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Player of the Week: Zac MacMath

Photo: Nicolae Stoian

It had to end sooner or later.

Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath went 408 minutes without giving up a goal, until San Jose cracked the streak Saturday with a beauty of a goal. Another goal came before the game’s end, but it was hard to blame MacMath. He’s played so well over the last few weeks that, cumulatively, it’s earned him this week’s title of Philadelphia Player of the Week.

MacMath made five saves in Saturday’s game, including one that made him a finalist for MLS save of the week. In the process, he posted the week’s 10th highest ranking in the Castrol Index, which grades all MLS players on performance.

Overall, he’s the Union’s highest rated player this season, ranking 29th in the league index. He also ranks fourth in the league in goals against average, at 1.14, among goalkeepers with more than three appearances.

Suffice to say, after an uneven start, MacMath looks like he’s up to playing at this level.

Honorable mention: Gabriel Gomez, Philadelphia.


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