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Reaction to Mwanga trade, more news

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

Who knew we’d have less than 24 hours—not even a full day—to bask in the glow of another US Open Cup win before the announcement that yet another Philadelphia Union original had been traded. The way things are going, one can’t help but wonder if an announcement that Jack McInerney has been traded will also be a matter of hours rather than days. Anyway, however the Mwanga trade works out, at least this time the Union player being traded seems happy to go. That’s good, right? Right?

Philadelphia Union

A classy Danny Mwanga, speaking with reporters via a Timbers teleconference on Wednesday evening, expressed his thanks for the opportunity he had been given to play in Philadelphia and his happiness in returning home to Portland. He also said, “Every player has a moment where you’re struggling and you’re trying to find yourself and things were a little bit tough sometimes. [But Peter Nowak Nowak] gave me the opportunity to come [to Philadelphia]. He drafted me and brought me into the league. I don’t think he would’ve done that if he didn’t see potential in me.”

Asked by Chris Vito when things soured in Philadelphia, Mwanga replied,

“That’s a good question. I think that’s probably a question I don’t have the answer to. I don’t know what to tell you. I wish I could. For me personally, it was tough trying to adapt. It takes time to get to know each other on and off the field, as well. Sometimes it takes more than three years. We were trying to get to know each other. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was getting there slowly. I’ve just got to wish the rest of the guys luck. I hope they pull it together and do great things.”

The Shin Guardian says of the Mwanga trade, “In terms of asset management, Portland gets a B+, Philly a C-. Mwanga’s value has dropped and that’s on the coaching staff and front office. It is-was only known to the Union that Mwanga was not in their plans. By not playing Mwanga (or trading him in January when Portland inquired originally), Mwanga’s value depreciated. Poor.”

WV Hooligan says, “Holy moly. Philadelphia is trading away their team here.”

Portland Timbers blog Stumptown Footy describes the trade as a “like for like swap.”

At ProSoccerTalk, Richard Farley says the trade is “a move that needed to happen,” while Steve Davis wonders, “Is Nowak the right man to nurture young talent?”

Soccer America says Mwanga is another example of how No. 1 picks have struggled to make a lasting impact in MLS.

Simon Borg, MLSsoccer.com’s resident moron, parachutes in the opinion that the Union got the better of the Mwanga-Perlaza trade. Somehow he believes Mwanga’s performance in the Manchester United friendly was the highpoint of his career. Pillock.

What, what what? Simon Borg says that Opta stats show the trade to be a pretty even deal. Make up your mind, Borg.

OregonLive.com rounds up the comments of Timbers fans, who believe they got the better of the deal.

More on the trade from  the Sports Network, SBI, SB Nation, CSN Philly, Oregon State University.

Union Dues looks on the bright side.

The Brotherly Game talks to Stumptown Footy about Jorge Perlaza.

US Open Cup

More on the Union’s win over DC United from Potomac Soccer Wire, Black and Red United, and CBS DC,

More from Harrisburg’s win over New York Red Bulls in the US Open Cup from MLSsoccer.comMLS Talk, Big Apple Soccer, the New York Post, West Coast Radio, Empire of Soccer has 5 lessons learned for Energy Drinks fans. Upper 90 rounds up anything else that you may have missed and has links to photos and video from the game.

The DCist writes of United’s loss to the Union, “What a bummer. I’ll be pulling for Harrisburg from here on out. We’ve already got enough Philly fans around here, for better or worse.”

SBI has brief background on the remaining underdogs in the tournament.


Sporting News looks at how Antigua and Barbuda got to Friday’s World Cup qualifier against the US, a path that includes the the formation of Antigua Barracuda, the USL PRO team that employs most of the national team players.

SI looks at the long road to the World Cup.

The USMNT moves up one spot to No. 28 in the latest FIFA rankings.

Goal.com talks to Herculez Gomez.

ProSoccerTalk looks at the USMNT’s center back options.

ProSoccerTalk continues their chat with Kelley O’Hara. You can read part one here.


Jamaica has kicked two players off of their World Cup qualification squad for breaking curfew.

UEFA president Michel Platini says any player who leaves the pitch due to racial abuse at the Euros will be booked. “It’s a yellow card. It’s not a player – Mr. Balotelli – who’s in charge of refereeing. It’s the referee who takes these decisions. Referees can finish the game. They have this power in case of racism. That is, I think, the best way to protect the game against racism. The referee has been given advice and he can stop the game if there are problems.”


  1. I am sure players happy to go will now be the trend.

  2. “For me personally, it was tough trying to adapt. It takes time to get to know each other on and off the field, as well. Sometimes it takes more than three years.”
    Are u kidding me?! A coach should be instrumental in getting players to adapt, & gel, and then get the most out of them in the shortest amount of time! Very sad to see that our coach does not seem to be able to do that.

  3. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    I have heard peeps from reporters that Nowaks relationship with players is pretty toxic. Is this true? Mwangas answer was well measured but not a shining endorsment of Nowak at all.

  4. N o w a k s u c k s says:

    Ok so try this one for size… we all know that Diego owns a players agency How many of the south americans are using this company…anyone knows??? Nowak is completely tearing this team apart and its to bad cause we the fans are the ones loosing out..

  5. T of the U says:

    Has anyone else seen the updated article headline on philadelphiaunion.com?

    “Union nab Perlaza”…are you kidding me? Like it was some kind of a steal? Like we didn’t give anything up for him?

  6. MikeRSoccer says:

    What does Nowak have to do to be fired? I really believe that the best thing for this team right now is to stop playing. We need to lose every game and get crushed in every game at this point. I don’t want this team to succeed this season because it means Nowak will remain in charge. Better that we fail horribly, fire Nowak and preserve what is left of the team.

    • DarthLos117 says:

      Nowak has to stay in charge at least until after the all star game as he was already named the all star coach. Im very curious as to what happens afterwards? Ive heard that he is contracted to stay on for TEN years which means that he has SEVEN years remaining on his contract. I wonder if he has one and what the buy out clause is on his contract should he be terminated. And knowing how frugal the Union is/are, would they be willing to pay him off of his throne?

      • jpat2411 says:

        Anyone who things that Nowak is acting alone in this is naive. Notice all the moves have something in common – reduction of expense or “allocation $” which we aren’t quite using yet. Thus there are two scenarios: a) they are being ultra conservative in case they can make a big splash during a transfer window, or b) they have money problems. I am leaning towards the latter – but its probably a combination of both.

  7. I’m on board with getting rid of Nowak, but I love how the section quoted from The Shin Guardian is the part on the U’s poor asset management, ignoring the “good move on the field” part immediately above it.

    Apparently PSP is simply the Pravda of the Fire Nowak movement. Shame that. I remember when this site was worthwhile for actual analysis and not just entertainment.

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