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Pfeffer on loan to Hoffenheim

Photo: Earl Gardner

The Philadelphia Union announced on Tuesday morning that 17 year old homegrown player Zach Pfeffer will be loaned to Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim 1899.

The loan runs from Jan. 7 through Dec. 31, 2013.

Union coach John Hackworth said, “Loaning Zach to Hoffenheim is a win-win situation for all parties involved. While we will miss Zach for the 2013 season, we know that the experience at this stage of his maturation process will be invaluable to both him and the club for the future.”

Pfeffer said, “We looked at it and it was really probably the best spot for me in terms of my overall development as a player at this point in my career where I am, you know with my age and everything included in that. The main thing is I need a place to play games most importantly good competitive games… in [MLS] reserve league we have 10 and that’s really not enough, not even close to enough.”

Pfeffer previously had training stints with Hoffenheim in 2010 and 2011.

“This really is the next best thing for me,” Pfeffer said. “I look at it in a very positive way, just talking with coaching staff and just in the position I am in, I am a very young guy and I think the club is looking out for me and really wants me to develop so I can be a big part of this team in the future. This was the best decision that came in front of us so I think; I mean I look at it as a way to develop me so I can be a big part of the future [with the Union].”



  1. This is a no brainer he has gone as far as possible in the Unions youth system but doesn’t really have a place on the Union. Worst case scenario we get a transfer fee.

  2. Great news for him! Two questions: is he done with High School and would he be able to play for the UNION next Summer during Hoffenheim’s off-season?

  3. Great news indeed! Now let’s get McLaughlin and Hernandez similar loan deals and we’ll be set. These three need to play and the Reserve League and various friendlies aren’t going to cut it when it comes to player development.

    • I agree, they need game experience, and only getting 10 games(I didn’t know that was it) in the reserve league won’t cut it. This happens all the time else were in the world, you loan your young talent out who you see as a future part of your team but are not making the starting sheet right now. Mls loans out known quantities(i.e Donovan), but doesn’t seem to loan out it’s young talent were I feel it could do the most good. Feel free to correct me any one, but no name springs to mind as having been a home grown on loan?

  4. Good luck to him, and well done. Congratulations to the program, as well.

  5. Really shows what the reserve league is like in the MLS. I hope one day they can get it to be somewhat like the U-21 league the EPL is starting to use, but right now there isn’t enough youth depth for it to be possible.

  6. I wish he’d be going to Borrusia Dortmund. How the youngsters of that club played against Manchester City last night was just awesome!

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