • All fair points. I wasn’t arguing for against either one, just trying to give some clarity to the “doesn’t score goals” argument, which to be fair Jack Mac got criticized for when he was here as well. The truth is that no one has ever really scored consistently for the Union, outside of Le Toux for 2 seasons, and he went on a massive goalless stretch in 2011. Regardless of Wenger’s poor play, we need a true scorer to step up and start bagging goals.

    • Exactly!!! And hoppenot I like your play you need to start on this team but do not tell me we need to turn this around together …sobs are being very calm, too calm quite frankly …we fill he seats still and nothing has changed on the pitch for the last 30 games this team has played ….keep your tweets to yourself and do the talking with your boots

  2. hobosocks says:

    Great player retiring in DeRo. I’m looking forward to all the inevitable highlight packages that’ll be floating around.
    I completely agree with Antoine’s “if you can’t support us now, don’t come back when we’re winning” comment, and I appreciate the non-canned response from a player. But with that said, I feel pretty confident that if and when the Union are winning, most of the players on the field Saturday won’t be involved.

    • Great One says:

      Why can’t people be upset about how Horribly things have gone awry? I think the fact that people are still watching and caring enough to complain and see what’s wrong, means they are still “with the team”. The notion that we wouldn’t be “with them” bc we’re fed up with the absurd management and direction of this team, is very small minded. It’s impossible to be paying attention to things and not be upset right now.

    • pragmatist says:

      I agree. The players are frustrated and pissed, too. I don’t have any problem with them expressing that frustration. I’d rather see them emotional about what’s going on than not care at all. I don’t want to start looking at these guys like we do with other sports’ athletes – just guys collecting a check.

      You’re probably right. If this turns around, there will likely be a massive personnel change, as well. Sometimes that is sorely needed. We may have reached that point.

    • When Hoppenot becomes an actual Union player again, maybe, just maybe, I might consider thinking about possibly caring a tiny bit about what he thinks or has to say. In the mean time he may wanna watch out for splinters. They have a way of biting one in the ass. Especially sitting the bench…

  3. Oh and it looks like Kevin Prince Boateng is looking for a new gig. I know Messi made him look like a fool, but Messi doesn’t play in the MLS.

  4. Something has to change with the Union…and soon. At this point I don’t even care where the change comes from – either the ownership, the coaching staff, the front office, the players, or preferably all of the above. What’s going on now is clearly not working. So rip it up. Go crazy! Trade players, cut players. Sign some NASL / USL players. Overpay for Drogba. Fire Curtin. Re-start the “world-wide coaching search.” Force Nick Sak out. Sell the team to new ownership. Hire this previously discussed (but never actually done anything about) GM. Just do something to change up the mojo with this organization.

    • Agree. I think if they’re going to try the develop young players route (aka el-cheapo), they’re going to have to get a manager with a track record of having some success with a young team. I like Curtin, but he can’t get this done. I’m not even going to entertain new ownership, because it’s not going to happen.

    • Lets take a look at your suggestions:

      Trade players: we loaned out 2 for the season, lost 2 during the expansion draft, and signed 2 that nobody wanted to see back (BC & Fred)

      Cut players: with what depth can you afford to cut players?

      Sign some NASL/USL players: picked up 2 a few days ago not to mention our players that play for HCI regularly

      Overpay for Drogba: a 37 year old forward… not much of a long term investment to overpay for.

      Fire Curtin: what possible good would that do to a team that is bleeding? so you install another interim that has worked under Hack/Curtin and then go shopping? If Jim is to be replaced they need to find someone first and allow a smooth transition.

      Re-start the search: See above

      Force Sak out: Good luck! not only is he the CEO but an operating partner of Keystone sports and responsible for PPL park….

      Hire a GM: excellent idea! maybe with the $500,000 we clear up from Rias we will have some wiggle room..

      What we need is a unifying factor to bring this team together and give them a common direction and set of goals. going in and hacking and slashing will only satisfy the taste for blood and in 6 months we will in the same spot we are now. We need to build and solidify not demolish.

      just my opinion….for what its worth. Cheers

      • I think the lack of coherence in Erik’s suggestions spoke to the desperation of our current situation. It’s an emotional response without a shred of logic — a position I can respect a little at this point.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        Actually, we’ve been in the same spot for 5 years Steve. Buisness as usual has not proven succesful. At this point, you are correct that friing Curtin accomplishes nothing. But there needs to be a solid plan developed moving forward and quite frankly, noone connected to this organization has shown the ability to do this in regards to results on the pitch.

      • Agreed, that’s why the need for a GM is great. An outsider who doesn’t subscribe to the Ready, Fire, Aim mentality.

      • Too generous for Sak. More like: “Fire, sound the alarm, buy some guns (but not before next year until we add some new investors)!”

      • I believe any change is good change as far as this current Union team is concerned. However, some of my suggestions in the original post were out of jest / desperation. The main issue with this team is the lack of overall direction. Everything else is just window dressing. Take Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Chipper has a defined style of play (up tempo offense and 3-4 defense). He is building a team to fit his style of play and more specifically he is looking for certain attributes at certain positions, such as one-cut RB’s, WR’s that can block and have good YAC, zone blocking mobile OL, tall CB’s, etc. Will it work and the Eagles will win a Super-bowl? Who knows? But at least he has a plan and is building toward it. Now look at the Union. What is our style of play? What is our playing philosophy? How are we building a team? What characteristics are we looking for in certain positions / players (this goes back to our style of play)? I’ve been a Union season ticket holder since year Zolo and I don’t have a clue how to answer these questions. Until we get someone (either a GM or manager) with this type of clear vision then yes I agree with you any change will just be superficial. However, that is no excuse to just bury our heads in the sand and act like nothing is broken because the Union are broken and they clearly won’t / can’t fix themselves as presently constituted.

      • The Union are a bunker/counter-attacking team. Curtain has said so. The Union aren’t talented enough, nor financially able to compete with top clubs. Again, Curtains words. The Union are committed to building through their youth system. Sak’s words. Now, one may say that all of these things are true to some extent, in varying degrees, for virtually one reason. Ownership. Yes the Union are a bunker/counter-attacking style team. Which is basically dictated by the fact that they can’t afford/don’t buy, top tier talent. They can’t buy/attract said talent because Ownership is inept and has minimal funds. And what funds it does spend, are spent in the wrong areas for this league. And finally yes the Union are committed to building through their youth system. But, again, this has worked in varying degrees. Pfeffer seems like an actual player in MLS. How far and how long will he stick around? Who can say? This should come under the domain of a GM or Sporting Director (which the Union don’t have, because of Ownership). So the answer to the problem, seems to me, to be Ownership. Until that changes, or their is a different direction taken, all else is irrelevant.

      • John Ling says:

        We’ve loaned out three players, actually: MacMath, Cruz, and Fernandes.

  5. alicat215 says:

    OK…..Antoinne who? And dude, I bet money when the Union turn things around…………you won’t be here. Enjoy your PDL outpost somewhere, making $20 grand……….while you have a Princeton degree. Comical.

    • i felt his comments were unprofessional. he tried to do damage control after all the backlash with that last one. for a guy riding the pine out of town — through little fault of his own — it did make me laugh.
      he’s been here — and so have we — to see things go from “super sub” excitement, to Hackworth’s “super sub” predictability, to “we had a ‘super sub’ once, right?” that kid… what his name? Fabinho has gotten more playing time than him. ouch.
      each season since 2011 has been diminishing returns. i think we’ve a legitimate gripe here.

    • My favorite part of the Hoppenot tweets were him getting burned by Union Hulk afterwards. It was brilliant

  6. Please note that Rayshaun McGann hit that strike with his left foot – so clearly we’ll never see him in a Union jersey (That was Kolarov-esque)
    Awesome to hear the Union goalie jokes during the Toronto game . . . I so look forward to hearing the snarky comments for the next 50 years just like the 1968 Santa incident. Thanks Sak!

    • i heard the goalie jibe too during the TFC match. made me chuckle.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Yeah they were there at the end of the NY match on Fox too. I for one welcome the national comments. The more disgrace brought to this FO the better.

  7. Hoppenot’s comments are interesting. I’m sure interacting with a certain portion of fans online can be taxing, especially when the team hasn’t been doing well. Social media gives anyone the chance to say whatever boneheaded comment comes into their head.


    Still, I can’t help but feel frustrated. Union receive a higher level of support than many successful MLS teams. That’s the same Union that have never won a playoff game, have two wins in their past 17 matches, and a -11 GD. Maybe I’d feel different if it was coming from a player that made the 18 regularly or didn’t have a rep for being a diver, but he should keep his trap shut.

    • We don’t blame Hoppenot for being Hoppenot, we blame to FO for giving us a team with 25 Hoppenots.

    • Dr. Union says:

      Honestly, I think his comments are valid. The problem is there is no winning in sight so fans coming back when they start winning won’t happen anyway. But the thing is at least someone on this team is acting like they care. While he was never the greatest player if he gets healthy I wouldn’t mind seeing what he’s got cause at this point he certainly can’t be worse then what we’ve seen.

      • I know for one I’d love to see Hop trying to get a head on a long throw into the box. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps opposing coaches up at night.

      • throw him on as a winger, why not. he can’t be worse than wenger at this point

  8. Dr. Union says:

    So we obviously need a new ownership that has been years in the making. But the players need to step up to and while cutting/ transferring/ and trading people might make sense who in their right mind would take anyone from this team. I mean the only ones to me that have value are Gaddis, Ayuk, Nogs, and Nando. And Nando is on loan so pretty sure he can’t be traded. So that gives this team no bargaining power as this team fell of the cliff awhile ago. So, the only way that fixing things seems possible is competitive ownership willing to spend money to buy players and bring them in to replace others and then cut those contracts because the rest of the options won’t work. I mean you might be able to get some balls and maybe $25,000 in allocation money for a few of them, but thats about it.

    • Well according to the front office they are “always” taking calls on Fabinho and he has “real value” in the league. Or at least that’s what they said during the expansion draft. The same expansion draft that we lost Pedro Riberio (our young, promising, up-and-coming rookie – because who needs those on your team). So might be a good time to cash in on Fabinho’s super league-wide value.

  9. I know how to “Make It Stop”- i’ve gone back to being a casual fan of this franchise once again, like before mid-season 2010. Outside of reading about them here and a couple of other websites that’s all i can take of them right now. No more matches (home or away) for me for the time-being, either. I’m so embarrassed by them i’ve removed from my cubical at work anything that has to do with them. Is this what they (the FO and ownership) want?? I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way (disgusted and sad)…

  10. J in Section 125 says:

    I will be wearing a brown paper bag over my head for Sunday’s game and dub it the “Sack, Sak, Sack.” This is my attempt to start showing a national TV audience that we are a contingent of fans that care greatly about having a successful MLS franchise in our city, still show up in higher counts than many successful teams and deserve better from this ownership group than what we are getting. It is time for the chants from the River’s End to demand better, for bags to be shown over the heads of the best fans in sports on national TV and to expose the owners for what they are. I hope there will be many more doing this as the season progresses.

    Show up to PPL and show up this ownership group!

    • The Black Hand says:

      I’ll be wearing a brown paper bag, at home. The key is to NOT cut out the eyeholes!!!

    • Dr. Union says:

      So a friend of mine who is not a Union fan is going to the game and was like gonna go to the soccer game this weekend you want to come…
      My response: ” Union games aren’t soccer games I’ll have to think about it”
      This is the first time I have ever considered not going to a game when someone asked, but their just so terrible and can’t stand this ownership.

    • From Friday: If all the fans went to Lowe’s before May 17th, picked up one of those black 8×10 For Sale signs, smuggled them into the stadium, and held them up at 20:10, that would be pretty cool.

    • I too will be showing my disgust Sunday. See you there!!

    In other news, thank you Erik Stover. I’m with ya.

  12. OneManWolfpack says:

    I watch as much MLS as I can, FOX and ESPN weekend games… I also watch the highlights/recap of all games, etc. I am by no means an expert. BUT… every team seems to offer something. The Union offer nothing. It is so glaringly obvious. Even the “bad” teams show up once in a while… hell Colorado beat Dallas 4-0 a few weeks ago!?!? Whatever. I’m just bitching. WSSM. This whole thing is so, SO broken…

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