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Philadelphians Abroad: Parke shuts out

Photo courtesy of Seattle Sounders

Jeff Parke wasn’t too thrilled about getting unexpectedly benched in April. So when the Seattle Sounders center back earned his way back into Seattle’s starting lineup, he didn’t waste the opportunity.

Parke manned the center this week for Seattle as the Western Conference club posted consecutive shutouts this week against Los Angeles and Philadelphia, with the two clubs posting just two combined shots on goal against Seattle. All told, the Downingtown High School graduate has started five games this season, and Seattle has given up just one goal in those games. After earning his first national team cap this winter, Parke continues to stake a claim as one of the league’s best center backs.

Elsewhere around the league, Bill Gaudette continued to get the nod in goal for Los Angeles but remains winless as a starter this season in three games, despite some impressive saves against Seattle on Wednesday. Philadelphia Union attacker Antoine Hoppenot played another game on loan for Harrisburg in the USL Pro and scored for the club.

Finally, before we round up how other Philadephia area players in the pros did, here’s a look at some pure comedy gold, courtesy of Bobby Convey and the brilliant marketing team at Sporting Kansas City.

Major League Soccer

Jeff Larentowicz, M, Colorado — Started and played 90 minutes in a 2-0 win over Dallas. Season: 8 games, 8 starts, 1 goal.

Dan Gargan, D, Chicago — Started and played 90 minutes in a 2-1 win over Chivas USA.  Season: 6 games, 6 starts.

Jeff Parke, D, Seattle — Started on Wednesday and played 90 minutes in a 2-0 win over Los Angeles. Started and played 90 minutes in a 1-0 win over Philadelphia.  Season: 6 games, 5 starts.

Bill Gaudette, GK, Los Angeles — Started on Wednesday, played 90 minutes, made 3 saves, and gave up 2 goals in a 2-0 loss to Seattle. On Saturday, started, played 90 minutes, and gave up 1 goal in a 1-0 loss to New York. Season: 3 games, 3 starts, 7 saves, 4 goals allowed.

Bobby Convey, M, Kansas City — Started and played 90 minutes in a 2-0 loss to Montreal.  Season: 9 games, 9 starts, 1 assist.

Zarek Valentin, D, Montreal —  Missed Montreal’s game Saturday due to an injured calf. Season: 5 games, 5 starts.

Cristhian Hernandez, M, Philadelphia —  In the 18 but did not play. Season: 2 games.

Andrew Wenger, M, Montreal — Did not play.  Season: 6 games, 1 goal.

Antoine Hoppenot, M/F, Philadelphia — Did not play for Philadelphia. On loan for Harrisburg, started, played 90 minutes and scored a goal in Harrisburg’s 2-1 loss to Charlotte. Season: 1 game for Philadelphia. 3 games, 1 goal for Harrisburg.

Jeremiah White, M, New England — Did not play. Season: 2 games.

Chris Albright, D, Philadelphia — Did not play. Season: 3 games, 2 starts.

Corey Hertzog, F, New York —In the 18 but did not play.  Season: 0 games.

Jimmy McLaughlin, M, Philadelphia — Did not play.  Season: 0 games.

Zach Pfeffer, M, Philadelphia — Did not play.  Season: 0 games.

Mike Seamon, M, Seattle — Did not play. Season: 0 games.

Jeremy Vuolo, GK, New York — In the 18 but did not play. Season: 0 games.


J.T. Noone, M, Harrisburg — Started and played 73 minutes in a 2-1 loss to Charlotte. Season: 3 games, 3 starts, 1 goal.

Tom Brandt, D, Harrisburg — In the 18 but did not play. Season: 1 game, 1 start.

Morgan Langley, M, Harrisburg — Started and played 76 minutes in a 2-1 loss to Charlotte. Season: 3 games, 3 starts.

Ryan Richter, M, Charleston — Started and played 73 minutes in a 4-0 win over Antigua. Season: 5 games, 4 starts, 1 goal, 1 assist.

Tony Donatelli, M, Charleston —Started, played 82 minutes, and recorded an assist in a 4-0 win over Antigua. Season: 3 games, 2 starts, 1 goal, 1 assist.

Tyler Bellamy, D, Rochester — Did not play. Season: 1 game.

Ryan Heins, F, Richmond — Started and played 77 minutes in a 1-1 draw with Dayton. Season: 5 games.


Matt Hannigan, GK, San Antonio — Did not play. Season: 3 games, 6 goals allowed, 9 saves.

Austrian Bundesliga

Eddie Gustafsson, GK, Red Bull Salzburg — In the 18 but did not playSeason: 15 games. (More complete stats are not available via the Bundesliga and Red Bull web sites.)



  1. The Bobby Convey video is another winner! I never see anything so clever ever coming from our team… unless i’ve missed it somehow…

    • Agree the video is absolutely ace! And the Union’s communication department is as bad as the team’s performance

      • Dan Walsh says:

        Aw, come on! The Union communications department is actually pretty solid. KC management just has a very different way of doing things, and it’s created a team culture that’s somewhat unique in pro sports right now. It starts with the ownership and trickles down to everything else they do.

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