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Union part with Perlaza

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Philly.com and CSN Philly are both reporting that the Philadelphia Union and Jorge Perlaza have agreed to part ways.

The announcement was confirmed by the Union on Tuesday night’s broadcast of the 90th Minute radio show.

According to a press release from the club, “Philadelphia Union and Colombian forward Jorge Perlaza have parted ways after both parties agreed terms to terminate his contract.”

Perlaza came to the Union when Peter Nowak engineered the trade of 2010 MLS SuperDraft No. 1 pick Danny Mwanga to Portland Timbers on June 6.

Perlaza played a total of 72 minutes in 2 appearances with one start in league play since joining the Union.

In one of his rare appearances for the club, he scored one goal in the friendly with Harrisburg City Islanders on June 12.

Peter Nowak was fired on June 13.

According to information from the MLS Players Union, Perlaza’s departure means the Union now have an additional $115,000 in salary space under the salary cap.

To give a sense of how tenuous Perlaza’s time at the Union has been, as of this writing, his stat page on the Union website shows him wearing a Portland jersey.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.




  1. I will miss seeing him watching the game from the bridge.

  2. James Korman says:

    I still don’t get it. The most you could get for Danny Mwanga was this guy? Seriously, what is going on here? WTF?

  3. I would say this means we are getting the big signing nick sack promised at the beginning of the transfer window, but i’ve given up hope on that

    • Great move, they have to get rid of the slugs on this team. Not comfortable with Hackworths in game decision making. Unfortunately he doesn’t have many more opptions. Another evening of Smurf futbol! Adu will start, I guess he really is our only hope right now. Might as well let him do his thing beause there are no other options. I still say Adu needs to be on a star studded team like NY or LA, the Union are just too lacking right now. However if the bring in some talent to complement Adu great!

    • I thought Soumare was the big signing?

      • He was. This is the Union rectifying the mistakes of Peter Nowak and Diego Gutierrez. Expect more.

  4. What an aweful organization. The have zero clue and it all begins with Nick S. Completely wasteful 1st round picks. Seriously?!?

  5. it’s tough to blame nick at this point. he gave the keys to nowak, nowak drove them in a ditch, and now we’re mad because the guys who can’t help get the car out are being sent away? why keep him here if he isn’t helping?

  6. Mwanga makes way too much $$ for what he was worth. He is not getting on the field that much for Portland either. Perlaza’s exit is just a salary dump. If Hackworth gets the permanent manager job, I see the roster becoming a mostly North American roster

    • Which will suck totally. Perhaps he’s what the team needs for now to finish out the season. I’m hopefull but I just don’t see enough points to get the into the playoffs. Missing the playoffs may be a blessing, the organization has some real moves to make!

    • James "4-3-3" Forever says:

      Hm, interesting point. I think this would be a roster full of YOUNG, legit American talent, if that’s what you mean. And that isn’t a bad thing. Hackworths time in the youth NTs would give him a god eye for that.
      And the only other thing he would need to do is compliment the team with veteran talent at a handful of positions, and I see no reason why HAckworth wouldn’t be willing to look past American players to do that.

  7. I think this is a good move, he was a sunk cost and there was no point in keeping him around. I was hoping we would be able to trade him for something but at least he isn’t sucking up salary cap space anymore. I only wish they would do the same with Lopez. Every time I see him on the bench blood pressure goes up.

  8. I support the U and enjoy the games. I think the players give it their all. PPL Park is nice. But the personnel moves over the last eight months make me think the club deserves to be relegated, as it would absolutely force them to make better decisions. The Mwanga trade was puzzling at the time (I just re-read the PSP article about it), but now? It’s so bad that it should be punished. Of course, it and all the other stupid moves would be punished, in almost any other league on the planet. Relegation would at the very least force them to dump Adu. It would make them focus more on tactics and sound football, instead of trying to make headlines with stupid trades and transfers and overpaid DPs. I’ll be at the game tomorrow night and most likely I will enjoy myself, but right now I am completely disappointed and wish there were a more severe penalty for this team beyond “missing the playoffs.” I could deal with a year or two of watching the NASL if the end result were a more perfect Union.

  9. Agree with everyone else, getting rid of Perlaza was getting the inevitable out of the way. Dude was never going to play ahead of the kids (and should not have).

    Whether or not you think Mwanga was worth keeping, that trade was still a disaster. I’m not surprised Sakiewicz was compliant with Nowak’s absurd requests; Nick is just a suit, he has no business having any say in sporting matters with the club. If the remaining members of Keystone S&E had a clue, they’d keep the guy in the business wing of the front office (where his track record is peerless in MLS) and hire an actual GM to oversee the sporting side of things (where Nick is about as competent as any bum off the street would be). Ideally, even if Hack stays, they’d get a legitimate GM in place so that the same crap that happened this year with Nowak couldn’t be repeated.

    That being said, forgive me if I’m unwilling to hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

  10. “This wasn’t about freeing up money. This was about grabbing a player who can help us.” Nick Sak after trade of Mwanga for Perlazza. Think he wants that one back?

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