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All Three Points podcast: A new era

Welcome, Philly Soccer Page readers!

The All Three Points podcast could not be happier to be joining the PSP family. Here’s a little primer: A3P is the brainchild of Chris Gibbons and myself, Jeremy Lane, and we take the Philadelphia Union season three games at a time. During the season, Chris and I get together after every third Union league game, review those previous three games, then discuss three points or themes that have emerged from them.

This episode, or course, comes before the games have really started, but we take a short look at the last three preseason games, then discuss the following points:

  1. The Union’s incredible offseason: With basically every need addresses, is there anything left to complain about? (Of course there is!)
  2. Competition for places: The big new midfield additions seem to have nailed down starting positions, but what about everyone else? Zac MacMath is certainly looking over his shoulder…
  3. Future storylines: What will we be talking about in a month? The formation? The goal-scoring (or lack thereof)? Brian Carroll’s status?

We talk about all that and more, and we invite your comments and questions below. You can also shout at us via Twitter, @allthr3epoints (and yes, we realize that handle is a little clunky). To listen, click play below, or click here to download the mp3 directly.

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  1. Good conversation and analysis. Could you please back off of the microphones? The constant “P” popping is annoying. Nice Podcast though.

  2. i’m glad there is another podcast here to listen to, good job

  3. Nothing a good old pop filter can’t fix.

  4. Also, the show seems to be cut off, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of intro…

    • Thanks for the feedback, everyone. This is our second year doing the podcast and we’re constantly in the act of upgrading our process.

      @Julian Brown: the show starts on a “cold” open, something we’ve done since the first show last year. the official intro comes about thirty seconds in, depending on the episode, after the theme music.

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