World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Group Stage – Round 3

What a World Cup!

We’ve seen goals, upsets, late drama, as well as some healthy doses of excellent sportsmanship and class out of players from all continents.

Here at PSP’s prediction center, we have a similarly tight race being run by our 15 experts. Heading into Round 3, the Media Oracles’ Jonathan Tannenwald is joined at the top of the leaderboard by Kevin Kinkead with an impressive 18 correct predictions out of the first 32 matches. Right behind them, only 1 point of the lead are the Union Clairvoyants’ Leo Fernandes and yours truly from the PSP Prognosticators.

In the battle for team bragging rights, the Oracles top the table with 82 points, followed by the Prognosticators at 79 and the Clairvoyants at 73.

With the final group matches about to begin, it is still anybody’s game.

Union Clairvoyants
Round 3_A.inddPSP Prognosticators
Round 3_A.inddMedia Oracles
Round 3_A.inddPrediction Notes
  • So much for unanimous predictions. Croatia, Netherlands and Argentina (barely) got the job done, but Brazil, Italy and Germany didn’t have what it took in Round 2.
  • For round 3, only Brazil (for a third consecutive time) and Belgium get the nod from all 15 of our experts, though Colombia, France and Argentina came within 1 vote of joining them.
  • After knocking off both Uruguay and Italy, Costa Rica finally gets some love, with 6 votes for a victory over the English.


  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Sheanon Williams hatred of America continues

  2. The “Ghana Wins/US Loses” predictions are the ones that terrify me. How about a draw in each game? That would be just fine…

  3. Do most of us realize that teams are 0-4 after playing a game in Mannaus with a negative goal diff of 7 or 8?
    Not to mention Germany and Ghana had an extra day rest.
    The mythic stories of conditioning with Klinsman’s teams better be true cause the ancillary facts regarding this USA-Germany game do not bode well.

  4. Ruud Van Nistelroy so shocked by Suarez biting Chellini he couldn’t even speak. Did anyone see the expression on his face? Total disbelief. Fucking Suarez, I want to like him but he is an absolute nightmare. Shame on FIFA if he plays another game for his country in this tournament let alone ever again.

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