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Camden Youth soccer, Ghana witchcraft, Langley to H’burg

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Read Ed’s piece on Camden Youth Soccer Club’s stolen goals. Do it now. (please)

Union’s announcements at their recent town hall meeting will win back fans who were put off by the Sebastien Le Toux saga.

The team for Ghana’s friendly against Chile at PPL Park will arrive on Monday, February 27. If you are one of those people who likes meeting stars of Ghana at the airport, this info is for you.

Be warned, however, that if you annoy one of the Ghanian players, you may get some witchcraft thrown your way. The team’s Serbian manager says his players use witchcraft on each other and that it contributed to his team’s lack of success at the African Cup of Nations.

Morgan Langley has rejoined the Harrisburg City Islanders after his brief stint with the Union. The Swarthmore College grad will likely remain an option for Philly’s MLS club should they need depth on the wings.


Sebastien Le Toux had a goal from the spot and an assist to Darren Mattocks as the Vancouver Whitecaps stomped the expansion Montreal Impact 3-0 yesterday.

SBI has the MLS preseason results: NYRB 0-0 Pumas; Rapids 1-2 Yokohama FC; Timbers 1-0 Oregon State (Danny M.’s Mw-alma mater).

Awesome story from Kansas City, where the 2000 MLS Cup will be on display for the 2012 season. Clark Hunt, CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs and son of former KC Wizards owner Lamar Hunt, has offered to loan the trophy to the current team so it can be displayed at Livestrong Park. When the Hunt family sold the Wizards, Lamar Hunt made it a point to say he wanted to retain the MLS Cup trophy and the new ownership group respected his wishes. A social media campaign got Clark Hunt’s attention and led to his loan offer.


Sacha Kljestan came close with a wicked free kick, but substitute Jozy Altidore’s AZ Alkmaar overcame Kljestan’s Anderlecht in a Europa League showdown thanks to a wonky goal.

Hey Jurgen, does this get your attention? Benny Feilhaber scored a beauty for the Revolution in Thursday’s preseason match. Overhead goals: Bicycle kicks or chilenas? I’m starting to lean towards chilenas.

Jay Demerit blogs about his love of American football and beer. He compares his Lambeau Field experience to winning promotion with Watford. That, my friends, is high praise.


In a Saudi league match – and this is a first as far as I know – a player pulls his gum out of his mouth and puts it into an opponent’s eye. I’ve seen some pretty weird things happen on a soccer field, but this is up there. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in a game?

Jack Warner is suing a newspaper. I’m sure he has a good reason. Ol’ Jack lives such a clean life.

Arsenal fans: Let’s hear the review. Andrei Arshavin was The Man at Euro 2008. He seemed perfect for the Gunners. Now he’s gone. What happened??


  1. As a resident Arsenal fan, all I can say is that Arshavin’s departure is sad on several levels. One, it’s sad that a millions pounds and someone else paying his wages is enough for Arsenal to let go of one of it’s most creative, if mercurial, players, at a time when injuries have been so rife that giving away any players when they can’t be replaced seems like a bad idea. Two, the decline in Arshavin’s production has been so precipitous and severe that the player he used to be is basically unrecognizable. There are probably lots of reasons for that, but the fact that Arsenal never really got to see more than glimpses of Arshavin’s best is a real shame. I’ve always liked him, and I hope his return to Russia allows him to rediscover his form.

  2. Also, the first time I read the quote about the gum, I thought you had written “gun,” Adam, and was definitely intrigued. Gum is less exciting.

  3. I don’t think many fans were actually turned completely away by the Letoux trade, but I think it was a definite change between the supporters and management . The sudden loss of Mondragon, Letoux and Paunovic means the honeymoon is over.

    From here on out there is no support my team no matter what only exists in the minds f the most hardcore. If the team is going to act in a callous and mercenary way, acting indifferent to players and fans. Then the fans are going to make demands of the organization like win now and don’t give season ticket holders such a lame scarf or we will boo the ever living shit out of you.

    Welcome to Philadelphia Union. For real.

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