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In Pictures: Union 0-0 Dynamo

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Saturday afternoon for the scoreless draw between Philadelphia Union and the Houston Dynamo. Here’s a look at what he saw.

H001pUnion starting XI

H002pThe team meets for a couple last works

H003pCristian Maidana with a nice pass up the wing

H004pMaurice Edu looking for open space

H005pAndrew Wenger looking ahead for options

H006pAaron Wheeler had a strong aerial game

H007pZac MacMath punches one clear

H008pAmobi Okugo clears

H009pEdu cuts back into the middle to avoid Kofi Sarkodie

H010pBrian Carroll settles in midfield

H012pMaidana hits a long one up the wing

H011pCarroll under pressure from Sarkodie

H014pSheanon Williams heads one back up field

H015pVincent Nogueira never stops running

H016pWenger looking for a way around Will Bruin

H017pEdu tries to shake Corey Ashe

H018pMaidana on the move

H019pConor Casey with the shot but Jermaine Taylor makes the face save

H020pTally Hall beats Casey for the ball

H021pRay Gaddis out paces Tony Cascio

H022pWilliams with another long toss

H023pEdu goes a little over the top

H024pOkugo with another strong header

H025pNogueira switches to the other side of the field

H026pWheeler gets mugged inside the six

H027pSebastien Le Toux comes off the bench and powers forwards

H028pLeo Fernandes tried to spark the offense

H029pWhy do we never seem to have the advantage even up a man?

H030pOkugo looks for a way through Houston’s defense

H031pWheeler with a nice flick towards goal

H032pGaddis looks for options

H033pNogueira looks for a late game opening

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.

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