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In pictures: Union open practice

PSP contributing photographer Barb Colligon was at PPL Park on Thursday night for the Philadelphia Union open practice for season ticket holders. Here’s a look at what she saw.

The goalkeepers came out to warm up first.

Then the rest of the team came out.

Coach Hackworth instructs the team.

Yep, that’s Reading United’s Greg Cochrane and former QPR man Patrick Kanyuka.

Warming up.

There’s Chris Albright, Roger Torres, and Gabriel Gomez looking fit and new guy Jorge Perlaza.

Coach Hackworth and Brendan Burke review the drills.

Everyone’s favorite spark plug

Drills underway.

That Kanyuka fellow is big.

Coach Hackworth explains the next drill.

Freddy is open!

Williams and Witkowski sat this practice out. The cooler was for Sheanon’s foot.

Some action in front of goal.

The warm-down.

Coach Hackworth addressed the fans after the practice.

And then the players signed autographs.

Everyone got into the action.

Those are some sweaty goalkeepers.

The Captain reached out to the fans.

Lionard takes a snap.

A good night at PPL.


  1. An out-of-contract center back working out with the team? Anyone care to comment how Kanyuka did?

    • James "4-3-3" Forever says:

      Looked him up and he’s 6’2 and only 24. I would like that signing.

      • Seriously? Based on his age and height alone? I would like the team to sign a center back who can PLAY.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Agreed. Kanyuka would be a nice capture.

      • He played for a 5th division England team last season. Although i suppose thats about equal to a 4th division german team.

    • Doop 'Til I Die says:

      He looked big, though a little tentative, as if coming off of an injury or something.

      • crosswiredmind says:

        He looked pretty good when the D went of to run some drills simulating defense against set pieces. He out jumped just about everyone (duh, he’s 6’2″) and cleared more than one cross.

        That being said, he did not impress on the short pass drills.

  2. Team did not impress. Am not surprised they can not find the net in real games….

    • Doop 'Til I Die says:

      Do you ever have anything positive to say? The most important thing is that they looked like they were relaxed, having fun, and enjoying playing soocer, and I doubt practices looked like that under Nowak. If you listened to a word Hackworth said, the practice was intended to be conducted at, at most, half speed, with only small bursts of intensity

      • Guess you were not at last year’s practice… Back then they did impress and this was reflected in their results last year. It is fine to have fun & enjoy playing soccer, especially when you are young. But we are talking here about a professional team that will not get results if they can not find the net in practice!

      • When pretty much all Nowak did was bark and yell at the guys? It was awkward to sit there an listen to it, especially when he singled out guys like Tait and tore him a new one in front of his team mates and the fans. This was an open practice, and not for anything it was more a showcase for the fans to feel (re)connected to the guys on the field. What’s most noticeable from the pics – I didn’t have enough loyalty points to attend – is that the “practice” occurred close to the fan-side sideline, whereas last season it was pushed more to the bridge side of the stadium.

      • Also thought it was nice to see that the players were loose and playing with joy. Positive energy will breed positive results.

  3. More concerning to me was Sheanon disclosing that he fractured the big toe on his right foot. Ouchie!

  4. Michael Boxall has been waived by Vancouver Whitecaps. 6′-2″ centerback. Just sayin.

  5. I do have to say it was a little bit disturbing how may they put over the net from 6-7 yards out. I liked how relaxed they were and having fun and I feel that will have a positive effect on the team but if you have trouble finding the net from 7 yards in practice it will be even harder in game time speed.
    We need a forward with swagger someone to show the team it can be done. We also need a center bak with size and I really don’t care who that is at this point.

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