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Le Toux returning to the Union

Photo: Paul Rudderow

[UPDATE: Philadelphia Union and  New York Red Bulls confirm Le Toux to Union in exchange for Josue Martinez and allocation money.

Le Toux tells Kerith Gabriel, ““It feels great, this is probably one of the best days of my year right now. I am very happy to get back with this team. I just want to the team to succeed and I love to play in front of these fans here. And yeah if everything goes well, I want to finish my career in Philadelphia.”

John Hackworth says in the Union’s announcement, “We are happy to welcome Sebastien back to the club. His determination and heart are a perfect fit for the mentality of this team.”

Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh says in the Red Bulls announcement, “Sébastien indicated to us at the end of the season that he wanted to return to Philadelphia and we respected his request. We want to thank him for his service to the Red Bulls club and wish him the best of luck in the future.”

Nick Sakiewicz says in the announcement, “In our hearts Sebastien has always been a Union player and his contributions on the field and in the community while he was in Philadelphia were invaluable. We are thrilled to welcome him back and look forward to having him rejoin the club.”

A press conference to formally announce Le Toux’s return will be held at PPL Park on Friday, Dec. 7 at 10am and will be streamed live on the Union website.]

Sebastien Le Toux is returning to the Philadelphia Union.

Following a report by Ives Galarcep at Soccer By Ives, a source with knowledge of the situation has confirmed that the fan favorite will be wearing the Blue and Gold in 2013.

According to Galarcep’s report, New York will receive an unspecified amount of allocation money and an unnamed player in return for Le Toux. PSP understands that the unnamed player is Josue Martinez.

Le Toux’s return marks the end of a year long journey that saw him dealt by former Union manager Peter Nowak to Vancouver Whitecaps in January in return for allocation money, a move that shocked the fanbase and the first of three widely unpopular trades that also saw the departure of Danny Califf and Danny Mwanga. He scored four goals in 19 appearances for Vancouver before being traded to New York Red Bulls in July in return for Dane Richards and allocation money. There he scored one goal in nine appearances. That goal, like his first in Vancouver, came in his debut for his new club.

The Le Toux news cycle began earlier on Thursday with a report from SBI that said New York had made a bona fide offer to the out of contract Le Toux. Galarcep wrote, “According to sources, the Red Bulls are planning to trade LeToux if and when he agrees to the offer, with his destination still yet to be identified.”

We’ll have more on this breaking story as it becomes available.




  1. Yes 😀

  2. Welcome home, Seba

  3. If confirmed, this is the most exciting news in this year that required us a huge amount of patience.

    Welcome back, Saba. We missed you.

    By the way I would like to hear from supporters who booed him at Pink Cow arena this summer.

  4. Yes, yes, yes!!!

  5. Excited to see Seba and Jack together up top. Hoping we go to some sort of diamond if Freddy stays, as I personally prefer Marfan on the wing, where he is devastating. Should be fun.

  6. Oh Le Toux, Le Toux
    He’s Frencher than me or you,
    He’ll score us a goal or two, or three
    Oh Le Toux, Le Toux!!!


  7. Welcome home, Seba. Welcome home.

  8. First good move. LOVE watching this guy play. This doesn’t fix all the problems with the team, but I think it a solid step towards relevance.

  9. Now who gets to wear #9 …

  10. Paul Rupe Section 119 says:

    Fantastic news, he was heart and soul of the team. I was so dissapointed the way he was treated by previous coaching staff. Thank you NICK.

  11. Peter Nowak says:

    You will see. You will all see.


  12. As a RBNY fan, congrats on getting your man back. Glad we were able to work out a solid deal for both sides.

  13. DarthLos117 says:

    How pissed is James gonna be?!?!

  14. Not unexpected, but totally warms my heart nonetheless. Welcome back Seba!

    It’s like we’re all getting back together with an ex whom you love but had to move away indefinitely for a work assignment conceived out of spite by the asshole boss…or something.

    Annnd nicely unwinding two ill-conceived Nowak transactions with a single move!

  15. Well, I’m not pissed. I’m just not ecstatic. I can’t take away what he means to us and what he did for us.
    I’m just looking past that. Is he going to become that 90 minute till he dies player for us? What if he goes half a season without scoring, what if he has those few game stretches where his runs are pointless and helpless and his touch is rock solid? I want a coach to be able to sit out of form players and send a message. I don’t think that will happen with Le Toux.

  16. Yeeeesssss. Love it. That is all.

  17. On the other hand, a 4-1-3-2 of
    Le Toux – Jack
    Garfan – Adu – Marfan
    LB – Valdes – Soumare – Williams
    Sounds pretty damn good to me right now.

    • Jeremy Lane says:

      Bingo, again.

    • Would love to see someone in Adu’s role, but maybe give him a chance as the number 10 for once. If Adu fails, maybe Torres or Marfan in there, throw Keon out wide? I hear Mapp is available in the re-entry draft since we’re getting back all our old players right?

  18. Hopefully they will continue to look for attacking fire power. Le Toux is no longer the answer. Otherwise, I’m glad that his back.

  19. I might just have to buy a le toux jersey now. Yesssss!!

  20. Saint Nick Indeed!!!

    ‘Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all ’round the house
    That Sebastien built there was grumbling, and grouse.
    The blame, it was hung on the old coach, who cared
    Not a whit for the team he had built from thin air.

    Supporters were pulling the hair from their heads,
    While visions of pink cows filled them with dread.
    My son, in his Union shirt, sat in my lap,
    And asked, “Dad, what is up with this salary cap?”

    When out in the ether, there arose such a twitter,
    A reason to hope, to think thoughts much less bitter.
    To the PSP I clicked in a flash,
    I was as nervous as a teenager in an elevator with Kevin Clash.

    The words in the headline, newly composed,
    Gave a lustre to all who would wear blue and gold.
    When what, to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a quote from Nick Sak, full of great tidings, and cheer.

    That little old guy now seems lively, and quick; I just hope that it isn’t a PR trick.
    Sure, we need more than Seba, there are big holes to fill.
    Still, a trade like this one sure creates some goodwill.

    Happy Christmas to all!

  21. Sebastien L. says:

    Oui! I am so happy to be back!

  22. UnitedPenn13 says:

    Best news I’ve heard from the Union since they fired NoWak-job!!

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