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Union trade Mwanga for Perlaza

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

The Philadelphia Union announced on Wednesday that they have traded Danny Mwanga to Portland Timbers for Colombian forward Jorge Perlaza.

Danny Mwanga was the Union’s first pick in the 2010 SuperDraft.

Perlaza had been a rumored target of the Union in before the 2011 season. While born in Colombia, Perlaza holds a US green card and therefore does not occupy an international slot on the roster.

Mwanga, the Union’s first ever draft pick and Generation Adidas signee, scored 12 goals and eight assists in his first two seasons. Graduating from Generation Adidas for the 2012 season to become a fully salaried roster player. Mwanga struggled to find time on the field in 2012, registering one assist in 458 minutes, along five shots, two of which were on target. The latest salary information shows Mwanga’s guaranteed compensation at $356,250 for 2012.

Joining Portland in 2011 after beginning his professional career at the age of 16 with Atletico Huila in 2001, Perlaza scored six goals and added two assists. In 2011, Perlaza has no goals and no assists from seven shots, two on target, in 490 minutes of play. Perlaza’s 2012 guaranteed salary is reported at $115,000.

According to Section 203 of the 2011-2012 US Soccer Policy Manual, the section dealing with player eligibility for the US Open Cup, Perlaza cannot appear for the Union in the US Open Cup because he appeared in Portland’s loss to Cal FC on May 30.

“(c) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (d) of this section, any player who plays in any part of an Open Cup match for a team, may not be included in the Open Cup roster or play for any other team in the Open Cup competition for that year.”

Subsection (d) says that a player who played for a team in the “Open Cup Adult Council category” and then later “is properly registered on, or transferred to” a team in “the Open Cup Professional Division category” is eligible to play for the pro team in the tournament.

Speaking to Chris Vito of the Delco Times, Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz said of the Perlaza trade, “This was a move to make our team better, bring in a guy with multiple weapons in Perlaza and a guy who can do multiple things offensively. Danny’s been great with us. He’s a tremendous young talent and we wish him well moving forward. This wasn’t about freeing up money. This was about grabbing a player who can help us.”

When asked what his response would be to a fanbase that grows more and more restless following a string of trades that have seen fan favorites leave the Union, Sakiewicz said, “I have no response to (our fans) throwing hands up at any point. We don’t give up, we don’t quit and we’re doing everything possible to get better each season.”

PSP will have more details as they emerge.


  1. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    I’m fucking pissed guys…
    This crap makes no sense. This hurts more than ANY other trade they made. Why the hell are either of these two kids on the table? Two young prospects picked in the top 10? Players who were supposed to grow before our eyes and establish themselves with this club?
    And to make matters worse, ITS FOR ANOTHER FORWARD??!?!? Some random Columbian bum who is going to languish on the bench because we have a ton of forwards?
    For either of two young kids with the world in front of them?

    • Peter Nowak says:


    • Philly Cheese says:

      Perlaza won’t languish on the bench, he will get significant playing time for next four weeks whether he is good or not…….see Pajoy and Lahoud for examples. Hoffman and Hoppenot, who are showing some spark with Martinez, will now move to the bench so that Nowak can try to prove it was a great trade for the Union.

  2. DarthLos117 says:

    He sucked anyway.

    • James "4-3-3" Forever says:

      Nothing confuses me more than the hate for these kids with tons of potential. Mwanga was 20 for gods sake. He was jerked around he never got a consistency go at things, and consistency is one thing young players need the most!
      He never knew what his role was, who he would be playing with, WHEN he would be playing.
      Yet you expect him to come out and wow you at the drop of a hat? To impress constantly?
      What ridiculous expectations.

      • DarthLos117 says:

        Eff potential!!! I want the end product now! I expect all of our players to produce now not tomorrow. I expect all of our players Pajoy included to come out and wow me every game consistently. To me as a supporter, those expectations are realistic. Mwanga is a wash (Jack Mack should also be traded before his stock goes facebook), this is one move I agree with and Ive always thought Perlaza had quality.

      • Poe’s Law for sports fans?


      • The Black Hand says:

        Agree. I’m not too sad to see Mwanga go. Perlaza just might be better.

  3. I’m ok with this trade. They were both out of favor in their respective (former) clubs, but taking Danny’s salary off the books saves the team $200k+ in guaranteed compensation. Perhaps it’s in preparation for their big summer move(s).
    I’m surprised Al O’Cayshun wasn’t involved somehow.

  4. Unbelievable…just unbelievable.

  5. Jeremy L. says:

    Whoa. That was unexpected. It’s probably better for Danny’s career, at this point, but it speaks again to how little access we fans have to the front office’s thinking. Why make this move? How does it improve us? Do we have a plan for growing the younger players on the team, or is it purely “survival of the fittest”?

  6. This is probably a good trade for both parties. Mwanga is going home, in front of a great fans base, with a coach who will give him minutes with a steady system. He will haunt us in the future.

    We will get an older guy who works hard and has been compared to LeToux.

    That being said it seems these moves are being made to dump salary, and not to improve the team.

  7. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    Not me, about Perlaza: Danny hasn’t had a great season but look who we are getting: Perlaza has no goals and no assists from seven shots, two on target, in 490 minutes of play.

  8. If I was Danny, I’d be the happiest person in the counrty today knowing that I was getting out of this joke of an organization.

  9. Well this is going to make the Reading United v. Philadelphia Union friendly a lot more interesting.

  10. WilkersonMcLaser says:

    Nothing underlining the arrogance and opacity of this organization surprises me anymore.

    Good on Mwanga, I expect he’s poised to break out now. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if our guys are begging to jump off this quickly sinking ship.

  11. A very clear salary dump, I will reserve judgement on this trade until the summer transfer window closes.

    • yep.

      I’m also ok with with it being simply a salary dump and player fortune reset. Neither were making headway at their current locations. We get a talent and save $$$$.

      • “We get talent and save $$$$”. Sounds like what people said when Le Toux was sent packing for Pajoy. And here we are still trying to fix that mistake…

      • scottymac says:

        That’s kind of revisionist as Pajoy was rumored to be coming to the Union all winter.

      • But the kind of revision the front office is known for. Like after they traded Letoux they said the allocation money would go to buy the rights Roger Torres, when it was well known that they were going to buy his rights anyway.

        This always has a way of blowing up in the front offices faces as people immediately turned against Torres.

  12. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    And judging from comments from Portland fans, Perlaza has a reputation of not being able to finish.

  13. msg24365 says:

    You guys are missing the point and giving Nowak too much credit. The real person pulling the strings is the marketing person, trying you to get you to buy the new jerseys. Best way to do it, trade away all of the top sellers in years past. Now, want to support your favorite player – chances are you have to buy a new jersey. Genius. Pure. Genius. Unless you’re buying a Caroll jersey, I’d hold off on buying any jerseys though…

  14. It’s not even that Mwanga was the greatest player in the world, he had plenty of faults. But this is just ridiculous. I’ve never seen such a clear cut display of salary dumping. Mwanga-356k, Califf-275k, Le Toux-170k, Mapp-218k. In the meantime we spent MORE ON PAJOY (190k), and spent 125k on Fropez. But the most recent 2 trades were clear cut salary dumps, the Union banking over $430,000 between the two of them, what a disgrace.

    It’s been such a struggle as it is, trying to convince friends and family and coworkers, that they would get into the MLS and specifically the Union. But with moves like this it just hurts the progress of the team and the league as a whole. I may have to just take down the fanfare from my desk and pack it in at this point, until the team decides to have someone else run the team.

    If you notice, in the case of EVERY SINGLE MOVE we’ve made, the other team is excited about it and we ARE NOT. This all isn’t even including the poor play on the field, and the horrible coaching decisions. Let’s just hope that this is all going somewhere positive in the future.

    • I really suspect that the Union really wanted Adu to go to that Spanish team. He isn’t playing anywhere up to what they hoped he would and his salary is an albatross dragging the team down. Hence him becoming the worlds most unhyped DP.

    • Regarding the recent salary purge, I have no issues with unloading the salaries of Justin Mapp, Danny Mwanga and Califf. In Mapp’s case, we had younger and better options at his position. With Califf, if we all take the emotions out of the deal, it made sense to move an aging veteran with noted injury issues on while still could get something for him. I hated that deal for so many reasons including that our defense was left with zero depth, but as a business move it made sense. Looking at Danny Mwanga’s trade, the club moved a huge salary off the books. We were not getting a measurable return on our signifcant investment, so the FO moved on. I fully expect to see the Union make major upgrades to the squad before the transfer window closes. If those reinforcements don’t arrive, it’s worrying times indeed down by the river and we all better start playing the lottery.

      • We never had younger options for map, we just kind of lucked out that Garfan worked out as well as he did.

  15. WilkersonMcLaser says:

    From Chris Vito’s interview w/ Sakiewicz:
    “On reassuring fans who might throw their hands up that another fan favorite has been traded–
    “I have no respose to (our fans) throwing hands up at any point. We dont give up, we dont quit and we’re doing everything possible to get better each season.””

    What a bunch of bullshit.

    • “This wasn’t about freeing up money. This was about grabbing a player who can help us.” O RLY?!

    • Seriously, fuck this guy. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Who the hell do you think you are? The fans are the reason why you have this lovely job in the first place. Have a problem with the fans demanding results? Go work in a mine or something.

      • WilkersonMcLaser says:

        I don’t credit Sakiewicz w/ an abundance of cleverness, but it’s hard to believe he’s even this dense. This kind of defensiveness looks like it was partially his decision.

      • I think the same thing myself. As Nowak is techinically in charge of all personel moves, I blamed him 100% at first. However, tBG’s story on Hackworth last week, and comments made by Sakiewicz (during both his radio interview 2 weeks ago and in the above article) lead me to suspect that he is at least complicit with this year’s personel decisions, if not worse.

    • Kensington Josh says:

      He knows it’s bullshit. He’s not dense but he thinks we are.

      • I kind of believe, especially in light of the comments made after Chester announced its tax plan, Nick S will say anything…ANYTHING, that he thinks will gain him sympathy or an advantage no matter how shortsighted or temporary it is.

  16. Wow….we are definitely going to win the MLS title for LOWEST PAYROLL.

    How low can we go? Average salary below $60k sounds about right for this front office.

    I’d like to believe that a DP is on the way later this summer but “that’s not the Union “blueprint for success.”

  17. …..and how about Michael Lahoud’s comment yesterday that he’s never played on the back line “his entire life.”



  18. Well, he wasn’t getting any minutes anyway. This is clearly a salary dump. Leaner, meaner, UNION. 🙂 Yeah. Jack Mack is next.

    • but we aren’t really leaner. Less salary but not leaner. We got another striker in a field of unproven strikers with potential. Meanwhile have more strikers than defenders.

      • We’re not meaner either. There is nothing that can be done. I doubt that the Union will be successful this year, and I doubt that they will fire Nowak. So, its up to the fans whether they want to continue to shell out money for an inferior product. Eventually, I don’t think they will. The team is in fact being mismanaged.

  19. I’ve been disappointed in Mwanga overall, but couldn’t they at least try to get a center back in return? This is just one transfer/trade/kiss off out of many, but the one that really was stupid was trading away a center back for whom there was no replacement available. Unless of course there’s some sort of allocation money market for short-selling at a postion.

  20. PS. If people are unsatisfied about the Union. Do something about it. Stop buying tickets and merchandize. Eventually, the point may resonante.

  21. Who’s next go go? I’d say Okugo or Jack Mac

    Freddy Adu $519,000.00
    Gabriel Gomez $294,702.50
    Carlos Valdés $268,000.00
    Lionard Pajoy $195,000.00
    Amobi Okugo $173,000.00
    Brian Carroll $168,000.00
    Jack McInerney $140,166.67
    Zac MacMath $135,000.00
    Porfirio Lopez $125,087.50
    Roger Torres $119,285.00
    Michael Farfan $94,700.00
    Kai Herdling $94,002.00
    Chandler Hoffman $91,000.00
    Sheanon Williams $90,500.00
    Michael Lahoud $84,571.00
    Josué Martinez $71,062.50
    Zach Pfeffer $70,000.00
    Keon Daniel $59,410.00
    Jimmy McLaughlin $57,000.00
    Chris Albright $55,000.00
    Cristhian Hernandez $54,375.00
    Gabriel Farfan $46,200.00
    Chase Harrison $44,000.04
    Krystian Witkowski $44,000.04
    Antoine Hoppenot $44,000.00
    Greg Jordan $44,000.00
    Chris Konopka $44,000.00
    Raymon Gaddis $33,750.00

  22. somdooper says:

    could Nowak be moving salary to make a bid at a former European Star?? Names that have been thrown around to make a move to the MLS are Ronaldinho, Drogba, Kaka, Jozy Altidore or Clint Dempsey?? I’m not insinuating that this is the brass’ idea but it could be possible…Le Toux and Mwanga the teams faces and primary goal scorers the past two seasons…are the Union going to push for a Euro Star?? I don’t know, we will see when the Summer Transfer Window Opens.

    • No. Because this team can’t play. Can’t move the ball. It would be pointless to get a DP. Besides this type of movement is just to small scale if talking about a major star (PS. They won’t come to Philly even if they want to play in MLS).

      • somdooper says:

        are you sure they wouldn’t with how fast the fan-base have grown? with the spotlight philly has been under as one of the premier MLS cities (not teams) in the past couple years? Getting the All-Star game against Chelsea, playing Real-Madrid last season and Manchester United the year before?? Hosting RM vs Celtic?? In such a sports crazed market with the passionate fans that Philly has, its has the potential to be a players dream…ask Cliff Lee

      • Yeah, I’m sure. Unless, they offer them much, much more money than they are actually worth.

      • scottymac says:

        0.00% chance of any of those players coming to Philly. What’s more plausible, they use the savings to complete the Herdling transfer/banishment.

      • Kensington Josh says:

        European stars come to MLS to get away from fans. Henry walks through NY and no-one says anything.

      • somdooper says:

        and teams without the ability to move the ball should sign a star so they can build the team around him..whats the point of building a team if you have no one to build around

      • Building a team around one player never works. If only for a simple reason that the player could leave at anytime. And no player is so fantastic that two center backs can’t handle.

    • WilkersonMcLaser says:

      Of the names you mention, I don’t see it.

      There is absolutely zero chance that Jozy or Deuce come back to MLS anytime soon barring some pretty unimaginable circumstances. Clint is poised to move to a bigger club or, at the very least, get a fat re-up with the Cottagers. Jozy’s been a revelation for AZ and Philly couldn’t afford him even if they sold half the team.

      Drogba’s already in China making boatfuls. Ronaldinho just moved to Atletico Mineiro.

      In any of these cases, as with most cases, the allocation dollars that Philly has stockpiled won’t be enough for a marquee name, at least not one that could make a serious contribution on the field.

    • Why would they come here with no (zero) shot at playoffs? Those guys are not coming to a bottom of the table team.

      • Exactly. If you were a “name” player with options, why would you want to come to this frack show???

  23. MikeRSoccer says:

    Mwanga is going to do great in Portland. He would have been an absolute star for the Union if Carlos Ruiz was not brought in before last season. Watching him and Le Toux in 2010 was an amazing experience, unfortunately Nowak destroyed that partnership and Mwangas development stalled. He needed this move. We needed this move because Mwanga was never going to turn things around here and we were paying him too much. It’s clear the organization has accepted that they screwed up big time and are now rebuilding. I just hope that we let Nowak rebuild and then fire him before he destroys it again. Good luck Mwanga.

  24. I’m a huge fan, I think like many on here….it’s more “for who? for what?” are all these moves adding up to a bigger one? Or is this simply the case of giving that Madman Nowak enough rope to hang us all?

  25. WilkersonMcLaser says:

    Here’s the thing, Perlaza may very well work out. If you remember, Paunovic ended up working out very well last season, defying expectations.

    But the trade itself or Perlaza isn’t the problem. Losing Danny Mwanga (though it hurts and is, in my estimation, myopic) isn’t even the issue.

    The problem is the pattern. The patent disregard and unbelievable disrespect that this club has towards its fans. Perlaza becoming a goal scoring machine or Lahoud turning into midfield engine won’t change that fact. Something at the core of this organization is deeply rotten.

    • T of the U says:

      well stated

    • DarthLos117 says:

      We as fans need to accept that this, The Philadelphia Union is a business. I dont care who plays for us…I just wanna doop. Having emotional attachments to players is a self defeating behavior.

      • Its not the players. Its what they are doing to the team overall. They are mismanaging it. So you’re not gonna DOOP (as you put it).

      • WilkersonMcLaser says:

        I have no problem with them being a business. But businesses are only held accountable to consumer behavior. The thing is, as a pro sports team, the Union also serve a role as a kind of metropolitan civic institution. That’s great, but when they serve a bad product consistently and with complete disregard for its customers, we need to respond as customers would: take our business elsewhere. I’ve been patient, but I wouldn’t go back to a restaurant that gives me food poisoning over and over again.

      • DarthLos117 says:

        See thats where you and I will differ. I will be at PPL whether they have a quality product or not. Do I want them to win, absolutely. Blind allegiance. By take our business elsewher do you mean your gonna support DC United or the Red Bulls? Or go back to watching Euro footy? And say things like Cheers?!

      • Umm, being a fan of a team means you care about more than just the scoreline and the business. If those were the only things you cared about you’d just switch allegiance every season to the team with the greatest revenue or the most points. I doubt you do that. Emotional attachments to the team are exactly what real fandom is about.

      • WilkersonMcLaser says:

        People keep reading my comments and twisting it into something unrecognizable. I’m not saying that if we aren’t #1 that I’ll bail (I’m here, aren’t I?). In fact, it has very little to do with the scoreline — it has more to do with a consistent and notorious disrespect for the fans by the organization. Playing a civic role, I give the U a lot more leeway than I would just about any other profit-seeking business, but it can’t be indefinite. As I’ve stated before, that kind of behavior only hurts the team in the long run and undermines the whole point of having a team.

      • Dan Walsh says:

        Don’t worry. Your comments are clear to many. Whether one agrees with them or not, your comments are among the most insightful on this site.

  26. Section 116 says:

    It’s been a pleasure bonding with all of you, but I just cancelled my season tickets (which we have had since Day One) and have asked for a refund for the rest of the season. I’m quitting the Union and MLS. Thanks Nick S/Peter N!

    • I’m not going to renew either.

      • T of the U says:

        Not a season ticket holder, but definitely purchased 3-4 individual game tickets each season so far. Yeah, not doing that anymore.

      • Dido. Same here. (Season holder last year, but not this year).

    • Hope you get your money back. They should give you back the money for the games that already happend since they were playing so badly.

    • Right behind you Section 116. Hope you mean what you say because i do: This on-going horse-shit is really testing my “faithful ’til the end”… pledge or whatever you call it. I turn to Soccer for an uplift, for positivity, as a hobby that makes me Happy to be Alive. I no longer find any of that with this team. This team, since late last season, has been a nightmare to follow and i just can’t do it anymore. Can’t stand this constant feeling of dread, of “what’s next”… outta here… 🙁

    • I don’t watch the games on TV anymore, I just don’t care that much now aside from feeling smug when they lose.

  27. A protland fan asked about Perlaza : Yeah, he sucks. Is paid way too much. Litterally, can’t hit an open net. I don’t remember the last time he scored.

    • A number of Union fans have said exactly the same thing about Mwanga. I’m hoping the change of scenery helps both players (and in turn helps both teams).

    • scottymac says:

      True, but I remember the last time Mwanga did – June 25th, 2011…

  28. MikeRSoccer says:

    It’s not the fact that this trade happened that has so many of us upset (I think), but the fact that since January the team has moved 4 starters (Mwanga, Le Toux, Mondragon, Califf) out of the team and moved 3 starters in (Pajoy, Perlaza, Lopez) two of which have been absolute failures. On top of this 17 out of 29 players currently on the roster were not on the team at the end of the 2011 season. That is a 58% turn over in the teams roster and depending which way you measure it a staggering minimum of 50% turnover in starting 11 from last season. At 11 games into the 2012 season the Union currently have amassed a grand total of 8 points. Last season in 11 games the team was sitting on 22 points.

    Let’s look at the teams that the Union have traded major starters to in exchange for allocation money or bench players.
    Last season in 12 games they had 12 points. After the Union sent Harvey there mid season and Le Toux in January the team currently has 19 points 12 games into 2012.
    Chivas: Since former Union captain and starting CB Danny Califf was traded to them back in May Chivas have gone undefeated in 5 matches, conceded 3 goals and gained 5 points from 3 matches against LA, NY and Seattle. They had collected 10 points in the previous 10 games against arguably weaker opponents then those 3.

    Confused, disgusted, sad? What should the fan reaction be? Can you imagine if 58% of the Phillies roster and close to 50% of the starters were moved out of the team in 6 months? What about the Eagles?

    • Yea and how many players are left from season 1?! 4 or 5!

      • MikeRSoccer says:

        Seitz, Knighton, Orozco, Arrieta, Jacobson, Perk, Gonzalez (didn’t leave before 2011, but didn’t play a single minute in 2011), Fred, Stahl, Zimmerman, Noone, Moreno, Coudet, Salinas. They all left before 2011 started. With a roster of roughly 26 players for most of the 2010 season and with 15 players leaving before the start of 2011 that equates to roughly 58% roster overhaul from 2010 to 2011 the same number as from 2011 to 2012.

      • the kid union says:

        only 3…

    • I think it is about more than just the roster turnover. It’s also about the manner in which those trades occurred: the players traded were disrespected, the fans were decieved by the purpose of the trades, and the organization exuded outright arrogance in its comments about them.

  29. Timber Jimbo says:

    I’m a Portland fan, and I can tell you about Perlaza. His only asset is his speed, and it is a pretty considerable asset. He’s fast as hell. However, his ball handling skills are atrocious. Unless he gets the ball in a perfect spot that doesn’t require him to dribble around a defender, he’s probably not going to even get the shot off. If he does get a shot off, it’s probably not going to be on frame. I don’t know much about Mwanga, but it seems as if we may have gotten the good end of this deal. Sorry to hear about your tightwad owner. Cheers

    • Thanks man. At this point my pain and suffering is something I embrace and even though this information makes me angrier and more furious, in a way I am happy that I have more of a reason to hate this team.
      I should see someone about this.

    • the kid union says:

      thank you?

    • scottymac says:

      I think if this was 2010 it was grand larceny. Right now, with where Mwanga’s confidence is, it’s a wash. We gave you a striker without the courage to shoot, you gave us one who shoots but couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. On second thought, I think we may be slightly ahead as there could be a “magic loogie” type of deflection from a Perlaza shot that could find twine. Mwanga’s got the soccer self esteem of a 16yo girl who cuts herself. His only “assist” was when he “laid off a pass” (he was fending off a CB and forgot the ball)at the top of the box that got buried. If you factor in calories burned with how Perlaza runs vs Mwanga, we’re way ahead.

  30. There is only one logical explanation for all the trades and that’s clearing the board for someone big. Do I think it’s the reason? NO I do not. Just saying its the only logical reason. Also I think this team has a thing for GA tags. We seem to dump players that are close to or have recently lost that tag. It’s probably the reason jack Mac has not played much this year. I actually think this team is playing for draft picks as there isn’t an expansion team this year. I am actually happy for Danny that he may be going somewhere that may give him minutes and where he can grow. I am however feeling very let down by the apparent lack of understanding of the firestorm of anger that is brewing and now boiling over. I just don’t understand how a FO could be so immune, pompous and short sighted as to actually think we all don’t see that they don’t care or clearly know what they are doing.

  31. Like last years big DP signing. Freddy Adu. Yup, twice as expensive as Mwanga yet less productive. Nowak sucks. Dump Peter for gods sake. Wont that save us some money?

    • Philly Cheese says:

      …and while they are at it…..they should look at Executive Office staff and make some salary cuts there as well. If the team is trying to save salary money…..then get rid of the suits.

  32. the kid union says:

    did anyone else notice that there are 81 comments on this!

  33. I can’t believe Sakewicz publicly stated he has no response to the fan outcry over losing Mwanga. That’s cool Nick, I guess you don’t have to respond to fans. We don’t have to watch your shitty team either.

    • What I wonder is at what point don garber gives a call and tells these guys to get a clue and that they are running the risk of losing the ship on this one. MLS has something to loses a whole if teams start making ridiculous moves that create bad PR especially in the all star location. Don’t need Novak booed for the whole all star game in front of a more international audience.

      • And where is the ownership group? Are they also so oblivious/ignorant of sinking fan sentiment? How can anyone run a business like this and expect success?

        Remember how much hope and anticipation you had 6 months ago? Nowak and Sakiewicz need to go.

      • Help us Don Garber. You’re our only hope. 🙂

    • scottymac says:

      Believe it Sistah Soccerjah, it was his rep when he got here:

      Other fun Nickicitisms:
      Called the most competitive man on earth by Union CEO and Operating Partner Nick Sakiewicz, Nowak is the perfect coach to carry the MLS. From -http://www.csnphilly.com/04/11/12/Nowak-named-MLS-All-Stars-coach/news_union.html?blockID=687312&feedID=4267

      We have invested heavily in our youth development system and are very proud and committed to our young players. As such, it is vital that we get them on the field to gain valuable playing experience so they can realize their full potential. From -http://www.philadelphiaunion.com/news/2012/02/letter-union-fans-nick-sakiewicz

      Nick’s been douchetastic this year. Kinda makes you wonder how much of the early 2010 success went down to Tom Veit.

  34. Pahotspur says:

    A chorus of “you don’t know what you’re doing” when Nowak is introduced at each future game might prove interesting. Maybe the fans will get traded!

  35. i have always liked Mwanga – but i do think it was time to move him – for one reason or another he wasn’t getting it done here – he has regressed since his first year and i read a few times last season that he is a horrible practice play – i am sure that Nowak HATES a player that doesn’t want to practice – but you can’t build chemistry with new teammates if you don’t like to practice. and yes he always seemed to have some kind of minor injury keeping him from playing – MLS is a big boys league – it is a long and tough campaign – he needs to show more toughness.

    i would have loved to have seem Danny stay here and become a star – but with each game it looks lees and less like that would happen here. i wish Danny luck in Portland and i hope both teams make out on this deal.

    let’s see what happens when the transfer window opens. on the very first 90th Minute on WIP Nick S said that the U has the most allocation money in the league – Ives Galarcep said that is common knowledge that the Union is out looking for defensive help for when the window opens. in the second program John Hackworth said the team is looking to secure scoring help when the window opens.

    let’s see what happens when the window opens – let’s see if the U aggressively goes after help and if they sign help. if they bring in help can they turn the season around? i have no idea – but if they improve and we get some exciting soccer.

  36. Mike Servedio says:

    This comment thread is fantastic. Close to 100 comments and no one trolling, no name calling, no bull shit. Just an honest discussion about this trade and the Union as a whole.
    Mwanga was a classy guy who I don’t think got a fair shake in Philadelphia. I’ll be rooting for him for the Timbers. The jury is still out on Perlaza, but 6 goals all time and none this season don’t have me excited.

  37. I always felt like we were a more dangerous team with Danny on the field. He hasn’t contributed much lately but hasn’t really gotten the opportunity to. In his career I’ve seen him shoot from 20+ yards out and score. Seen him take 3-4 defenders on a run and score or assist. Seen him show skill and speed and lots of potential. And seemingly decreasing confidence. We just gave him up for basically nothing in return.

    I’ve talked to a member of the team as some of you may have, who told me how toxic Nowak’s relationship is with the team. The entire team hates him. I’ve been on teams at high levels like that and it’s not at all conducive to a winning environment with today’s athletes. As much as we the fans look on from the outside getting frustrated, the team feels it even more. Nowak taunts the players, telling them that his job is safe and they all need to fear for theirs. I understand having healthy competition within your roster, but he instills no confidence in his team from within.

    Nowak and this front office have certainly taken two years of positive progress and thrown that out the window. I still like a lot of our players but they obviously don’t like the coach and it shows on the field. Not much passion on the field or in the stands. A shame.

  38. I’m okay with the players that the FO has shipped out. LeToux and Mwanga both had long, protracted draughts. Califf was aging. I totally ‘get’ that MLS teams move players alot in an attempt to put together the right squad BUT the guys we are getting back don’t fit our needs or improve the team. It reminds me of baseball’s role of ‘Closer’ being handled by ‘committee.’

    I wish we could trade 3 of our mediocre forwards for one established goal scorer. Then trade 3 of our plentiful midfielders for a legit central defender. Fill in the roster with talented kids like Hoppenot, Hoffman, Pfeffer, etc.

    Not being a former player I truly trusted the FO with respect to talent evaluation. They seemed pretty good up until this year. What the Hell happened?

    I’m still hanging in there. I hope Perlaza gets comfy with the rest of our Colombian players and becomes the sniper we so desperately need right now. LET’S GO UNION.

    • I kinda feel the same way about our midfield too. wish we had 1 or 2 we could really count on and a group of solid roleplayers. I assume Gomez could be that guy but I think he mentally checked out.

  39. One thought and I know this sounds like wishful thinking but is it possible that ownership is making the team lean in order to try and sell. American corporations do this all the time. Maybe they are overwhelmed/in over their heads and want out. I heard the 20th team may cost as much as 100 million for the rights. Maybe someone out there is looking to get in the MLS game and likes the set-up with fans, stadium, youth etc but not the salary or players on the roster so you thin down the team with salary etc and put it on a limited market for sale.

    Actually the new owners and management could come in as saviors and heroes. Bring in their players to add to the young core and bring in a wash of fans. Does this make sense or is it just a recount of a dream I had last night.

  40. philsoc8 says:

    On a standalone basis I have no problem with the trade. Danny is three years into a pro career and shown little in the way of improvement. It may be on him or on the coach, or both, but either way it’s a fact and it’s not a surprise; not every player works out.

    What is troubling to me as a fan of the team, as well as the players, is how casually Nick and Nowak have blown up what is a very difficult thing to build – an expansion team with an identity. And they have done it with little in the way of communication, transparency or even slick PR. They are gambling it all on the fact that the team will be better on the field, which so far looks like a very shaky proposition.

    Someone asked where the owner was, and I think it’s a great question. At what point does Jay Sugarman start being held accountable?

  41. NuggerZ8 says:

    I’m done. Someone let me know when Nowak has been fired and I will start following the Union again.

  42. Kensington Josh says:

    Danny was my favorite player in year one. I always thought he wasn’t given enough minutes and that his performance deserved more. I’m happy for him. I’m going to predict he scores seven with the remainder of this year in Portland.

    I’m sad but I don’t feel the rage from everyone else- I felt it with Califf because that trade made our team so much worse (we have no center back to replace him!) where as we have many strikers (though Mwagic has the biggest upside).

    I agree with the comments that question the front office. Is the agenda to win, here and now? It doesn’t look like it. I haven’t been going to games, too poor, and just became a father recently (so if its a choice between me playing a game, or going to watch one, I still choose to play) but I’d like to go so I can show Nowak what we mean when we say Brotherly Love.

  43. Just never let them even TRY to convince us that its about youth and building for the future.

    I think it is plainly obvious that the Union is in SERIOUS financial trouble.

    I don’t even think its Nowak. The problems go even higher.

    • I think you may be right. This transfer window will be telling. If the Union don’t spend their “Allocation Money” aggressively, particularly on the defensive side, we’ll know that they are tapped out.

  44. WilkersonMcLaser says:

    The Shin Guardian’s founder had this to say in the comments of his write-up: “I’ll say it again as well–and this statement has been *confirmed* by two MLS player agents–why in the world would you encourage your player to take a deal from the Union and aren’t players/agents now seeking a premium to go there.” http://theshinguardian.com/2012/06/06/perlaza-for-mwanga-the-megabus-is-on-the-move
    Got that? Agents are now actively downing Philadelphia as a destination because of how erratic things are. What a shit show.

  45. Facts are facts. They’ve got a TON OF DOUGH. Salary cap space, allocation money, all of it. Will they spend? If they don’t spend then we know it’s all about the franklins. (or lack thereof.)

    I’ve got my fingers crossed the Union are not broke….

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