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Put a snake on it!

In Portland, you can put a bird on something and call it art.

We do things a little differently here in Philadelphia.

With the season opener against Portland Timbers just around the corner, we’d like to invite Philadelphia Union fans to “Put a snake on it!”

Here’s what you do.

Find a Portland Timbers photo and save it with your photo editing software. Then download this transparent image of the Union snake. (The image is in a zip file so the transparent background is preserved when you open it with your photo editor.) Paste it into the Timbers photo and, voila! You’ve put a snake on it!

You can be subtle, like this:

Or you can you be bold, like this:

You can also get a little spicy, if you like:

Whatever you decide, upload your picture to the PSP Facebook page (or email it to us at info@phillysoccerpage.com if Facebook’s not your thing). We’ll post the best submissions the day of the Portland game and whoever submits our favorite picture will receive a limited edition Philly soccer history poster, designed by PSP’s Ed Farnsworth and hand screen printed on archival quality paper. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Saturday, March 11.

So have fun, and remember: Put a snake on it!

When you save your picture before posting it to the PSP Facebook page, make sure it is no wider than 600 pixels. Save the picture either as JPG or PNG.


  1. Okay, I’m all for covering up that chainsaw wielding dickhead, but the women? COME ON, BUDDY

  2. Josh Kensington says:

    How do we buy one of those screen prints of Philly soccer history?

  3. Just sent in a quick one, but have something much better in mind. Are multiple submissions accepted?

  4. Are you going to make “Put A Snake On It!” stickers? Can you imagine what the Red Bull stadium will look like after the match

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      That, Signor Beasto, is a splendid idea. Just so the Red Bulls know, neither I, nor the Philly Soccer Page, made those stickers. Honestly.

  5. I like your enthusiasm. -Timbers Fan.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Thanks Kejsare. The Timbers marketing department – from the billboards in Seattle, to the Timbers Army portraits, the Alaska Airways jet brandings, your new third kit – is hands down the best in the league. I appreciate you understanding the spirit of our little contest. Best of luck to you in 2012.

  6. Seattle already did this with “Put a plane on it.” I would suggest being very careful. You don’t want to put a snake on something that already has a plane on it. I have it on good authority that Samuel L. Jackson has “had it with these MF snakes on this MF plane.”

    🙂 Cheers from Portland. Can’t wait for the 12th.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Ha! and cheers to you! I was trying to think what the connection between Seattle and planes was before I had my “duh” moment: Boeing. Like I said, “Duh.” Was that a soccer thing or a city thing? Anyways, snakes are much more fun than planes, don’t you agree? Best of luck to you in 2012, although on the 12th I hope luck is on our side:)

    • Those 4 words that make any idea sound bad: “Seattle already did this.”

  7. Earl Gardner says:

    Last time I put my snake on something, I had to get my name put on some registry

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