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In pictures: Army 1-1 Navy

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand for a hard fault 1–1 draw between the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen in the inaugural Army-Navy Cup. The game was played Sunday afternoon at PPL Park in front of a crowd of 3,672, the most to watch a college match at PPL. Here’s a look at what he saw.

Josh Koeppe gets a boot up a little high

David Arnold heads the ball forward

Westfield, NJ native Joseph Greenspan was a towering presence on the front line

David Jackson receives a little bump from South Orange, NJ native Devin Perlee

Derek Vogel is escorted to the end line

Trent Brown catches up to the ball just outside the eighteen

Nick Dubee took a nice crack to the chin but still got up with Perlee

Koeppe attempts to block the clearance from Dubee

David Jackson tries to maneuver away from Arnold Chun

Zach Davis shields Brown off the ball

Greenspan takes a point blank shot at Army keeper Winston Boldt

Speedy Sean Mogan outpaced Guy Skord for the clearance

Did anyone really think this was a handball on Chun?

Boldt scrambles to get the ball before Patrick Sopko arrives

Dover native and Navy captain Giiehti Christian has a hard time getting up with Tommy Jaeger on his back

Vogel flicks the ball on net and has a seat on top of Chun

Cody Guerry returns the favor by sitting on Swarthmore, PA native Thomas Shiba

Mogan holds off Alex Wilson

Gavin Snyder wasn’t as busy as Boldt but still had to make some key saves

Shortly into the second half, Dubee converts a nice pass from David Jackson for the first goal of the match

Peter Lee gets a little tripped up by Jackson

Boldt scoops up the ball just as Christian arrives

It was Snyder’s turn to make a game saving stop

Kyle Golonski goes up for the ball with Grant Valenstein

Eric Wootten holding Brown off the ball

Michael Kim skillfully sinks a penalty kick

With that goal, Army tells Navy we’re all even

Greenspan flicks the ball past Boldt but over the net

A little Gangnam Style entertainment prior to the start of overtime

Arnold gets his head on another loose ball

Koeppe settles the ball in midfield

Boldt continued to make great saves in overtime

Dubee tries to split the defense

Greenspan has one last try at goal before the end of the game

Neither Captain appeared happy to settle for the tie

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page.


  1. I really dig those Army kits. Good pics!

  2. Good pics good game dad

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