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Fernandes levels Union with Orlando again, Maidana on joining the Union, more

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

The Union played to a 1-1 come-from-behind draw with Orlando City in their opening game at the Disney Pro Soccer Classic tournament. Reading-native Corey Hertzog, who recently joined Orlando on a one-year deal, opened the scoring in the 31st minute before Leo Fernandes equalized in the 73rd minute. Fernandes also scored the equalizer against Orlando in last year’s 1-1 draw in Disney tournament.

The Union have yet to defeat Orlando in four preseason games for a 0-1-3 record.

John Hackworth said after the game, “I think we did some very good things in the first half to set the tempo and rhythm for how we wanted to play. I thought our ball movement was really good and I thought our pressuring was good and we forced them to turn over the ball a lot in our attacking half. What we didn’t do so well was capitalize on those opportunities, and you can’t leave a team sitting around long and they caught us on a counter when we were pushing forward.”

Jack McInerney said, “We had a lot of chances, but we just couldn’t capitalize on them. We are taking the time here to work on our offense.”

Hackworth said of the approach to the Union’s preseason games, “The idea is to improve every match and get our guys more and more time. It’s a short preseason and you’ve got to maximize these opportunities against opponents and use these games as evaluation tools, but also implement the things you’re working on in training.”

The Union starting lineup was MacMath, Fabinho, Okugo, Williams, Gaddis, Carroll, Edu, Nogueira, Maidana, McInerney, Le Toux. A new lineup was inserted in the 61st minute: Blake, Hernandez, White, Wheeler, Kassel, Quinn, Fernandes, Fred, Cruz, Ribeiro, Pfeffer.

Match reports from PhiladelphiaUnion.com, Philly Soccer NewsPhilly.com, OrlandoCitySoccer.com, Sunshine Soccer News, Orlando Sentinel, and The AP.

Just before the game, Union Digital Media Manager Kerith Gabriel tweeted that the Union’s game against Toronto on Feb. 26 will be live streamed on the club website. As of this writing, no stream will be available for Saturday’s game against Columbus. The question of live streams from the Disney tournament may be a case of be careful what you wish for if this post from Columbus Crew blog Crewture.com is any indication.

In the other Disney Pro Classic games on Wednesday, Toronto got off to a less than auspicious start with a 3-1 loss to Columbus, while Kansas City topped New York, 1-0, and Montreal defeated the Fluminese U-23 team, 1-0.

Before Wednesday night’s game, the Union announced that 2014 second round SuperDraft picks Robbie Derschang and Kevin Cope, and trialist Mike Seamon, were no longer training with the club in Florida. More on the cuts and the current Union roster at Philly.com.

At MLSsoccer.com, Dave Zeiltlin talks to Cristian Maidana, who admits, “At one point, if you would have asked me if I would be coming to the United States to play, I wouldn’t have thought so. But then this opportunity came up and here I am. And I’m really happy here.”

Explaining that his natural position is on the left wing although he can also play “as a high attacking midfielder, playing just behind the striker,” Maidana continued, “I think being here can allow me to play to my maximum potential, and I’ve started to see that more since training here in the preseason. At the same time, I want to be a champion. And I think as I continue to develop here and with my experience, it can add a lot to a team that already is doing very well.”

Danny Cruz says of the 2014 Union, “I think this is going to be a hungry club and I know that I’m very hungry to go back to the playoffs. For now, we have to come together in preseason and start the season off on the right foot. I like the chemistry that we have and the direction that we’re headed.”

Rant Sports says Jack McInerney “is primed to explode into a top MLS star.”

An editorial at the Delco Times reviews the recent spat between the Union and the city of Chester over parking taxes and the city awarding private parking concessions near PPL Park that threatened to sink the team’s plan to build a training facility in the shadow of the stadium. With the news last week that an accord had been reached that meant the practice facility plans could go ahead, the editorial concludes, “It’s clear the city sidestepped a land mine in its dealings with the Union. There are others along the way, potholes on the city’s long, hard road to recovery.”


Former La Salle/Reading United/Ocean City Nor’easters goalkeeper John McCarthy is no longer with Seattle after joining the club as a trialist in January. McCarthy tweeted on Wednesday morning that he’s on his way back to Philly. Former Reading United forward Will Bates, drafted by Seattle in 2013, has been waived by the Sounders.

The Temple men’s team was named the 2013 Philly Soccer 6 champions with head coach David MacWilliams being named Coach of the Year. Robert Sagel was named Freshman of the Year. A number of Temple, Drexel, and St. Joseph’s players were also named to the Philly Soccer Six All-Star and All-Rookie teams. La Salle, Penn, and Villanova players were also honored but announcements have not yet appeared on the teams’ websites.


In addition to the Disney tournament, the Desert Diamond Cup preseason tournament also got underway on Wednesday. Chicago defeated Colorado 2-1 while New England drew 0-0 with Real Salt Lake. New Hope’s Steve Neumann, who has been recovering from an ankle injury, made his debut for New England in the game, playing 45 first-half minutes. Also at the tournament, Chivas USA drew 1-1 with FC Tuscon. The four-team Carolina Challenge Cup gets underway on Saturday. The four-team Rose City Invitational begins on Sunday.

Player moves:

Seattle’s Brad Evans says of the Sounders’ offseason moves, ““I think, in years past, we probably had better players. But I think we filled those shoes with better people. And it’s something that had to happen.”

More Didier Drogba to MLS rumors, hurray!

At The Washington Post, Steven Goff reports, “The union representing MLS referees claimed this week that a management representative threatened retribution against its members, prompting a second unfair labor practice charge as the sides work toward a collective bargaining agreement.”


At ASN, Jason Davis wonders, if Jozy Altidore, Aron Johansson, and Eddie Johnson are locks for the US World Cup squad, who will get the remaining forward spot?

At Goal.com, Ives Galarcep takes the buzz surrounding Julian Green as an opportunity to offer yet another apologia for Freddy Adu’s failure to rise above whatever burden the now decade-old hype that surrounded the start of his career may have placed on his development.

The fact that the tournament is more than a year away isn’t stopping ASN from speculating about who will make the USWNT roster for the 2015 Women’s World Cup.


Europa League play returns today. Check out the latest Footy on the Telly for listings of today’s games on TV, online, and on satellite radio.

The AP reports, “Brazil’s armed forces could be called on to contain possible violent protests during the upcoming World Cup, President Dilma Rousseff said Wednesday.” That’ll look good.

At The 91st Minute, Will Parchman on why Brazil’s PR machine “needs some honest tweaks.”

The BBC’s Tim Vickery looks at spending on World Cup stadiums in Brazil, some of which are owned by municipalities and some by the clubs that play in them, and asks, “is their World Cup outlay really justified when measured against the money generated by domestic Brazilian football?”

At the Guardian, Paul Campbell on why the “triple punishment” rule — punishing a foul in the box with a penalty kick, a red card and a suspension – should be scrapped.


  1. BAsed on twitter, it sounds like we were dangerous and created a lot of chances.

  2. Well done Reading United alums! Hertzog and Fernandes finding the back of the net in one match and Matt Hedges scoring in FC Dallas’ pre-season match.

  3. John O'Donnell says:

    After reading the Delco Times article, I went to the Chester City web site and looked at their job opportunities listings and found this. http://www.chestercity.com/index.php/job-openings-in-the-community/316-soccer-for-success. I was wondering if the team or the Sons Of Ben had looked into helping with this? I don’t know but it checks a lot of boxes with the team and the city. Maybe with the massive power that PSP has, they can pass it along to the Powers that be. Those new training fields would look a whole lot more friendlier to the city if this was a part of it,

  4. james lockerbie says:

    Any word about the lack of playing time for Casey injury?

  5. Teal Bunbury’s star sure has fallen. It wasn’t that long ago he was discussed as a future potential USMNT fixture…
    I’m telling you, if White can’t win the CB spot, I can really see Hack going with Wheeler and effectively playing a 5-2-3, with Carroll as a de facto CB as well

    • I would kind of like the 3CB formation if A. Hack wasn’t the coach. B. We had 3 good CBs. We have 1 CB who can be very good but in terms of the position is new, so switching to 3 may mess him up.
      It would have to be Okugo, Gaddis (better at defending than going forward) and then who else? Carroll…too short. Wheeler has barely played CB with a 1 or 2 CB system…
      I like your thinking though. Maybe should have played this last year, with Parke CB, Okugo RCB, Gaddis LCB, Sheanon and Fabinho as wing backs..but I can’t see it this year.

    • I’ve seen 5-3-2 and 5-4-1 but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 5-2-3. Strikes me as it would be very difficult to transition from defense to attack without the wide forwards dropping deep to the point that they are essentially in a 5-4-1.

  6. OneManWolfpack says:

    Danny Cruz – “…For now, we have to come together in preseason and start the season off on the right foot…” – BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A LEFT!! HA! Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week… be sure to tip your waitress!!
    If Hack starts Wheeler at CB EVERYONE will know who I am at PPL Park… count on that.
    I am really mad about these games not being streamed. As that Columbus blog said, it’s a disgrace. One step forward, two back for MLS – all the time!
    Excellent to see LeToux start. That needs to happen March 8, 15, 22, etc…

  7. Great news that Le Toux started, that could be an excellent role for him this year.
    Any word of Hoppenot or Casey?
    So is this starting back 4 looking more every day like the one that starts the season? Also… The second half back four almost looks like a joke.

    • Sadly, I hope not. If we had to start Gaddis on the right, we lose significant service from that flank. I’d be willing to sacrifice that service if we drop Carroll and insert a more attacking mid with Edu deep.
      We’ll see. Williams and Okugo are both shorter and athletic, but also both can be over aggressive on tackles. We need somebody who can contain.

      I wonder how Pearce looked/looks with IMFC?

    • Thankfully, Hack does not seem content with the current setup (see quote below). While the U deserve some flack for not really having a legit CB option due to poor depth, I think their setup can and will be good with the addition of one Parke-like player.
      Again, we are pleased with the guys that are in camp. But in reality, is that exactly where we want to be? No. We are trying to find that person and we are looking very hard. But we are not going to make that move unless it’s the right player.
      Hackworth from http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2014/02/21/emergence-rookie-richie-marquez-giving-philadelphia-union-unexpected-depth-a

  8. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    I’m just curious what Freddy Adu and Ives Galarcep’s love child is going to look like…….

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