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In Pictures: Union 0-0 Montreal

PSP photographer Earl Gardner’s look at the Fan Weekend in Florida concludes with the scoreless draw against Montreal Impact in Jacksonville.

Photo By Earl GardnerKeon Daniel warms up before the match. 

Photo By Earl GardnerConor Casey takes in the scene at EverBank Field.

Photo By Earl GardnerHmmm… I would probably go to Jim’s instead of Pat’s or Geno’s.

Photo By Earl GardnerThe coaching staff stands for the Canadian National Anthem.

Photo By Earl GardnerBOOM!

Photo By Earl GardnerZac MacMath makes a save.

Photo By Earl GardnerDanny Cruz takes the first of two bad bumps during the match.

Photo By Earl GardnerJack McInerney makes a run towards the box.

Photo By Earl GardnerSebastien Le Toux looks for a pass.

Photo By Earl GardnerBrian Carroll expresses his thoughts on Montreal’s hacking play.

Photo By Earl GardnerGabe Farfan pushes the ball up the pitch.

Photo By Earl GardnerI see you.

Photo By Earl GardnerSeba battles for the ball.

Photo By Earl GardnerRay Gaddis overlaps Garfan.

Photo By Earl GardnerGaddis throws in the ball.

Photo By Earl GardnerCarroll fights to clear the ball.

Photo By Earl GardnerMichael Farfan moves the ball up the middle.

Photo By Earl GardnerA bunch of Union fans made their way up from Orlando for the match.

Photo By Earl Gardner1. Jack Mac gets pulled.

Photo By Earl Gardner2. Jack gets his revenge.

Photo By Earl Gardner3. Jack gets a yellow.

Photo By Earl GardnerSeba takes a corner kick.

Photo By Earl GardnerDon Anding has been making a good impression this pre-season.

Photo By Earl GardnerRoger Torres looks to make a run.

Photo By Earl GardnerLeonardo Fernandes gets taken out.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.

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