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SoB clubhouse plans in trouble, Belen manager quotes, more


A special email message to Sons of Ben members states that issues with a land title mean the Union’s largest supporter’s group will not be able to secure a new home prior to the 2012 season.

The message cites “developments beyond our control” before expanding to say, ” some legal problems with the title to the property surfaced that prevented us from finalizing the deal.” Short-term implications of the setback include the relocation of the Stache Bash to the site used last year (between Lots B and C), and the letter makes clear that everyone who switched their parking passes will retain all of the perks and privileges promised to them. The old site will not be a permanent home, and SoB leadership promised that a new plan for 2012 is in the works.

“Our lawyers warned us that these problems could leave us stranded in the middle of the season, or get the Sons of Ben caught up in other people’s lawsuits,” the letter states. “In the end, we couldn’t justify risking our finances, our members’ dues, and the organization as a whole on a site that might not be all we thought it would be.”

El Diario has a few choice words from the Belen manager following the Union’s abandoned match in Costa Rica. “”Not if it’s a different culture but the team is a reflection of what the technical and acting arrogant, vulgar, saying things to the referees, protesting, I was clear that our goal was to take advantage of the Foguero but it seems that they do not, “Vinicio Alvarado said.

The article also claims the Union began to lose their cool following a penalty call that resulted in the first goal. The team has yet to comment on/acknowledge the incident. The really good news is that no injuries have been reported as a result of the handbags.

The Union’s Costa Rican fracas made it all the way to the Old Grey Lady. NYT soccer blogger Jack Bell, apparently a moral philosopher in his free time, posts the 1:39 video from the Belen website and asks, “Was the M.L.S. physical style of play too physical? Is there ever any excuse, for either team, to allow an exhibition to descend into chaos?”


Orlando is pretty upbeat after meeting with Don Garber about a MLS franchise. And Don Garber? He’s just happy someone finally stepped up to be the patsy he needs to pressure NYC into forking over enough dough to host a second franchise.

West Ham did not exercise an option to buy George John and the hulking defender has returned to FC Dallas. I think I speak for all sarcastic people when I say What A Surprise!

In Brek Shea’s first blog entry for Goal.com, he says he learned he was going to Italy through a Klinsmann text. “The message was literally like: “Hey Brek, it’s Jurgen. I’m going to bring you to Italy.” Nothing too big but still getting a text from him is pretty cool. He communicates a lot with the guys in the national pool whether it’s texting or calling.” Coolest. Surrogate Soccer Dad. Ever.


ESPN believes the USA’s win over Italy proves that Klinsmann needs to stop trying to open up the American game. “It wasn’t until the Americans bunkered down in the second half that the whole became bigger than the sum of its parts again, that the game became winnable.” Are you mad? And spend another decade as the best team in CONCACAF hoping to survive the group stage of the World Cup every four years? Of course the team looks more comfortable in the old system. They’ve been playin’ it for a long, long time. They won’t look good in any other system unless they keep learning it.

Mario Balotelli found his way back into the news by staying out all night in a strip club the night before his team’s showdown against Bolton. Balo still started the match this morning and got a vote of confidence from his manager.

Manchester United goalie and possible elven spy David de Gea says he watches videos of Brad Friedel as inspiration.

Bleacher Report has a list of the top 20 vintage soccer unis that should come back. Something tells me PSP’s Ed Farnsworth can top this.

Gambia’s entire Football Association was fired by the government. The move will worry FIFA because now who will send them cash they outlaw government interference in footballing matters.

A pretty sweet little infographic on the Arsene Wenger years at Arsenal is a nice reminder of how long Monsieur Broccoli has been in charge.

Also, how about Special1TV popping up with an Arsene Wenger/Piers Morgan remake of the Eminem song “Stan.” Yesyesyesyesyes.


  1. Josh Kensington says:

    Arsenal is looking a little better, but the video was nice- also, rampant moralism can be lazy and boring, but I too am disappointed with the Union’s failure to play a friendly out – I’m a calm person and soccer games have made me want to hurt people- and I don’t know how it all went down, but the whole thing makes me unhappy.

  2. For some reason I find it really easy to believe that our coaches and technical staff were acting like dicks.

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