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Off to Florida, Adu rumors, USMNT roster released, massive match-fixing scandal, more

Philadelphia Union

The Union depart for Orlando this morning for the next phase of preseason training. First kick is only 26 days away.

The latest Daily Doop checks in on what was happening at Friday’s practice and says the trialist Jordi Vidal’s “speed is as impressive…but you can see he’s still a newbie trying to get the hang of it all.”

In the latest ASN 100, Jack McInerney drops two spots to No. 59, Sheanon Williams stays at at No. 84, Amobi Okugo drops one spot to No. 96, and Michael Farfan drops two spots to No. 100. That guy who is on the Union but is not drops three spots to No. 65.

Following the news that FC Dallas were negotiating with Toronto to secure Eric Hassli, a rumor appeared on Twitter on Saturday that Toronto were looking to let go of Hassli in order to make space for Freddy Adu. This was followed by a post from the Brotherly Game late on Saturday night that eventually got around to saying a “team official” told TBG “the two sides had progressed in their preliminary negotiations on moving Adu out of Philadelphia. The official went so far as to say that it’s possible that a trade could occur relatively soon.”

Philly.com’s Jonathan Tannenwald sent out a series of tweets on Sunday morning that said a source told him “there is no truth to the reports of a potential deal between the Union and Toronto FC to trade Adu.” He further tweeted, “There have been offers for Adu from multiple MLS teams but I am told that Adu and his agent have turned them all down.” These deals were contingent on the Union “eating a big chunk” of Adu’s salary. He added, “Am told that the Union also got offers from teams in foreign countries and Adu’s side turned them down,” continuing, “Foreign team offers came from countries Adu did not want to go to. I don’t know what countries.”

So, is that the end of this particular rumor? Who knows.

Gay4Soccer interviews Chandler Hoffman.


The Inquirer has a great profile on local soccer apparel company Live Breathe Futbol.

Should PDL teams like Reading United be compensated for helping to developing players who are drafted into MLS? At Newsday, Daniel Casey argues the case.


Looking at the number of MLS players that went to Europe in the January transfer window, Sigi Schmid says, “This might be the turning point in terms of the acceptance and recognition of American soccer. Where there’s been the isolated occurrence in the past, whether it was Clint Dempsey or Jozy Altidore or whoever, but with the number of players now with Kamara, Shea and Najar maybe it is a situation now where the recognition given to the football that we play has increased.”

Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew are expected to announce today a trade that will see Dominic Oduro headed to Ohio for Dilly Duka and the rights to Robbie Rogers.

Portland Timbers have officially parted ways with Scottish Designated Player Kris Boyd.

Sporting Kansas City defeated Portland 1-0 on Friday at the Tuscon Desert Friendlies.

Houston Dynamo are talking to “at least five” potential new shirt sponsors after they announced on Friday that they had amicably ended their deal with Greenstar Energy, which was recently bought by Waste Management, eleven months early.

Speaking of sponsors, the New York Post reports that Herballife, LA Galaxy’s shirt sponsor, is the subject of a probe by the Federal Trade Commission.


Jurgen Klinsmann announced his 24-player roster for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier in Honduras this morning. Jeff Parke will be joining the Union in Orlando.

ASN has a list of the Top 5 US Hexagonal heroes.

At Goal.com, Zac Lee Rigg takes a look at Klinsmann’s assistant coaching staff.

The LA Times looks at how the Gold Cup may provide opportunities for MLS stars like Chris Wondolowski and Brad Davis to see more time on the field with the USMNT.


Following a 18 month long investigation, Europol says 425 people from more than 15 countries—”including club and match officials, current and former players”—are suspected of conspiring to fix 680 matches. The New York Times reports, “Those matches included qualifying games for both the World Cup and European Cup, and two Champions League matches, including one in England.” More on the story from the Guardian, ESPN, and Goal.com.



  1. These rumors, if true, on Adu about receiving offers from other teams, domestically and foreign, only furthers my view and I’m sure the view of other fans in the league of Adu. He is a waste of space; regardless of how talented he is he causes more controversy off the field/in the locker room then he could possibly compensate on the field. And do not give me that “he did not play in his real position” crap. Hackworth gave Adu plenty of time to dribble himself into trouble, make bad passing decisions and prove he is not as good as his name makes himself out to be.

    On a side note this is not all Adu’s fault, he was brought up in a culture that is always looking for the next big thing and when we think we have found it, we pound the idea of this young athlete being the next Jordan or Pele in this case.

    I am not in the locker room nor do I directly communicate with Adu but to me he is a very selfish player that overvalues himself. Sure he played well in the Gold Cup that we lost to Mexico but he could not continue that form. He also played soccer in Europe at a level that is equal too if not below the MLS in level of play. Since 2007 he played for 6 different clubs including the Union, what does that say about what kind of player he is?

    I am just sick of hearing Adu’s name and that ASN rating of him is absolute crap, he has not played in how many months? Rant is over, sorry if I repeated previously discussed topics on here.

    • The Black Hand says:

      The feeling is probably mutual, between Union Brass and Fred. I don’t know if Hackworth did give Freddy a real shot. He sat a lot, coming of the bench in the 83rd. Freddy was brought in to be the #10. He was told that the play would run through him. Then the club proceeded to play long ball, after long ball, over the head of Adu, (and every other Union midfielder), in an attempt to spring an inept striker in on target. The quality of play from the Philadelphia Union (not just Adu) was embarrassing and showed little knowledge of the game. The manager could not commit to a starting XI, much less a tactic. Adu’s contract is big, but that is not the fault of the player. The Union decided on the sum and signed him. Now they want to go back on that agreement. I am in no way proclaiming Freddy Adu the greatest. Far from it. The fact remains that he is currently a Union player. Hackworth’s decision, to not include Adu “in his plans”, is a mistake in my opinion. We have added skilled players up top. Players that might be able to play on the same page, as Adu. His ability to outlet is quality and we currently have no better option at the 10. Michael Farfan has done nothing to show that he can command and distribute, from the center of the pitch. His effectiveness comes from the wing. Roger Torres shows flashes, but is indecisive for the most part. If Adu is not in the plan, then a replacement must be brought in before they ship him off to Siberia. Currently, (without Adu), we are looking like an inferior club due to a lack of quality in the middle of the pitch. That, coupled with a very suspect goalkeeper, could lead to a long and frustrating campaign. I am not seeing progression within the club and it is troubling… If an agreeable transfer of Adu cannot be decided upon, then I think Adu should quickly become a big part of Hackworth’s plan. Precious training time is ticking away throughout this ongoing power trip.

      • Eli Pearlman-Storch says:

        For the record, John Hackworth took over as the Union manager on June 13th. He managed 23 matches in 2012. In Hackworth’s first 17 matches in charge, Adu made 12 starts, 4 substitute appearances and an unused substitute only once. Adu started in 9 of Hack’s first 11 matches. Whatever turmoil took place caused adu to miss 5 of the last 6 games.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Damn facts always ruin a good argument. I still think that Adu could offer the club a lot, in distribution out of a CAM position. We have acquired/reacquired talent, at forward, that could benefit from Freddy’s through balls. I saw a lot of nice ideas from Fred, last season. Many of which went dispossessed due to a lack of vision on the receiving end. I am not absolving Adu for the times that he took too many touches or played himself out of space. That happened often but it happened to everyone. Marfan seemed to have a very similar dispossession rate, yet he is valued as one of our best. I think that salary is the only thing knocking Fred, when compared to Farfan or anyone else on the club. The lack of quality and tactical structure, on the pitch, contributed to Fred’s woes. It seems that Hackworth is making Adu the scapegoat for a lot of his own, and the club’s, shortcomings. He is a talented footballer. I think they should find a way to utilize him.

      • Eli Pearlman-Storch says:

        I agree with you about the scapegoating. the union and hackworth especially have made a royal mess of this situation. burning adu in public was innapropriate as it failed to strengthen anyones position in this stand off. I do have one disagreement in the marfan vs Adu argument however. Michael Farfan is a rough(sometimes too rough), hard working player who never shrinks from a challenge. While adu can fill a highlight reel against weak opposition and in highly publicized matches (see nyrb), against the columbus’ and colorados of the world he simply doesn’t show up. Fans and coaches have every right to call a player out their highest paid player for simply taking nights off against the leagues less glamorous, more bruising foes. So while Farfan and adu are similar in the pass completion charts, Farfan seems to represent a player fighting hard to realize his potential which, at face value, appears in stark contrast with Adus on field attitude.

      • Well said!

      • Exactly why M. Farfan has won me over.

      • In MLS salary is a big thing. If Farfan can produce as much as, or more then Adu then he better just based on his salary. I don’t think Hackworth is making Adu the scapegoat for his own shortcomings. He just never seemed to really fit into the squad after Nowaks departure.

    • Wow what a stupid post lmao… after 9 teams and being released, yet teams foreign and home are still looking for his service..and your conclusion is he’s still crap?? Maybe you have not heard that Philly have recently been turning down offers for him as well. Basically you are saying its the clubs that are stupid and not you correct?

  2. I just want adu to find a home that costs us as little as possible and not in the MLS. I Dont want to contend with constant comparisons for the next year. I wish him luck and would be happy to see him succeed (somewhere else)however this will not happen in philly.

  3. I always love reading Tannenwald’s twitter feed after TBG releases a new post or tweet. He really gets bent out of shape over anything that TBG does and it’s fun to watch it unfold.

  4. Say what you will about “BIMBO,” but it’s far, far better than having some kind of multi-level marketing scam on our chests.

    • I think those who poke at bimbo are foolish considering several other fairly well repected teams brandish their logo on their chests. besides we have one of the best shirt sponsors in the MLS by far. who else has a sponsor who also sponsors another soccer team.

    • I will grant you that one.

    • I could be incorrect but I think at the time the only shirt sponsor that was worth more than bimbo in the MLS was herbalife.

  5. Good discussion about the USA call-up here:
    Worrisome that we do not have any speed/width…

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